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The Bylon

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Darthkitten, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. bylon.gif
    This is just a early animated sprite of the Bylon. I'm planning on releasing more, but I might save the pictures just in case another monster contest shows up. I found out about this game a bit to late. It was well over a month after the contest had ended. I was really disapointed, because designing creatures and other things is what I really like to do. (Not that I could compare with the Poptop, that thing was amazing.)
    Anyway, let me know what you think. If it needs anything, just let me know.

    April 29:
    I decided to post the whole thing. If there happens to be a contest later, I could always just make another
    creature. :)

    May 8: Added the first of the color pictures. Rest are in progress!
    May 9: Added the remainder of the color pictures.
    May 12: In honor of reaching over 500 veiws, I present to you a bylon that is 5 years old!

    bylon awakens.jpg
    The common bylon, waking up from it's extended rest, snapping the vines that grew over it.
    The bylon is type of mollusk that lives within a hard exterior shell.
    It is incredibly long-lived, ranging from 1,800 to 8,000 years, depending on the species.
    It is STRICTLY a carnivore, eating small animals that often fall into it's traps.
    After it eats, the bylon will usualy go and find a nice quiet place to fall asleep.
    It may do so for a VERY long time, causing plants to grow around it's shell.
    When the bylon falls asleep, it flips itself over, so that the crystal-like "eyes" are on the bottom, and the "eye-sockets" are on top.
    It then buries it's lower part into the ground, and stays as motionless as a statue.

    When the bylon hunts, it will find a cave or anything with a ceiling, and use it's claws to climb onto said ceiling, like a spider or a gecko. It will then hang there, with it's eyes facing down toward the ground, waiting for prey.
    Bylon hunting.jpg
    Two foolish explorers do not take the time to shine the flashlight at the roof of the cave.

    When prey walks beneath the bylon, it lets go of the ceiling, and drops onto their prey,
    often killing it instantly. If for any reason, the prey is NOT killed from the fall, the bylon will proceed to tear the prey to peices with it's sharp claws.

    Once the prey is dead, it sucks up all the blood through it's hollow arms. This is the only way for it to do so, as the bylon does not have a proper mouth.

    Unfortunatly for the bylon, this behavior was seen as brutal and evil. This in turn caused there to be MASSIVE bounties on them, Often from people who had lost a loved one in this manner. They were also coveted for their shell, which is used in all kinds of things, such as armor and weapons.
    Bylon Armor.jpg
    Armor, sheild and sword, crafted from the shell of the common bylon.

    These two things have caused the bylon to become rare, and endangered.
    Groups have started poping up all over the galaxy, trying to make sure that it will become illegal to kill this creature. The people who were involved with a death, from these creatures, HATE the protesters for saving them, and small wars have already begun to pop up, between the two factions.

    The bylon is tameable, but it takes a lot of time. First, you will need to capture a bylon.
    Dart guns OBVIOUSLY have no effect, but baited food such as fish blood will do the trick.
    BE SURE to make sure you have the correct drug in your bait. Ordinary sleeping ichor will put a bylon to sleep for years and years.
    Bylon zoo.jpg
    A sleeping bylon in a cage ajacent to a poptop and beneath a cutterfish.

    Once you capture the bylon, you can either tame it, or sell it to a zoo.
    Zoos will keep this bylon in captivity, but not pay very much due to the fact that they do not entertain visitors very well.

    Taming a bylon is bit like taming a cat.
    Only very strict disipline will be able to make and impact. However, once tamed and trained, they make EXCELENT compainions, gaurds, and even solders due to their longevity, superstrong shell, and willingness to live off the remains of the enemy, therefore making food rations far less of an issue.

    Young Bylon.jpg
    A young bylon with a spectrofly on his appendage.
    Bylons are born from eggs. These eggs are made of the same material as a bylon's shell.when the egg hatches, the newborn bylon's flesh is soft, so instead of breaking out of the shell, the young bylon will create a special acid, that will eat away at the shell, and create eyeholes and arm and leg holes.

