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  1. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    Whelp, here's my first try at a Roleplay on this server. Here's the premise of the game:


    The Amber Roma
    was the science and research vessel of eccentric and rich scientist Ander Romanoff. His vessel recently went off the charts while passing through a freak space-storm of sorts (a mix of radiation, asteroids, and other such space nonsense), and he hasn't been heard from since. The only message he left has since been circulating around, telling all who can hear it to help find his test subjects and to keep them safe.

    Recently, a 'friend' of Romanoff's has supposedly found the lost Amber Roma drifting in space, and has been trying to gather a group of hardy explorers to check out the vessel.

    This is where things got... Strange. Upon being summoned by this mysterious employer, who went simply by the name of Mister E (a poorly concealed pun of the word myestery), our intrepid explorers blacked out, awakening aboard a strange ship operating at low capacity. The only thing they could find hinting at their situation was a note:

    "Hello, my dear friends! Sorry for the gas; I find it's the best way to put people into situations they won't enjoy. Ho ho!

    Now, as I'm sure you've guessed, you are currently aboard the Amber Roma; at least, what's left of it. Obviously, we can't have this beautiful beacon of advancement and science sit around and degrade in the highly corrosive environment of empty space! So, I need you to fix it. Simple as that!

    Of course, simple and easy are not synonymous. You'll need to do some exploring to get his beautiful beast running again; exactly why I hired explorers! Ho ho! *ahem* Anyway, there are several teleporters in this ship, organized for the various planets they connect to. Why? Because Romanoff was a madman! Ho ho!

    One of these teleporters is still operational. You'll be able to get the supplies there to fix the ship a bit, and activate the next teleport. Rinse and repeat until the ship works again. Once you do that, we'll discuss the reward.

    I wish you well on your endeavors!

    --Mister E"


    The biggest thing will be exploring and speaking with people. Combat will be relatively low to begin, if that's important to anyone. The story will also have a fair amount of humor and strangeness; Romanoff was a madman, after all, and some of his experiments were bizarre to say the least.

    For character applications, here's a guide of the basics I'd want. Feel free to add anything you find pertintent:


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  2. Emaria Killface

    Emaria Killface Void-Bound Voyager

    NAME: Emaria Killface
    RACE: Floran
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: (uuuuuuuuuh, do I do human years?) 14 human years
    PERSONALITY: Hungry, likes to kill things, romantic
    IMPORTANT BIO: The romantic Emaria Killface has a one-track mind. She is obsessed with romance, killing things, and eating. Don't make her mad, though, 'cuz that sword looks...sharp. She loves traveling the universe with her friends, Polly and Ruggar, although she is a bit selfish. She is always ready for an adventure and she will never ever back away from a challenge. She's very vengeful, if you even trip her (even if it was an accident) you will live your life in pain and misery.

    Hope this isn't too...violent. It's sorta what I'm like in real life. Thanks for reading!
  3. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    AGE: 27 (human years)
    PERSONALITY: Calm, collected, caring, methodical, can be cold and calculated at times...
    BIO: Gale Paige was a resident orphan with her younger sister Gina Paige at the warm hearts orphanage on a crime ridden city run by politicians since before she chose her name after her caretaker. After scrounging up pixels mostly through working her job at the orphanage, the morgue and, the electrical plant; she also scraped up funds through doing odd jobs such as cleaning up "tomato juice" spills for the various residents, selling "snow, sugar, and sharpie" to various addicts, and working as a "companion" for some people. All while taking care of her mentally unstable younger sister. She would be in charge of paying for her prescription pills and making sure she gets regular checkups and treatments, but most importantly, helping her deal with her psychosis and bloodthirsty thoughts. When she had gotten the money and made sure her sister could care for and control herself (who later became a very skilled mechanic and "technomancer"), she wiped her history clean and hitched a ship off planet. She eventually attended college for four years for a degree in electronics and later attended medical school. after spending several years as a field medic for the USCM (surprisingly enough), she became bored with her current life and decided to begin working as a medic and technician for hire for various explorer groups. She was eventually hired by Ander Romanoff and... Well... I'm sure you know the rest...
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  4. Alkanthe

    Alkanthe Supernova

    Mmmmkay, let's do this.

