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  1. Marxon

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    Hey hey hey that's not my thing that was only a one time deal I did in like 3 minutes of speed typing!
  2. Battle Bee

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    Imagine all the tailless people and things here.
    You should be glad you have one!
  3. YoshioGamer

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    Question to ryuu
    What would the avail's body tempature be if they had A) a fever B] a Cold
    also can they even get fevers and colds?
  4. Marxon

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    Reks got me interested in it too, maybe I should play, I heard it has some sort of coop...
  5. Marxon

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    You think it's fun to have a tail!? It keeps getting stuck in the auto closing impervium doors, and those things close with some serious force!
  6. Sparrows

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    The Survivor and the Prisoner
    Part 2
    Sunrise brought with it clear weather and brightening skies, and by the time the pack had uncurled from their sleepy pile, the temperature was beginning to inch up. Roren and Isa worked together to roll up the nanocanvas they'd huddled the night before, complaining loudly about it as they went. Reni was checking their supplies and arranging breakfast as she did it, and Jasura had taken point, keeping watch with her lance held at the ready; they'd encountered problems in the area previously with vicious wildlife springing out of the undergrowth while they were preparing for the day, and nobody was willing to take the risk and allow it to happen a second time.

    Speaking of which...

    "Hey, Isa - how's the bite healing up?" Jasura asked without turning around. Her ears twitched, pivoting just a little to better pick up her packmate's response.

    Isa winced at the memory of it. "Should be fine," he said after a moment, shrugging. The ring of tooth-marks around his leg was partly hidden by feathers, but where they gave way to skin the injury was clearly visible, the purple marks contrasting vividly against brown skin and bright gold feathers. It had bled a lot at the time, but it was mostly superficial and hadn't needed bandaging after being cleaned.

    They'd all suffered similar - and worse - injuries in the line of duty; it was to be expected, after all, on an unfamiliar planet. Still, they needed to stay vigilant if they were going to avoid another attack, and that was why Jasura was perfectly content sitting right where she was. She tapped out a rhythm with her claws on the lance's shaft, barely paying attention to it as her eyes remained focused on the tangled undergrowth.

    "Breakfast's up, Jas. Sorry about arguing with you last night."

    The blue-feathered avali turned slightly from where she was sitting, looking up to see Reni standing awkwardly with a ration pack in one hand and a shortsword in the other. Reni sat down and handed over the ration pack, wordlessly picking up Jasura's sentry duty as she tucked into the breakfast portion of the pack. It wasn't a feast by any stretch of the imagination, but it was filling, and by the time she was done the blue-feathered avali was licking crumbs off of her claws.

    "It's fine," Jasura said when she was done, making Reni jump. "Everyone'll be a lot happier when we can go home," she continued, shrugging. "We ready to move yet?"

    Reni glanced over her shoulder; Roren and Isa had finished their breakfasts and everything was packed up, so she nodded and stood up. Jasura grunted as she stood, using her lance and tail to counterbalance, and as they rejoined the brothers she slung the lance over one shoulder.

    They set off not long after that, forging a path between the trees with broad swings of Roren's greatsword. The temperature had stabilised somewhere around zero, which was a bitterly cold day by human standards but a warm one for the avali. It was fortunate, then, that all four members of the pack had thermal regulator implants as well as coolant underlays in their clothing - standard procedure for an avali headed off-world, and it helped avoid the unfortunate situation of having your blood boil in your veins.

    Lost in thought, Jasura didn't have time to stop before she'd bumped into Roren. He'd stopped and was holding the greatsword out to one side, the vibro mechanisms making a barely audible whine. As one, the pack crouched down.

    "Something's wrong," Roren muttered, head twitching back and forth as he scanned the area. "It's gotten quiet."
    "That could be anything," Isa objected, shifting uneasily and adjusting his grip on the rifle in his hands.
    Roren shook his head. "It's not just quiet, it's silent. We should be able to hear anything in this forest, but I can't hear a thing..."

    They advanced carefully, moving through the thicket with barely a whisper of sound. The air was perfectly breathable - good old methane - but the pack held their breath as they moved. The animal calls and birdsong that had accompanied them this far had gone silent.

    After an hour or so of stealthy movement, they reached another clearing in the forest. It was still unnaturally silent all around, and even as they stopped for a break, everyone was on edge. Snacks were passed around, and Jasura and Roren took first watch while the other pair caught a brief nap. You learned to sleep wherever and whenever possible on missions like this; avali biology simply didn't support a full day's march, and trying to stay quiet while moving made it even harder.

    It was Jasura who broke the silence first. "What do you think?" she asked Roren, careful to keep her voice low. "Predators in the area?"
    The golden-feathered male shrugged. "It's impossible to tell," he said. "We need to stay on guard." He patted the drone, currently lying beside him in standby mode, and they lapsed back into an anxious quiet.

    Just as the pack was getting ready to keep moving, Jasura froze. Something in the bushes. Something bigger than them. And it was coming this way.

    She dropped to the floor, flattening herself against the deep red grass, and heard a shot pass straight through where her head would have been only a moment sooner. Her plumage gave off a burned scent as the shot's energy clipped it.

    Roren wasn't so fortunate. He cried out briefly, and when Jasura sat up to look her blood went even colder than it already was.

    A ragged hole had been punched through the front of his armor - no, melted, whatever had fired was using energy weapons - and though the heat had cauterised the wound, it was somehow still bleeding, still leaking purple blood all down his chest. The avali made a strangled sort of noise and dropped to the ground with a faint thud.

    Chaos erupted. Six figures, impossibly tall, no doubt taller than a human, burst from the other side of the clearing, dressed all in black and wearing masks and long red coats over their armor. Jasura hefted her lance and tried to push Roren's injury out of her mind (i could see through him it went all the way through) as she attacked. Reni and Isa - both of them just as shaken as Jasura - also moved to attack, Reni charging forward with a savage cry as she swiped her shortsword through the air, Isa hanging back with his rifle.

    The two parties clashed.

    A hair under 1.1k words! Next up, the fight between the 'mystery' figures and the pack. Should be up soon, I've got most of it written already.
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    Ah they were synths. Yeeee! -runs away from the battlebee-
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    *busy writing 4.5 thousand words, but they ain't exactly 'short' stories*
  9. Marxon

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    Glad? GLAD YOU SAY?
    You have to brisky walk if not run through a timed door to make sure you don't get snagged like this! I made the mistake of walking through it.
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    At least your tail doesn't include your stomach.
  11. Marxon

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    That would be a stinger, last I checked you don't have one, and they aren't 2/3 the length of your body!
  12. OmniGeoff

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    Seems painful, but also, do not sleep on wooden planks, your arm feathers tend to get stuck in between the floorboards... And they're a pain to get out, even more so to not ruin that pretty pretty feather of yours.
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    looks like you have a really regular doctor visit based on your medical record and the amount of stitches on your tail
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    And this is why I make sure all my doors have to be closed manually.
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    My abdomen is. =|
    Now that sounds bad.
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    Another sword I made.

    Warning, stupidly massive.

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    All of my what.
    That's amazing :rofl:
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    MY EYES.
    Fantastic ship.
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    I want to know what ryuu did to the wraps and sleeves last update, he seems to have fixed them yet again and now they are technically broken :/
  20. Marxon

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    I looked into my hammock and saw a sight of pure horror...
    Feathers... everywhere...

    It begins...
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