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    The Amnesia Case
    (Made by DiaceBaker)

    No immaturity (for example: saying things like: The Witch doctor appeared to spook <random user>!)
    (No immaturity example 2: posting random things like just videos, and sound buttons.)

    Valid acceptations. Things like "ghostly witch doctor god" will not be accepted.

    How to use the Acceptation Certificate.
    ((Copy and paste this certificate and fill out the blank parts. (For example: Job: Medic)
    (Example 2: Wearing eye protection and what kind?: Yes. I wear glasses.)
    (Example 3: Clothes: Blue Assassin's Mask, and a white set of Traditional clothes.) Those were the examples.))


    ((This certificate is for you to use!))

    Acceptation Certificate:
    Wearing eye protection and what kind?:


    So... have fun.... :nurukappa: (grim stare of DiaceBaker*)

    ((*No, Diace is NOT a character. Or is she...?))

    Now, with that out the way... here is my character's certificate!))

    Acceptation Certificate: For Neptune
    Race: Novakid
    Age: Unknown. (estimated to be 20)
    Job: Currently none.
    Wearing eye protection and what kind?: None. ((Because, c'mon, Novakids don't have EYES!))
    Clothes: A hospital gown, and a Blue Assassin's scarf ((The mask will be called scarf in the RP, because, that's kinda obvious why, if you think about it...))
    Hobbies: At age 11: using a yarn spinner to make jackets and selling them. Age 20: shooting targets. (and reading once a day.)

    Neptune grew up as a orphan in a unknown place. One thing was known for sure about it; it was a desert. He had the nickname due to being almost blue as the sea, and having curiosity for water. Right now, in a unknown year... maybe 2095... he somehow got amnesia. Yes, he doesn't know HOW he got it due having it, nor does anyone else. Strange for a "gasbag", but he certainly has amnesia. That is all known about him, for now...
    The Story (so far)

    Five people awaken inside a maze-like hospital. The only source of info is a note by a mysterious woman called "Diace".
    It mentions a center, which everyone must get to under 8 minutes. If anyone fails, they may die, or suffer a virus inside there.
    They must decide which doors to go through in time... or else.
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  2. DustyScabbard

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    Acceptation Certificate: Ivar Tunich
    Race: Apex
    Age: 57
    Job: Minikog Scientist
    Wearing eye protection and what kind?: Goggles, of course! Any scientist worth his salty needs eye protection!
    Clothes: A skin tight space suit with a helmet. Tunich is a germaphobe, and the suit keeps the environment inside completely clean, including air and waste. A hospital gown has been haphazardly tied over it.
    Hobbies: Mostly genetic experimentation, but also enjoys discussing philosophy and logic puzzles. Returning questions with questions is another pastime. Was on the swim team at his university.
    Backstory: Tunich was the model citizen any Apex would want to be under the watch of Big Ape. Turning in spies, assisting in scientific development, putting overtime during his Thought Reassignment shifts, and so on. Overtime he gained good standing with his superiors and was given a lab to watch over in the Genetic Experimentation Department. While the work was fascinating, the small gene pool the Minikog allowed gave Tunich no room to create any astounding breakthroughs within the Apex's own DNA. This was the case, until one day a human broke into his lab and immediately captured. While humans are a similar species, the human sequence was much more accepting to modification than the Apex and Tunich worked himself and his staff ragged unlocking the adaptablity of the human genome. A fortnight or two later, the subject had been modified and the recorded changes allowed for Tunich to earn some time off, with the promise to present his work to Big Ape when he returned. Tunich's lab was decimated by the time he returned, with assistants slain and guards mere blood stains. And the subject gone. With none of his work backed up, Tunich was left with nothing but words and was reassigned to help under some other simpleton scientists. One day he left, hoping to find a trance of his experiment. Why he just woke up in a hospital is anyone's guess.
  3. Cup o' Tea

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    Might wanna throw in some more rules. It'll help you later on.
  4. Immortal Trance

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    BIG chance I might be joining, I will reserve this post so I can make the certificate tomorrow! Thank you!
  5. Garbacca

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    Can your character be a modded race?
  6. Diamond Dog

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    Acceptation Certificate: for Stableaf Sagehunter
    Race: floran
    Age: 20
    Job: Sssssstabbing things for pixels (mercenary)
    Wearing eye protection and what kind?: None
    Clothes: 2015-11-05_00005.jpg
    Hobbies: Cooking and Stabbing
    Backstory: Raised in your typical Floran village, he set out to do mercenary work at the age of 18.
    Up until now not much has happened in his life. (cuz im too lazy to make it up)
  7. TheWorstPersonEver

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    Yes, I was going to mention they could join.[DOUBLEPOST=1446738774][/DOUBLEPOST]then I took a forget to the brain[DOUBLEPOST=1446739060][/DOUBLEPOST]
    This is a legitimate, well-written certificate. Well done!
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  8. DustyScabbard

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    Thank you. I'll admit, I wrote it on the spot, so I'm wondering how well he'll turn out. Guess there's only one way to know!
  9. DustyScabbard

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    @DiaceBaker A word of advise, try keep any out of character chat in your OOC thread. It makes the story much easier to read.
  10. Diamond Dog

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    The room with the weird-monster-thingy was jsut a random room.
    the other door leads to whereever you decide
  11. Garbacca

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    Acceptation Certificate: For Henry Kenloft

    Race: Avali

    Age: 34

    Job: Scientist/Inventor/Mechanic

    Wearing eye protection and what kind?: Protective goggles, but they are just for mainly just there for decoration as his left eye is mechanical(he learned the hard way what it's like to get hydrogen sulfate in his eyes).

    Clothes: Avali-styled labcoat

    Hobbies: Inventing machines as well as upgrading tech for Apex rebel groups.

    Backstory: Henry was born in a human settlement and raised by the the genius Kenloft family. They taught him everything he knows about science and technology, and he soon became one of the most well known inventors in the city. He eventually left to join the Miniknog to advance even further in his research. Later on, he learned about the Miniknog's darker practices and attempted to escape. He was saved by a group of rebels, and became a lone scientist
  12. TheWorstPersonEver

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    damn, that must be harsh as fuck..
  13. DustyScabbard

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    Sorry about the disappearance! I had some work that pilled up and had no idea how to move on with Ivar. Now that everyone is together, perhaps the fun with start?
  14. Diamond Dog

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    What stableaf is saying: I dont like you but i have to trust you

    what hes thinking: tumblr_mhijvh1eNj1rwej9io5_250.gif
  15. DustyScabbard

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    Diance, in regards to the mask Tunich found, what gate is it referring to? Have any of us passed through a gate at all?
  16. TheWorstPersonEver

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    No. I was mainly refrencing the Novakid face on the gate. Diace has seen the gate, and made a mask similar to the gate's Novakid slot. I am talking about this gate.

    (look at the bottom of the gate.)
  17. DustyScabbard

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    Oh, I see. Thank you for clearing this us. However, I don't think any of the characters have seen the gate before. Try to be mindful of what information your players should and shouldn't know. While I doubt it will be relevant with this bit of information, it's just a thing to consider.
  18. TheWorstPersonEver

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    sorry. it is my first time, I am learning. and no, I don't want to make that sound like some shitty excuse.
  19. DustyScabbard

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    Don't worry, it's fine. I hope I don't sound too harsh or anything, I'm just trying to pass on what information I know.
  20. Diamond Dog

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    suddenly the witch doctor god spooks everyone
    Nothing, nothing.

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