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The Caustic Stag Helmet

Discussion in 'Create-A-Hat' started by Suika Ibuki, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Supposed Effects: When helmet is equipped, getting hit causes the helmet to fire confetti, because some dude just randomly stuffed confetti in it. since the turret is armed with retaliation sensors which *might still work, it releases a small cloud of confetti around the wearer as he gets hit. The confetti is purely cosmetic.

    Originally, the helmet would release a spore of tiny organisms that repair The Stag Beetle if it gets hit. This gives The Stag Beetle a continuous source of regeneration.

    *Depends on whether effects are allowed or not. If not, then it shouldn't work.

    Additionally, the helmet would provide a meager resistance against corrosive and burning elements.

    Requirements and Materials: The Caustic Stag is possibly dropped by The Stag Beetle, who wears the hat and can actually use its core mechanisms. It is a powerful but fragile enemy, and is an ultra rare enemy. It has no means to let you live.

    If ever The Stag Beetle is not available**, it can be gotten through other means. Merchants from all around the galaxy could have their hand on it, and possibly it is a drop from a large creature capable of consuming it.

    ** The Stag Beetle may not be available as this is a hat contest which will allow hats in-game, not extra mobs. Therefore it may only be for lore.

    The Caustic Stag is actually made from a powerful, dense space rock that is unthinkably sturdier than the mythical adamantium. However, it is extremely heavy, that the Caustic Stag is equipped with anti-gravity matter to prevent the user from being crushed. In reality, it weighs about 5 tons. The anti-gravity matter reduces it to 5 pounds.

  2. [​IMG] Y I CANT SEE YOUR PICTURES:cry::cry::cry:
  3. Seiga

    Seiga Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Images should be in the folder called "public", right click on a file and 'copy public link', the share link should look something like

    and not
  4. Mmm I uploaded this while I was sleeping :3

    Seiga, teach me more about how to use dropbox plx
  5. Fix'd I think

    Do it works on Spiral Energy?:badpokerface:
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  7. I... don't know
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  8. I read horn in your handwriting as ham :iswydt:.

    Great entry btw.
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  9. But she makes great ham as a stag beetle. Don't judge her!
  10. ...

    I mean, COME ON! How in God's name am I supposed to compete with THAT?!
  11. Hams.png
    Pigggyyyy noooo DONT TRUST HER​
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  12. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    This is madness! Man seriously - you put too much effort in this submission... Its too much awesomeness for just one thread.
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  13. Oni*
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  14. Jarod

    Jarod Cosmic Narwhal

    amazing sauce
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  15. Hahaha, cute comic. :up:
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  16. Tojo

    Tojo Existential Complex

    great job on the design. Really awesome presentation and comic.
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  17. WaitingSilence

    WaitingSilence Big Damn Hero

    There goes Suika with a nuclear device targeted at reducing other people's chances of winning to ashes...

    Nah just kidding. This was quite an interesting idea for a hat. Lots of detail and pictures made it really entertaining to read through. I am sure that all of the effort you put into this masterpiece was due to your fondness of creating pieces of artwork and not from a subconscious desire to make your hat look 100x better than everyone else's lol. This would be quite a cool hat to implement in the game, although the large turrets on the sides are a bit ridiculous. I would probably wear it myself if I could use a version without the side cannons.
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  18. KidDiz

    KidDiz Void-Bound Voyager

    This is a brilliant idea! Love the backstory, especially the ending. Good luck to you (although you would probably win even without it).
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  19. The side turrets were initially scrapped, but it ended up too bland. The second attempt was leaving it at one turret, but that would offer an unnecessary imbalance and switching from side to side as the player looks from left to right. Third attempt was to make the turrets a lot smaller than they are, but that removes the intimidation factor. This is the smallest possible size the turret could be that would intimidate most of my 'test subjects'. After that, I changed a lot of mechanics instead, such as the contents and how it fires, including the horns of the stag. Then I changed the design a bit. Soon, I've realized that there's really not much to add to a hat to make it cool... at least without animation.

    Clearly the only unique thing about the helmet is its turrets and its horns. Any of those removed would pretty much ruin the design, and everything that has been planned.

    I was planning on adding animation to the turret, but my idea was extremely too much of a hassle. The plan was that the turrets would deactivate and move to the back, making it look like ponytails when no enemy is visible within a certain radius after a couple seconds. In contrast, it would activate and move to its side as soon as the player "sees" an enemy within a certain radius. Visibility of the turret depends on the capabilities of stealth ingame. That means the turrets may never activate in pitch darkness, but that's only possible if there is a certain factor that renders an entity entirely invisible to the game once it is in a pitch black area.

    To those who are curious, this idea was originally a Muon Stelarr's headgear. This is an good* example of how the turrets would have looked like tucked back to the back of the head.

    *but not accurately perfectly accurate. perfect.
  20. I see the badassary was toned carefully.
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