    Once he reaches the age of 30 days, small pieces of bone will start to grow on it's lower legs. Once he reaches the age of 15 years, pieces of bone will start to grow on it's arms.
    Then, once the bylon turns 30 years old, it will shed it's shell several times, each one being larger and taller then the last.

    By the final shell, transparent eye crystals and eye sockets will have grown, and the bylon is finaly an adult.
    Storm Bylon.jpg
    A storm bylon shocks an unwary adventurer using a Hydro-steel sword.
    The storm bylon is quite a bit more active than the common bylon.
    It walks around the ravaged landscape of massive thunderstorms, searching for small mammals to eat.
    It has gained a special mineral in it's shell, due to sleeping in the barren mountainside for years on end. This special mineral vastly intesifies it's natural elctricity, causing there to be a nasty charge on the bylon at all times. Being in the water with it, or touching it with a metal is not recommended.

    Dark bylon.jpg
    An adventurer investigates a dark bylon attack.

    Dark bylons are nocturnal. No one knows where they go during the day.
    Like the storm bylon, they too have a special mineral in their shell. However, instead of outputting electricity, they SUCK electricity from objects near them, causing everything to go dark.

    Fighting a dark bylon is not a enjoyable experience, the only thing you can see while fighting them is their glowing red eyes.
    If you manage to kill the dark bylon, don't let your gaurd down. Sometimes, the will make raids on buildings in groups.

    Fighting the Bylrog.jpg
    A well-equiped explorer takes on an adult fire bylon, or a Bylrog for short.

    The fire bylon never leaves it's lava-soaked home beneath the crust. Young fire bylons look no different than regular bylons, except for coloration and the odd crystal or two.

    However, once the bylon becomes 1,000 years old, it will vanish beneath the lava and drasticly transform. It's eyes will turn inwards, and crystals will grow on it at an alarming rate. It grows a mouth, but most importantly, it becomes much, MUCH larger.

    Strange things can be found it the body of an adult fire bylon. These things have been found in one:
    Old guns, parts of spaceships, a statue of a pineapple, a shark, headphones, magic swords, and a mysterious stuffed doll with brown hair and a grey shirt that has lava burns all over it.

    The ice bylon is very similar to the regular bylon, other than the fact that it can inflict frostbite; A condition which does more damage the longer you stay still.

    The aqua bylon could very well be the oldest species of bylon known to date. Aqua bylon fossils can be traced back to 156,000,000 years ago. This is far greater than that of the second oldest bylon, the fire bylon. Fire bylon fossils date back only 78,000,000 years.
    It can breath underwater, but unlike it's land-dwelling counterparts, it hides in silt and mud at the bottom of the seabed, waiting for it's prey.

    As stated earlier, bylons make amazing gaurds. However, consitant feeding and care is too much for certain wealthy people. So they use these instead. The Bylon RG has a laser claw for taking down intruders, and can stay upon a ceiling for 16 times that of a regular bylon.

    Contrary to popular belief, bylons are not immortal. Though their hard armor protects them against most creatures of the outside world, the smallest ones can often be the most deadly.
    Redirmorti. Learn to fear it. For though you are immune, bylons are not.
    Fallen Bylon.jpg
    An engineer tries her best to fend off a fallen bylon.

    A tiny parisitic mold that thrives in the damp shell of the bylon.
    The shell will grow weaker, and the bylon will be unable to sleep, causing it to grow tired and weak. If these conditions don't lead the bylon to it's doom, then the unthinkible happens. First, the toxins on the mold kill the bylon, and the mold feeds upon it's flesh.
    Next, the mold transforms, and creates tentacles that control the bylon's remains.
    Finnaly, the fallen bylon grows spikes at the ends of it's apendages, and hunts for more food.
    You must be very careful when dealing with these monsters. Physical weapons such as guns and swords are not reccomended.
    Enough force on the shell will cause it to break, making room for a redirmorti arm to slice open your torso.
    Use things such as flamethrowers or electricy when dealing with these horrors.

