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Community The Agaran Menace

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Razey, Jan 30, 2014.


The Agarans: Menace or Misunderstood?

  1. Menace

    413 vote(s)
  2. Misunderstood

    333 vote(s)
  3. Mushrooms

    622 vote(s)
  4. Malevolent, Menacing, Misunderstood Mushrooms

    1,316 vote(s)
  1. MysticMalevolence

    MysticMalevolence Oxygen Tank

    Someone, hurry up with that summary of the past MasterChief pages.
    I'm starting to get a bit lost, so it would be helpful if I could have that to remember everything.
  2. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Well, it's not like we don't all already know about those threads, the people who've been discussing it for months now.

    Where does it ever say the Agarans hate water?
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  3. Goldpork

    Goldpork Zero Gravity Genie

    According to the wiki, they call their fountain a "torture device".
    Link: http://starbound.wikia.com/wiki/Agaran
  4. Melissia

    Melissia Ketchup Robot

    The wiki is wrong; That's what everyone else calls it, we don't know what THEY call it.

    Also, that's not a fountain, and it's found in Floran prisons as well.
  5. Lecic

    Lecic Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Those torture devices have been around since before Agarans, and are found in Floran prisons.
  6. Christovski

    Christovski Ketchup Robot

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  7. demanrisu

    demanrisu The Original Agaran Menace NPC

    Yep. That's the only one I'd endorse, the Wikia is poorly maintained... and, uh, Curse. Ew. Don't touch that one either.
  8. Christovski

    Christovski Ketchup Robot

    I didn't realize the other one was curse. EW indeed!

    I like to read the codex entries on starbounder, because despite running through Starbound with at least 6 different characters, there's still so much I haven't managed to find yet, and reading up on lore is great.

    Sadly as we constantly say on this thread, there's not a lot of concrete facts on Agaran. I'm still standing by my stance of freeing their captives, and killing any I see holding captives, pods, or other suspicious activities. Better safe than dead.
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  9. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    In the new nightly updates, the crafting is... Broken? I can't tell whether this is on purpose or not, but stuff can be crafted with no ingredients, and all recipes are unlocked from the start. You can use this to make Agaran pods for free. It's cool.
  10. Christovski

    Christovski Ketchup Robot

    I believe it is intentional so that you can make things that currently have NO crafting recipe, like the new staff weapons, and test them.
  11. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    Yeah, I realized that might be the case, which is why I wrote that I was not sure.
  12. Christovski

    Christovski Ketchup Robot

    Yeah, Tiy was tweeting for people to try using some spawning commands too, for the new ships. I'm personally sticking with Stable, I don't want to chance losing anything.
  13. Type1Ninja

    Type1Ninja Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

    I made a launcher that prevents losing things! Test both! :D
    (Link in my sig)
  14. Christovski

    Christovski Ketchup Robot

    I use the steam overlay heavily when playing Starbound, and I'd rather wait for the solid updates on Stable, so thanks but no thanks :)
  15. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Supernova

    Anyone have any idea of when does the next newsletter come out? It's the 18th day already!
  16. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    Facts & Theories

    Last updated 1/2/2015
    There are so many facts and theories regarding the Agaran Menace one person can barely handle it. So, there is this. All the information you need to properly catch up on the topic without having to read 140~ pages and to have highly sophisticated mushroom discussions.

    Let's start!

    Where the knowledge comes from

    There are many places where the lore hides in. If you want to check it yourself, I've put all kinds of links here. There is more precise links and quotes in the real information part of this post.

    The game itself, everything from item descriptions to Lorebooks. Starbounder.org is a wonderful (in other words, best) source: http://starbounder.org/Main_Page
    Codices: http://starbounder.org/Lore

    This thread's opening post, introduction of Agarans: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/the-agaran-menace.68061/
    Attack of the Deep Space Spores, the video: Attack of the Deep Space Spores and the transcript: http://playstarbound.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/march2014_chronicle.html
    The wonderful comic starring Hiraki Corale and Charlton McVicar: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/mcvicar-makes-a-friend.77410/
    Articles on the Starbound Newsletter: http://playstarbound.com/newsletter/
    The story of the Restless Sparrow, by Charlton McVicar: http://playstarbound.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/sparrow3.html (Which @Thundercraft showed to be full of scientific holes in his magnificent post)

    Also our dear beloved hatless space-reporter Charlton McVicar. Pay attention to him: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?members/charlton-mcvicar.362966/
    Remember the awesome writers too. They have been dropping some info from time to time.
    Razey: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?members/razey.72993/
    Demanrisu: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?members/demanrisu.631/
    If you thrive for more info impatiently, in a good Floran spirit I encourage you to stab these two if you see them; maybe they bleed lore! jk

    The things we really, really know

    We have solid information, believe or not. And a lot of it. Here is the collection of the Agaran facts. Screenshots, images, lore, codices, cryptic hints... Everything here is truetrue! No lies or rampant crackpot theories!