    NAME: Luie Markov
    RACE: Apex
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: Indeterminate; around her late 20s, most likely
    PROFESSION / SKILL SETS: First and foremost an applied chemist, but not totally foreign to combat. If you need something blown up or chemically analyzed, Luie's the one to go to, but don't ask her to go on the front lines. She also has experience with cinematography, having been cameraman for a popular reporter as well as running a chemistry video channel as a hobby.
    PERSONALITY: Puts up a brave front, thinks logically enough, but is introverted and shy of crowds. Her first instinct is flight, not fight. However, she will defend herself if she has to. Luie's the kind to find someone she trusts and be a sort of Player 2 to them.
    BIO: Luie never wanted an exciting life, at least not the kind she got. She was perfectly content to keep her head down and ask no questions, until she was introduced to chemistry. This science answered questions Luie'd never thought of, things she'd taken for granted. And it led her to question everything. Fortunately, before her questions could create an... awkward... situation, she was found by an underground group who ended up sneaking her off-world, not only to protect her from the danger her questions posed but also so that she could learn the answers. She was enrolled in college, where she met the ex-military Giovanni Nerra, who went on to become a highly successful reporter for a galactic news channel. After Luie graduated, she joined him as both business partner and assistant. (She used to appear on camera more, but she's decided to remain offscreen and learn the ropes of cinematography instead.) However, after a recent incident involving an attack on a sports stadium, Luie and Gio have had to part ways. Luie's been struggling with money since then, so when she heard the call for volunteers, the scientific value of what might be found was not her only consideration.

    In conclusion: Question everything, analyze everything, learn everything, except when you need to hide instead.
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  5. Tatterdemalion

    Tatterdemalion Phantasmal Quasar

    I'm having a ton of fun being orange, so I'm definitely giving this one a go!

    NAME: Monte Spaventra

    RACE: Phobe

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: Comparable to a human in their late twenties

    PROFESSION / SKILL SETS: Up until recently he was a travelling actor/performer with a troupe of other Phobe, and makes an excellent liar. He's also adept at sleight-of-hand and acrobatics, possessing a superb sense of balance. Monte is utter rubbish at most combat, and would very much rather talk his way out of tough situations. He can play several instruments and does a bit of singing as well.

    PERSONALITY: The Phobe are an unstable species, prone to madness and trapped between life and death, and Monte appears, like many Phobe, to be at least slightly off-kilter. Possessing a dark sense of humor and a flair for the dramatic, he's often a black sheep and can make chaotic decisions. He can change emotions on a dime, though it's often not apparent what's a facade and what's real. He can be charismatic and manipulative, and likes to keep people guessing.

    BIO: One hears tales on spaceports and hub-planets of mysterious, wandering caravans of masked aliens that arrive on distant settlements without a warning. A single night of revelry and debauchery, and they've disappeared again, without a trace. These are the Phobe. Monte Spaventra was born in and traveled with one such troupe, bringing chaotic gaiety wherever they visited. It was there he learned his trade, and honed his crafts. He met other space-faring species and learned of the Phobe's enigmatic and scary reputation. Wanderlust eventually set in, however, and Monte left to find new sights. Hitchhiking across the galaxy however he could, he visited many strange and exotic locales, never staying long. Always, Monte sought new adventure. He seemed to have found it when he happened upon a stranger looking to hire intrepid explorers, although with adventure there is always risk...
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  6. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    Well then, we seem to have a decent group here! I'll post up a proper RP thread on Monday when I have proper computer access, but for now we can discuss some background stuff.

    First off, Mr. E contacted each of his workers individually, narrowing down their skills to what he needed and wanted; of course, no one knows what that really is, especially since he acts so bizarrely.

    He contacted each of your characters via written notes, generallly left lying around where you'd be likely to find them (it was a slightly startling method, but obviously effective). For Emaria, he mentioned her almost artistic violence (in the primal-savagery sort of way), as well as her charmind romanticism. With Paige, he mentioned her various intellectual skills, as well as her apparent boredum with regular life and thirst for truly exciting working. In his mention to Luie, there was much reference to her scientific knowledge, acknowledging her as likely to understand Romanoff's brilliant work. Lastly, he wrote to Monte of his superior speech skills, as well as his baffling array of entertainment talent.

    If any of that doesn't fit, feel free to modify it. Overall, I'd appreciate if you guys could make little RP scenes in which you discuss receiving the letter and reading the contents; alternatively, you could just say what the letter would probably say.

    With the letter, Mr. E commends the reader's skills, mentions the situation as I did (up until "things got strange"), and then explains why the reader would benefit from this endeavor beyond the monetary payout (which he mentions as being a small fortune).