    Poptop by tomservo
    Cutterfish by Johnnyvalentino
  2. neB

    neB Star Wrangler

    It looks interesting. Does it switch between the red eyes on top and what looks like black eyes on the bottom? Because, if it did, that would be awesome. :) What does it do? I think it would be cool if it kinda moved with a slinky-like motion, kinda end over end. Anyways, pretty cool.
  3. Phoenix

    Phoenix Aquatic Astronaut

    Thats really impressive dude. You came a bit late for the contest but it still looks great!
  4. Yes, It flips over to the other side when it sleeps. And It uses it's arms to climb up cave walls and onto the ceiling. Then it waits for prey to enter.
  5. firebylon.gif stormbylon.gif darkbylon.gif
    Fire Bylon---------Storm Bylon---------Dark Bylon
    Just a couple reskins to show some variation.
  6. Phoenix

    Phoenix Aquatic Astronaut

    Holy crud, you have reskins for it and some awesome side effects? This is great! But for the types like for example, the fire Bylon, can it shoot fire lazers with it's eyes and when it's sleeping, the closed eyes will start pouring out lava that will turn to stone then will become entombed in and rest peacefully without people shooting lazers at it? And for the storm Bylon, can it shoot out lightning and occasionally shoot out whirlwinds that launches people away (God that would be funny :rofl:) ? And the last one, the Dark Bylon, can it like shoot out shadow balls that hurt people only slightly but when the players touches the shadow ball, they will become temporarily blind (Like almost all of their screen is dark)?
    Those are the few suggestions I can make for the Bylon types but this thing is awesome so keep on doing the Bylon types dude! Totally awesome!
  7. Updated the post, Hope you enjoy :)
  8. DoritosMate

    DoritosMate Void-Bound Voyager

    I really like it, especially the Dark Bylon. The idea that it makes everything dark by sucking electricity out of everything is pure awesomeness.
  9. neB

    neB Star Wrangler

    That's pretty much awesome. :) The Bylrog looks like it would be a hard boss to kill, or maybe a miniboss? Either way, it would be really cool if this creature were implemented.
  10. ChaoticGamer

    ChaoticGamer Master Astronaut

    can sum these be friendly?
  11. Created the aqua bylon and the ice bylon.
    Aqua bylon.gif
    --------Aqua bylon----------
    ----------Ice bylon---------

    Info on them will be in a later update.
    Let me know what you think!
    FireDrake204 and Defenseless like this.
  12. neB

    neB Star Wrangler

    Sweet! Could I actually use one of these as my profile pic? I think the fire Bylon would look epic. :D And the santa gremlin just isn't fitting me...
  13. Go ahead.
  14. Last bylon variants. These two quite a bit less common than the others.

    Bad bylon.gif

    ---Fallen Bylon---
    Bylon Replicagaurd V 5.gif
    Bylon replicagaurd V 5.2
  15. Cappuccino

    Cappuccino Phantasmal Quasar

    The fallen Bylon looks like something in a nightmare! :love: Good work
  16. neB

    neB Star Wrangler

    Sweet! Thanks, dude. :D
  17. Gumdrop Meadowz

    Gumdrop Meadowz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Okay, I'm just going to have to ask: Where can I download/buy a good program to make sprites?
  18. I just used CoreFX. Got it as a present when I was young, but it's really simple. You may want somthing more complicated to get your money's worth.

    If you don't want them to be animated, just use paint, and make the sprite pixel by pixel.
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  19. Updated the post with extra info. Adding pictures later.
  20. Danisaurus

    Danisaurus Void-Bound Voyager

    Vewwy vewwy cool! It reminds me alot of something from a game.. Though I cant remember which game...

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