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Community The Coordinates Megathread - Enraged Koala

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by BRAWW, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. Sirm21

    Sirm21 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Apex Village
    Beta Girtab331 II a
    x: 64896869
    y: -22644040
    a few minutes to the left

    Avian Village
    Gamma Xi Boo Majoris III a
    x: 48777191
    y: 3026273
    immediately to the left

    Glitch Village
    Alpha Rastaban 0587 IV
    Blondy: x: 59240983
    Blondy: y: -57508741
    to the left
  2. Sirm21

    Sirm21 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Should make a page on the starbound wiki and organize them according to villages, outposts, dungeons, and techs for each race
  3. Alzan

    Alzan Void-Bound Voyager

    Has anyone been able to find a rainbow hood?
  4. unclecharles

    unclecharles Starship Captain

    I'm looking for pineapple seeds. Please let me know if anyone finds any..
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  5. Sector X (Windows)

    Coordinates X: 64053797 Y: -70497839

    X Celestia 9447 V c

    Level 10 Savannah biome
    Brown dirt. Green dirt. Purple sky. That's about it. (No crops and very few trees from what I saw, but hey the skyline is impressive :)

    The main planet is a gas giant with a whopping 7 moons, but this was the only one that had a significant amount of loot and landmarks. Just to the left of the LZ (landing zone) is a small Apex building with a hi-tech chest containing the Model M instrument. A few screens to the left will be a hole with an old chest containing, among other things, a Piano instrument. Just a little further left, down in another hole, is a hi-tech chest with the Targeted Blink tech. Almost immediately after this, you'll arrive at a USCM Prison. Maybe about a minute's walk to the left of the prison, you'll reach a mini-boss and then another small Apex building with a hi-tech chest, containing a Doctor Spawner among other things. Finally, I found a rare plasma sniper rifle in a large old chest just past a hill to the left of the 2nd Apex building.
  6. Werekitty39501

    Werekitty39501 Pangalactic Porcupine

    -5531640, -82037561 Alpha Canis 422 II Biome Forest, with a desert subbiome. Haven't gone underground, but there is a glitch castle with nifty items including a lot of codexes a scroll backpack and at least three hats., several Apex labs with breakables, one or two has high tech chests with random junk. Scattering of large and small old trunks, some with seeds and ores. Found rice and coralcreep. Has a desert planet and a Moon, nearby. May edit with surface items on desert planet.
  7. MidnightMarauder

    MidnightMarauder Space Spelunker

    • Windows
    • Sector X
    • -552 -198
    • X Omicron-2 CMa 2871 VII a
    • Arid LVL 10
    • 2 Legendary Weapons
    This may somewhat hard to find but right as you beam down, don't move. Dig straight down. You should encounter some Tar environment. Keep going down and you will find a lot of open space with i think is cobblestone environment and maybe bone. Here you will find these two chests including these weapons. I've included images so you can see the chests locations.

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  8. MidnightMarauder

    MidnightMarauder Space Spelunker

    • Windows
    • Sector X
    • -562 -203
    • X Eta CrB Minoris VII a
    • Savannah Level 9
    • Armoured Trousers
    Head right and shortly after you'll find an apex building with the poison water underneath the tech chest where you'll find these.

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  9. Paranoia Paradox

    Paranoia Paradox Yeah, You!

    Currently on the look out for Apex Mech, Glitch Mech, and the Jeep, well those that aren't on Magma or Volcanic planets. I'd be much obliged.
  10. Cmmndrsnowflake

    Cmmndrsnowflake Aquatic Astronaut

    Yo Dug straight down and almost fell straight into the core of the planet but never saw any chest been flying around the open areas but not finding it?
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  11. Chrono Crow

    Chrono Crow Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    WINDOWS 7.
    This is part of a file I am maintaining with various points of interest. I will update this list as I personally find more coordinates worthy of sharing.

    KEY: Nice things. Tech chests (really nice things).

    =============== BETA COORDINATES ===============

    Beta Aether 610 IIIa, Forest, Threat Lv2
    -17775560, -91677432

    Apex colony at top of hill directly left of landing site, food merchant included, could be useful for a home base since food will be easily accessible. Little else of note on the planet except for lanterns underground.​


    Beta Meridie 088 Ib, Jungle, Threat Lv2
    -17775558, -91677421

    Apex laboratory with jump puzzle left of spawn (tech reward; random), though you'll spot the tech chest before the laboratory if you're searching holes along the way. Nearby, left of the laboratory exit, in a hole somewhere is another tech (energy dash). The 2nd tech shouldn't be more than 2-3 holes away, and is near enough to the surface that you shouldn't miss it.​


    =============== GAMMA COORDINATES ===============

    Gamma Garnet Star 9603 I c, Grasslands, Threat Lv3
    -44972321, 83424511

    Dungeon (hylotl guards) with matter generator inside, a couple screens left (actually parts of it run underground near spawn, so you could alternatively hop into a hole and dig into it). To the right are cultists as far as I could see bothered to look. Warning!! Field Boss to the left as well!