    ZAYABUCKET Spaceman Spiff

    I am going to make a character too but I am bad with words & slow at typing. Sorry

    ZAYABUCKET Spaceman Spiff

    NAME: Unknown

    RACE:Unknown (likely human)



    SKILL SETS: Excellent with computers, parkour, hand to hand combat, & stealth.

    PERSONALITY: He is very introverted & does not talk much. He silently observes everything that goes on around him. He is very curious but cautious & thinks logically most of the time. He is also very peaceful. He hates being called an AI, but people do it anyway.

    BIO: Despite being a computer program, he is definitely a living thing, not an AI. He is sort of like a spirit that is compatible with computers. He often stays in a small lightweight humanoid robot because he was once a humanoid creature (likely human) & it is similar to what he is used to. When in control of a physical form he retains muscle memory but will have to readjust to unfamiliar forms. He is slightly glitchy & lots of information has been lost, including what race he was & his name. He can easily move between a robot & a computer if they are in some way connected but becomes vary confused & discombobulated in the process.
    EDIT: Good at parkour - ironically clumsy.
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  9. Tatterdemalion

    Tatterdemalion Phantasmal Quasar

    I'm already working on a little story of how Monte received his summons! There are a few changes I'm still making to his basic character. I do have a question for you: are the characters allowed any sort of starting equipment or tech?
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  10. SneakyBox

    SneakyBox Pangalactic Porcupine

    NAME:Raymond Antilles




    Excellent marksman, Expert in CQC, & Has great leadership

    PERSONALLY:Ray is a very serious man, resulting him to be a very focused and concentrated person.Raymond likes to focus on problems head on and doesn't like to stall.However this can cause him to have anxiety issues and stress attacks.He absolutely hates it when someone doubts the human race thriving,for his faith in humanity is strong.When faced with battle he prefers to fight with words, but knowing how the galaxy is and how it reacts to peaceful beings usually leaves him fighting with weapons.

    BIO:Born in LV-326 where he was raised by his parents,having his father being a marine and his mother being a field medic.Wanting to follow in his father's footsteps encouraged him to join the USCM at an early age of 15.When first recruited he was sent through 10 weeks of boot camp, only to move on into advance training due to his performance in boot camp.After advanced training he was assigned to the 401 unit ,which specialized in CQC and marksmanship.When he was sent on his first few missions he quickly learned that the galaxy didn't accept peace ,after he saw how the galaxy bad the galaxy can really be...Honestly he felt stupid for thinking the galaxy wasn't all about war and carnageand.When he was 38 he was assigned the rank captain and was deployed to the colony LV-583 to remain guard there until his next assignment is given to him.

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  11. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    Basically whatever your character would have carried to the interview for the job; all of the characters were supposed to be meeting Mr. E, then heading to the ship shortly after. As such, they likely have the essentials.
    So how and why did your guy take the job? it sounds like he had a decent settup; why go running off to work for some weirdo searching for the ship of a madman?
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  12. SneakyBox

    SneakyBox Pangalactic Porcupine

    Well I what I was planning for was the USCM assigning him to assassinate the supposed madman, since he proved to be possible threat, will that do?
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  13. Tortoise

    Tortoise Void-Bound Voyager

    Howdy! Got an application for ya if you ain't too full!

    NAME: C4M3L07 (“Camelot”)

    RACE: Glitch

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 140 years of operation, 37 years since the split from The Collective.

    PROFESSION / SKILL SETS: Orbital Drop Shock Trooper, Assassin, and Paladin. Wanted for numerous counts of murder, dismemberment, religious intolerance, torture, destruction of property, and arson.

    Camelot is, without question, an absolute monster when engaged in close-quarters combat. Unfortunately, that is about all he can do well. His negotiation tactics are poor, he has a limited grasp of technology and social interactions, and he is hugely intolerant of other races and religions.

    PERSONALITY: A religious zealot, Camelot is an intolerant warrior, intent on bringing the light of Medieval Catholicism to the world. He is outspoken towards others, and hates almost everything that refuses to convert to the one true faith. He is a massive d-bag.

    IMPORTANT BIO: What happens when you find a disabled Glitch warrior, mess with the wiring in its brain, and give it a bible? You get an insane religious murder-bot designed to inflict maximum damage. That is the origin of Camelot. Found by a group of Human missionaries travelling the stars, they intended to re-program the Glitch as a righteous Paladin designed to protect them on their journey. They got about every part of that plan horribly wrong. When awoken, Camelot’s Glitch programming reverted to early-age Catholicism, and he slaughtered the “heretics” who tried to “reason with him.” Setting a course for the nearest star-system in his totally-not-stolen, bloody missionary ship, Camelot decided to make contact with life on one of the planets.