    They say Agarans are a menace. Some say they must be destroyed at all costs. Contamination, peaceful communication, war, nuclear weapons, Exterminatus; there is many possible actions, but what are really plausible? What actions we can take before we even know what are they. Here is what we know this far about them:

    Agarans have many different appearances; every space-farer should be able to recognize them and report their sightings as a civil duty.

    These are the two earliest appearances:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    They were around since Agarans' original appearance, but removed later (Last seen in Nightly branch somewhere between 18th September and 14th October).

    Next two have appeared later, after we got to know about their menacing nature. They were removed with the two previous ones.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In January 2015, stable Winter update Upbeat Giraffe, Agarans reappeared with four previously unseen heads.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Credit from the all the screenshots above goes to @Owl_Stalker

    Agarans can disguise as giant mushrooms, which look like this:

    There is more detailed (and possibly exaggerated) depiction in the following poster:


    There is also small mushroom creatures that appear in the mushroom biomes. It's unknown if they have a important relation to Agaran species.


    There is only one depiction of the monsters inside the giant pods:


    Just like the poster asks you:
    Can you survive... the Agaran Menace?

    If it means the thread, then we're all lost.

    Firstly, Agarans are plants!?!?!

    They have been peaceful, but spread all over the galaxy? No space-travel. We could expect they could've done similar tricks they did in the case of the Restless Sparrow.
    But the text claims they've been peaceful until recently. If the ship-invasions would've been more common, It would've been noticed quickly. Even if there would've been no witnesses left, the missing ships and dead victims would've drawn the public attention earlier. Agarans aren't naturally aggressive either: You have to provoke them by attacking them first, and only then they will counterattack. They have a right to defend themselves.
    So, we can draw quickly one conclusion: Something has happened and made the Agarans hostile. What this something is, nobody knows.

    The most known atrocities they've committed are:
    • Attacking the (arrogant, but (hopefully) well-meaning) Hylotl missionaries.
    • Taking down the entire crew of the Restless Sparrow.
    • Brutal hat murder (RIP unnamed brimmed hat).
    Other possible ones:
    • Forceful takeover of apex laboratories, houses and medical stations.
    • Kidnapping Florans.
    It's not known if the invasion of Apex structures is intentional (will explain later) and if the kidnapping Florans is indeed done to harm the florans (later, too). These two things (actually the latter) are a subject to debate, and no real answers are presented.

    Agarans are not attacking Florans, told us by Charlton McVicar. Plausibility of this claim is questionable.

    It's unknown where the Agarans originate. It has been stated that Greenfinger himself named them, which probably means he is one of the first sentient beings to meet them. At least, first one who has bothered to name them. However, as it has been stated in Project Incarcerus Notes 11, Greenie is centuries old, thus giving no hint how old Agaran race might be.

    There is no proof Agarans have been created deliberately. However there are two factions that have taken their attempts on biological engineering: Greenfinger of the Floran, and other being Big Ape with his Miniknog and scientists. Look at this picture:


    This picture shows the infestation of an Apex laboratory. The growth of the pods appears to be very rapid. Possibly the invasion of apex structures isn't only the cause of Agarans: It is very possible they did experiment on Agarans or something Agaran-related. It would very well explain that the Agarans have been taken over only Apex buildings.

    The green coloured Apex mutants have connection to Agarans, indicated by the description of Trapped Apex Pod. The mutants have been around in apex laboratories as implied test subjects for long now, so it is canon that Apex have tested with Agaran-related things, although it's not directly mentioned.

    However, there is no indication Apex scientists created Agarans. After all, Agarans appeared before the invasion of laboratories.

    Spores. Yeah, it's kinda obvious. Spores.

    Spores spread through the air, or whatever gas the atmosphere is formed of. Results are the Agaran pods, which bear close resemblance to floran pods. This is another piece of evidence that Agarans and Florans have a connection (as stated in the opening post).

    Extract from Attack of the Deep Space Spores:
    The pods seemingly release spores, thus having another purpose along with growing new Agarans, depicted by this picture #2:


    Another way of Agaran reproduction is the one presented in the story of the Restless Sparrow. A sentient fungal colony uses dead body's nutrients as a construction material, evolves sufficiently and finally uses the body as a template for a new Agaran individual. It is reported that the fungal colonies are able to use Sunborn (whatever race they are in the case of the Restless Sparrow) and Avians corpses.

    The description of Trapped Apex Pod mentions that "the Apex and the Agarans aren't compatible". It's not mentioned which method is used to combine them. The apex scientists' own methods and what the fungal colony does might not be the exactly same, although it might be.