    + Gamma Garnet Star 9603 I d, Jungle, Threat Lv3
    Quite a ways left is another matter generator. Avian styled houses with cultists to the right. Warning!! Field boss...es. As in plural. Maybe! I was too busy with karaoke to count.
    + Gamma Garnet Star 9603 III a(?), Grasslands, Threat Lv3
    A large apex laboratory with guards and scientists to the left, smaller abandoned labs further on. Beware of monsters kicking up giant rocks. Morphball tech blueprint found! Please refer to the picture guide in the following attachment.
    STARBOUND - morphball blueprint.jpg


    Gamma Zubenelgenubi II, Desert, Threat Lv3
    7538475, -53965826

    Gravity Bubble tech blueprint found! Head left. Please refer to the picture guide in the following attachment.
    STARBOUND - gravity bubble blueprint.png
    Clock Tophat is in an old chest in the hole directly left to this hole on the surface. You could also dig down and left from the tech here until you see a tunnel. That should be the one leading to the chest with the hat. The following attachment shows its surroundings and location.
    STARBOUND - clock tophat.png
    Another tech (Energy Dash) is in another hole much nearer to the surface, a little farther than the previous holes. You should pass an "igloo" made of ice blocks. And then another tech (Morphball), along with an old chest right beside it with a Harmonica! Detailed picture guide in the attachment below.
    STARBOUND - another morphball and harmonica.jpg
    Apex colony is on the planet as well, even further left (or right?).

    + Gamma Zubenelgenubi 75 I a, Grasslands, Threat Lv3
    Not sure if random or not, but I got a straight-up piano instrument from a chest on this planet. Head left to a campsite with cultists. It should be nearby.
    + Gamma Zubenelgenubi 75 V, Forest, Threat Lv3
    Avian village! I headed left to find it. To the right is a strange, leafy hole in the ground with mushroom people (Agarans?).​


    Gamma Acubens 37 I, Desert, Threat Lv3
    988, -6964

    Chest with ocarina in first hole, directly left of spawn. Further left on the surface is a Butterfly Boost Tech Blueprint! It should be in a small depression in some fine sand, on the other side of a little bump/hill. Reed organ in a surface chest even further left with a stimulant. USCM penal colony present. Surface bone biome on other side of colony.​


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  12. Cmmndrsnowflake

    Cmmndrsnowflake Aquatic Astronaut

    Delta Veragon Majoris Ib
    x: 7538669
    Y: -53965843
    To the left of spawn UMSC prison with a chest on the right side as you enter with a blue gun I got a crappy electric lobber
  13. Cmmndrsnowflake

    Cmmndrsnowflake Aquatic Astronaut

    That's good form, that's REAL good form.
  14. Chrono Crow

    Chrono Crow Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thank you. I take it that my form is legible then. Good. :cookie: I guess I can have my cookie now.
  15. Vibr

    Vibr Yeah, You!

    Alpha Hamasaki 826 I
    Biome: Forest
    Threat Level: 1
    X: 77660407 Y: -44146989

    Glitch Base immediately to the left with tons of Pixels, Stim Packs, Matter Blocks, and Tech Chest with Plant Fibre trees to the far right.
  16. shikushiku

    shikushiku Poptop Tamer

    The chests are pretty hard to find, I had to go back and forth through the cavern a bunch to find them, but I can confirm they're there.
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  17. Shoheki

    Shoheki Void-Bound Voyager

    Sector X
    Planet X crosbot 83 I
    Biome Jungle
    Threat Level 10
    to the left of spawn is a steel pyramid dungeon then past that is a human merchant selling clothing and past that is a wizard selling stim packs
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  18. shikushiku

    shikushiku Poptop Tamer

    Alpha Sector, (-8, -11), Alpha Lambda And 077 II a
    Snow Level 1

    Shortly to the right is a small Floran platform. Below it on the left side is a chest containing a Chef Hat:
    And to the right of the platform is a chest containing a Red Flashlight:
    And then some more to the right is a small Agaran area.
  19. ImJordo

    ImJordo Poptop Tamer

    i'm pretty sure that chests inside a specific instance like a apex lab or town are compeletely randomised, so nobody else will find a horse mask in the chest you said
  20. devilen84

    devilen84 Tentacle Wrangler

    I agree my site that I have been working on actually will have a search function added too it shortly just not sure what to make the default search for.
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