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Stephen King Mini Series: Worst film?

  1. It

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  2. The shining(By Stephen King)

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  3. Children of the corn.

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  4. Maximum Overdrive

  5. The Langoliers

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  6. The TommyKnockers

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  1. Master Automan IV

    Master Automan IV Phantasmal Quasar

    Welcome for all film fanatics


    Here, you can discuss anything film related.
    We have unofficial annual film of the year polls, as well as Worst Films.
    You can review films and recommend films. And you can do MUCH MUCH more.

    You don't have to be a "member", just plop in whenever you feel like it.

    Not overly restrictive, but important.

    1. Profanity isn't prohibited, but it doesn't mean that you can swear so much that your post becomes the swear. If you use any form of language to offend you are banned from the thread.
    This isn't a baby thread, but it ain't 4chan either!
    You're not a fucking sailor
    See what I did there ;)
    I don't expect you to become politically correct, but just make sure.

    2. Your opinion isn't the only one.
    You might disagree with people from time to time, maybe even heavily disagree, but that doesn't mean that they're wrong for not thinking as you.
    You can have a debate, but not a flame war. This isn't YouTube.

    3. If you plan on recommending films or show clips of a film, double check it for sexual content. And always remind if it has sexual content.

    4. Constructive criticism is more than welcome, you can even talk shit about a film. Just make sure you have valid reasons for feeling the way you do for a film. Just make sure it's not "Dis is wurst moovee evoor".
    This isn't metacritic.

    5. No circle jerking.
    This should hopefully be self explanatory, but if you don't know, it means don't be a narrow minded prick.
    This doesn't mean you shouldn't have certain opinions. Remember that.
    This isn't Reddit.

    6. Dank memery is allowed.

    Other Basic forum rules apply.

    2016 Best films:

    2016 Worst films:

    Stephen King Mini series: Worst film?

    Worst Horror movie 2016:

    X-MAS films:
    Coming soon

    Others pending...
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