    Upon beaming down to the first planet, Camelot was greeted by a group of Avian settlers. Camelot’s first action was to ask them if they were Catholic. After finding their answer dissatisfactory, Camelot burned the “heathens” and their settlement to the ground, and promptly left. This trend continued for years across the galaxy, which attracted the attention of quite a few organizations. One of them, a black-market organization known as “The Red Sun,” deftly took control of the situation by posing as none-other than the Catholic Church, reborn among the stars. Contacting Camelot mid-rampage, the leader of the Red Sun, dressed as the Pope himself, greeted his “child,” and bid him to join the Church on their quest among the stars. Camelot happily agreed.

    Thus, under the guise of the Church, the Red Sun decided to use Camelot as a business opportunity. Villages or settlements were selected, Camelot was dropped in to “purge the pagans,” and the Red Sun arrived to supply the survivors with black-market goodies. In addition, competition was swiftly dealt with, and any of those attempting to alert the authorities of the Red Sun’s dealings were…”handled.” And by handled, I of course mean “had their body parts separated from their torso.”

    So, now Camelot sits, deactivated until it is time for the next purging, the next mission. In the words of the murder-bot himself, “Statement. Burn the Heretics.
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  14. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    Um, heheh, maybe a bit too violent, not to mention the whole religion aspect (the fact that it involves a real-world religion and reflects negatively upon it is an issue with me). Also, it seems unlikely he'd be hired if he was likely to kill his partners and all of Romanoff's experiments.[DOUBLEPOST=1443762813][/DOUBLEPOST]
    That could work... I'd say he was invited to work for Mr. E on this mission, and his officials wanted him to "take care of it."
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    ZAYABUCKET Spaceman Spiff

    I know it was directed at SneakyBox but it applies to my character too. I have been thinking all day about this question with little results, but I will answer it ASAP.
  16. Tortoise

    Tortoise Void-Bound Voyager

    Hey, not a problem! Thanks for the feedback. If I can address a few points, I'd love to clear some things up, if I may.

    -"Too violent." I get that! What I was hoping to do was step away from my comfort-zone and try to roleplay a character with negative qualities and see how I could interact with the group, adding a few more dimensions than just "murderbot." But yeah, I can definitely see what ya mean, no worries!

    -"Religion." Again, good point. Tried to distance it a bit from the modern-day religion by having him get stuck in the Middle-Age Catholicism, which I know to be parodied and played upon by many books/movies/shows/etc. I apologize for the sensitivity of the subject though, not my intention to offend. My bad there!

    -"How it all ties in." Anyways, main point, I planned to have the Red Sun be the "handlers" for Camelot, seeing this as an opportunity for business but not wanting to risk their own necks. They would of course establish guidelines to prevent the ol' Murder-bot was actually, ya know, murdering everything, which I felt might again give me a chance to develop the character in a different direction than the bio suggested.

    Anyways, thanks again for the critique, and for the consideration! If I decide to, I might jump in with another character more suitable for the story-line, but for now I am content with seeing which direction you take it. Good luck!
  17. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    Here's a thought; what if he was one of the experiments? It could put an interesting twist on things, if you're up to it. Though if you have other ideas, that'd be just as fine; go with whatever you think works best.
    I can understand trying to branch out, and the idea itself isn't too bad; it could be interesting having an overzealous machine that can get inconveniently violent. The main issue, I suppose, is my natural turn off with violent characters, used to as I am with players who couldn't handle it maaturely. If you could play a character like this maturely, and use the idea of overviolence as a flaw he's trying to overcome, it would actually make for an awesome character.

    For the religion part, it's mostly the fact that it's real world stuff; I'm generally fine with fictional stuff so long as it isn't too overbearing. Since a Kluexian Glitch might be odd, you could opt to use some sort of bizarre Glitch idea about the original creators, except a bit of misfortune made Camelot take it a bit far.

    And just as I said with Zayabucket, he could have been one of Romanoff's experiments, or possibly a subject who came to Romanoff to get his 'problem' fixed.

    Really, I'm mostly just used to fighting to give players enjoyable characters that fit the game, so I hate to see somebody go; though it is your choice in the end.
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  18. Tatterdemalion

    Tatterdemalion Phantasmal Quasar

    Alright, I've finished the story of how Monte came to be summoned by this enigmatic "Mister E." Here goes!

