NPC The benefits of implementing pets as NPC species

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Monijir, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Monijir

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    * If pets are used as NPCs they can be added to a colony through colonyTags.

    * If pets are used as NPCs they will allow players to chose their level of involvement with pets, which is in the spirit of Starbouind's intended multiple progression systems.

    * If pets are used as NPCs they can interact with the environment through dances and npcToy tags

    * if pets are used as NPCs they can be migrated to the .behavior system

    * if pets are used as NPCs and added to a colony there are many mechanics that allow fine control of player rewards

    * As a side benefit the modding community doesn't seem to have embraced the new modular monster system and this would serve as a more transparent template to learn from than other examples..

    TLDR; If you just skipped reading this then maybe you should take a break for a while, 'cause this wasn't that much to read :)

    Thanks for the great game particularly the excellent modding framework.
  2. Lichen

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    * I think the idea of colony pets might be awesome

    * But colonyTags only works on furniture

    * You can already play with toys with your ship pets

    * Some mods actually expand the pet system
  3. Monijir

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    Right, the colonyTags are used on furniture to specify the tenants. In this case the pet would be the tenant, you could have one or two objects have a pet tag which used in combination with existing racial tags spawns a pet of a particular species. There is an object tag called npcToy which defines interactivity of objects in a particular way (It's the tag which allows the outpost npcs to leave the toiler stall and deposit a wet paper object in the bin). The interactivity of the tag is what I was interested in rather than 'toys' per se .

    Like this one?


    When I looked at the list of things people had been looking for with pets I realized how all those features were all ready supported in the colony system. I wanted to bring this stuff up because the combat pets and pet tethers in nightly make me think there may be an overhaul of the ship pets on the horizon and I wanted the benefits of this approach to be apparent before any decisions were made about how to implement that.

    Glad you like the idea. In any case I'll be implementing it eventually, but I'd rather wait to see if I'm working on a system that will be deprecated before 1.0.

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