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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by GonDragon, Aug 9, 2017.

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    The Bookstore
    This mod is something that I had for some time in my mind. Is a kind of "Tabula Rasa" for codex entries, a place where any moder could places his manuals of use, lore entries about his races and objects, or even silly stories that they made about the universe of starbound. And not only that, because the books contain information about places and things, they are also a good form of starting quests, so having a unified place where any moder could add his books it's an easy way to allow anyone to add his own quests to the outpost, without editing it themselves, and probably enhancing the compatibility between those mods.

    How anyone could ad it's item to the bookstore? Well, I still have to write a small tutorial, but it's as easy as writing a small patch that contains a code similar to:

    Where <genre> is one of the three genres that the bookstore sells (Novel, Manual or History), and <codexEntryName> it's the name of the codex entry that you want to put on sale.

    As the moders only had to write a patch to put they books on the store, they could add support to the bookstore without making a dependency.

    Now that I explained the intentions of the mod, let's talk about the mod per se. The mod is already done, and I already added some vanilla books, so the thing will not look that empty. But I think that there are things that could be polished, and I also want to hear opinions on the subject. Do you think that the mod is usefull? Do you think that somebody could add support from it's own mod? Do you think that ithe bookstore it's well placed on the outpost? What do you change from it?

    If I had to say something by myself, I think that the GUI of the market could be done a lot better, here it is how it looks:

    As you see, it's a literal copy of the Frog Furniture Shop. What I wanted to do, it's a GUI with tabs at the left, that supports the way that "More tabs" adds tabs to the vanilla menus. But i'm not very good ath GUIs, I don't even know where to start. So if someone better than me with GUIs could give me a hand, I would apreciate it.
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    download link?
  3. GonDragon

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    I don't uploaded the mod yet, I want to play a little with the GUI before.
  4. GonDragon

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    New Interface, I'm almost ready to upload the mod.

    If you guys think in any new category that could be useful, just let me know.
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    During a trip to the moon I found various documents that were communiques between companies and their employees.
    And there might be some sort of journal entry pages in missions I haven't seen, or that have yet to be written.
    There's also my certificate of graduation.

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