    A minor flourish; sforzando into the arpeggiated eighth; the final stanza in double time. The crowd is, of course, impressed- all three onlookers in the meagre audience. Few folk seem to wish to mingle with a Phobe these days. They’ve a reputation to be half-mad. Ridiculous.

    Twitch. Monte Spaventra takes an exaggerated bow as he removes his five-pointed hat towards the audience, hearing the telltale clink of pixels and a smattering of applause. He swings his hat back atop his head without losing a single tribute.

    Perhaps enough to pay my way on a merchant vessel, onwards to grander venues- and a greater story. He tenderly places his viola in its gilded case as the spectators disperse. The two moons above shone brightly as he made a grandiose exit- a simple theatrical smoke pellet, but very effective.

    Best to always leave an impression of mystery. He let out puckish laugh as Monte made his way through the streets of this sleepy little planet to the rooftop where he had set up camp for the past few cycles. The owner of the building was none the wiser- scaling the exterior wall of the building left little trace. He pays no mind to risk as he nimbly climbs the building.

    Now, to examine my funds- where shall I find myself wandering next?

    Monte removes his hat and empties out his latest round of tips. Something unusual catches his eye- a scrap of paper.

    Paper currency? Absurd! Taking a closer look, Monte sees that it’s a letter addressed to him. Simple and unadorned, yet oozing with intrigue. He’s hooked.

    How very peculiar. By the dim light of a gas lantern and the pale moons, Monte reads the enigmatic note.

    To my good friend Monte,

    Well, I suppose we aren’t friends yet. But we will be! Such very good acquaintances indeed! I’ve been observing you for some time now, as I’m sure you are unaware. Your performance as Claudius was thrilling, by the way. I’m 80% percent completely certain that you are the one that I need.

    You see, I have- ahem, had- a friend by the name of Ander Romanoff. Quite the smart fellow. Bit odd, though. You’d like him. Anyhow, Ander was a scientist with his own research ship, the Amber Roma.

    Notice that I keep restating words such as “was” and “had,” all with connotations of the past tense. This is because I fear my dear friend has been lost to space, along with his entire laboratory-ship and all the fantastical research it holds. The substellar vagaries of the universe seemed to frown upon the Amber Roma, sending it hurtling through open space in a storm of radiation, asteroids, and irradiated asteroids. Terrifying, really. All that remained was a cryptic radio signal. Quite possibly the last words of dear Ander Romanoff, the looping message asking to find and protect his “test subjects.”

    Once again notice my use of of the past-tense prefix “-ed.” That is because, through methods I will not disclose on paper, I have located the Amber Roma once more. I’m gathering a, er, what’s the word? Party? Fellowship? Group of hardy adventurers gathered to investigate the newly-rediscovered spaceship? Oh, it’s the last one. You, my dear Monte, are to be part of this assembly. Negotiations between hostile test subjects, tenuous alliances, and whatever eldritch abominations you may come across shall be essential to this expedition. Your way with words is exactly what’s needed. Of course, a worlds-class acrobat and performer could always come in handy in its own right. A rousing tarantella is quite the remedy for long space-journeys, I’m told.

    Of course, you wonder what’s in it for you! I’m quite sure that a genuine small fortune in pixels would be enough to sway any run-of-the-mill mercenary, but you, Monte, deserve better. I ask you to briefly reflect on the story this will make. Action! Excitement! Mystery! Can you imagine? I believe it’s time for you to be the protagonist, or at least a highly-important supporting character! I won’t lie. The risks will be great and numerous, but that only makes for a better saga! You’ll get the cash, too, of course. I’ve no doubt I’ll be seeing you when the time comes…

    Your Humble Employer,

    Mister E.

    Attached is a set of coordinates and a date.

    Twitch. I know where I’m going next. This story’s about to get much more interesting. Monte Spaventra gazes at the starry sky from his rooftop perch. He can already hear the songs echoing through his mask.

    Best to always leave an impression of mystery.

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  19. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    I see what you did there! :iswydt:
  20. Vurrunna

    Vurrunna Giant Laser Beams

    Very nice! I think this is a nice settup to the intro.

    Also, everyone else, feel free to write Mr. E's message however you please; each letter was tailored to the recipient, using wording that would shoot off with the particular reader. Mr. E works in bizarre ways...
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