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Community The Coordinates Megathread - Enraged Koala

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by BRAWW, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. Zephyrus

    Zephyrus Tentacle Wrangler

    Are you sure those are the coords? I couldn't seem to find the planet there.
  2. squirbel

    squirbel Intergalactic Tourist

    I don't know why, but I have visited this planet on 3 servers with no luck. The terrain, trees, vines and fluid are always the same, but I never find the cave.
  3. MidnightMarauder

    MidnightMarauder Space Spelunker

    sorry about that, its -555 not -155. sorry
  4. Cmmndrsnowflake

    Cmmndrsnowflake Aquatic Astronaut

    Yeah. uhh which way maybe?
  5. MidnightMarauder

    MidnightMarauder Space Spelunker

    Sector X
    -555 -190
    X Venator 2801 II
    Tentacles Lvl 10

    Just go left after spawn and you find it in a chest on surface when the surface turns into sand biome, shortly after there is a tower.
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  6. ___MeRliN___

    ___MeRliN___ Guest

    Thanks alot, got finally my spikeball launcher out of this, best weapon ingame :D
  7. Gibbers907

    Gibbers907 Poptop Tamer

    on the left side just passed a temple there is a box outside that has a powerful star cleaver
    X sector
    x -48074475
    y -69797568
    x Beta Hya 9781 III
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  8. Fissurous

    Fissurous Yeah, You!

    X Atria 26 - 95276544, 66022996
    VIe (Tier 5 Magma)
    4 tech chests - Targeted Blink, Gravity Neutralizer, Pulse Jump, Human Mech (last one if you're going right, somewhat hidden in darkness)
  9. MidnightMarauder

    MidnightMarauder Space Spelunker

    Sector X
    -555 -190
    X Venator 2801 II b
    Grasslands Lvl 6

    Head left, you will find a floran tomb dungeon, after that keep going then you'll find a little tower with two robots. on the top there will be a chest with a Clarinet.
  10. MidnightMarauder

    MidnightMarauder Space Spelunker

    Sector X
    -555 -190
    X Venator something

    Dont remember what planet exactly but it was one of these. I just grabbed it and dint check til after i checked other planets.

    Model M instrument [​IMG]
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  11. zanthal

    zanthal Existential Complex

    I tend to agree, because when I add something to a planet someone else has posted about, it ends up 2 miles deep inside this thread instead of with the original post.
  12. zanthal

    zanthal Existential Complex

    A few minutes left and not too far down a natural mine shaft there is a chest with a pretty awesome Grenade Launcher in it.
  13. Planetary

    Planetary Space Hobo

  14. themightyadam

    themightyadam Void-Bound Voyager

    Just for a correction to anyone attempting this:
    X: 95276544 Y: 66022996
    (I originally thought X was a negative)
  15. LatisARG

    LatisARG Space Spelunker

    I found a cool vanity:

    Gamma sector

    X=-79248418 Y=38985064

    Gamma Acubens Majoris Ia
    Forest Biome
    When you spawn go to right and go down in the first cave you see, break the wall in the lake and continue down to find a chest
    you'll found a back pack barrell.

    (the barrel is in my inventory, dunno why the description didn't show up in the capture,)

    EDIT: there is a cave system, if you like to dige and explore around, also i found a bone table and bonechest blueprints :D

    EDIT 2: Also there is a high tech chest with a Gravity Neutralizer tech going to the left and a USCM Penal Colony

    EDIT 3: diggin in another site i found another cave system with Rock Jump Blue print
    Also in surface a chest with an Accordeon instrument

    Still exploring :p
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2014
  16. MidnightMarauder

    MidnightMarauder Space Spelunker

    • Windows
    • Sector X
    • -552 -198
    • X Omicron-2 CMa 2871 IV
    • Snow lvl 10
    • Cap, Rock Organ, Magic Scoll
    Head left, you will find Cap, Rock Organ and Magic Scroll in wooden chest out on surface. Also, there is an empty Apex lab with tech Chest where i got Gravity Bubble i think
  17. zothaq

    zothaq Scruffy Nerf-Herder

  18. feel wire

    feel wire Poptop Tamer

  19. feel wire

    feel wire Poptop Tamer

    if anyone has found space uniform clothing it would be greatly appreciated if you could point out where you found them
  20. Jarod029

    Jarod029 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    A search engine would be even better instead of having to browse though pages and pages of cords.
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