    Some might think the Agarans are only mindless beasts. In reality, that's hardly the case. The Agarans are clearly sentient, and yes, sapient. They build and farm, evidenced by the Agarans villages. They have merchants too, peaceful ones. They can handle currency and trading, and they have pretty good deals too! I personally got few good guns from them!

    Agarans have even a language, and even though we can't quite understand it, it is really translatable:
    All the translation work is here: http://community.playstarbound.com/...the-translation-of-the-aragan-language.68824/
    @Animator did a good work making rough translations of the all Agaran lines (page 2 of thread above).

    In the end, we can conclude that the Agarans are just as intelligent as the members of other races.

    Warning! Screenshots incoming! Prepare for impact!

    I've collected all current (1/2/2015) Agaran dwellings here. Credit from screenshots and coordinates is given. The locations are from the latest Stable build.
    The pictures and coordinates don't match; the planet in the picture and in the location of the cords have likely a different terrain. The structure is somewhere on the planet, which is the most important thing here.




    Delta Theta Cap 801 II a
    X: -14902182
    Y: -89076319
    Coordinates credit

    Credits from the pictures go to: @Azurium @Edgewalker_001 @Dark_Matter @Cost

    In the first picture you can see a cave where the Agaran merchants live. One merchant can be seen at the far-right side: has no weapon!
    In the second one is a sugar cane farm, which is also a Agaran-built structure. Agarans seem to like sugar!
    Last one is different. Style is more floran like. And, of course, hidden under it is the cell where a floran resides with a drysap dispenser and lava under the floor.

    The farms and metal structure are not Agaran origin.

    Here is other Agaran dwellings:

    Delta Theta Cap 801 II a
    X: -14902182
    Y: -89076319
    Coordinates credit



    Delta Theta Cap 801 II a
    X: -14902182
    Y: -89076319
    Coordinates credit

    Alpha Meridie 0145 I
    X: -97706966
    Y: -51518106
    Coordinate credit


    Alpha Meridie 0145 I
    X: -97706966
    Y: -51518106
    Coordinate credit



    Delta Achird 4101 II
    X: -14902176
    Y: -89076316
    Coordinates credit



    Credits from the pictures go to: @AstrellaLunari @Ammy @imanevildr @Arpples @Darklight @Lintton @Arkanum Zilong @quantian @1John5vs7 @RadioactiveSauerkraut

    This is all of them! Many of these structures or camps do not look like they've been built, but grown to the environment.

    Florans appear around various structures. In the water pools, a floran spawns at the bottom. Very often they drown there. It's unknown why they don't swim up, out of the water. Maybe it's an AI thing, maybe it's intended. In the lava structures, florans nearby are not in danger, unless they walk to the lava pool. The lava under the prison cell has no visible harm to the floran. Notes on Floran Biology states dry conditions do make harm to Florans though.

    Many decoration in Agaran structures and camps is also found in Floran ones.

    There is also a torture device (the fountain thing) placed on top of one type of the structures. The device is intended for torture of Florans and Glitches. The purpose of the device here is unknown: is it meant to harm the victims or is it only for intimidation?

    I would appreciate any coordinates for these structures. One location per one structure is enough. I will list them here and give credit to those who provide them. !Newest Stable version!

    Agarans have different relations to all 6 major races. Here is a brief overview of the current facts about them, based on current information and racial lines:

    Agarans don't give humans any special attention, but they seem to know about that they lost their homeworld to the Tentacle beast.
    A human investigative reporter Charlton McVicar has been studying Agarans for a while, and seems to be very afraid of them. He has passed the information (or at least a warning) to the human military leader, general Cassidy Cale.

    There appears to be no reported contacts between Glitch and Agarans. Neither Hivemind or Outcasts have made a report about them. Maybe there has been some, maybe not. There is always the Glitch bounty hunter Hewlett Deckard, who may or may not have seen something Agaran-related in his investigations.

    The most notable event between Avians and Agarans is of course the case of the Restless Sparrow, where the entire crew of a Avian ship was killed by an Agaran fungal colony. Avians can be used as a construction material for new Agarans. Neither Avian devotees or grounded have a special relationship to Agarans.
    Thornwing, the leader of mercenary group Ring of Thorns, has some sort of connection to the events of the Agaran Menace, implied by his image in the end of the video Attack of the Deep Space Spores. His role is currently unknown.

    As explained earlier, Miniknog has been experimenting on Agaran-related things. What these things are, we have no confirmed information. However, we know that the Apex scientists have experimented with Floran DNA previously. Connection between these experiments has not been stated. Big Ape must be informed about the Agaran Menace, knowing he has spies all over the place.

    Agarans seem to be exceptionally friendly towards Florans, evidenced by the Agarans' racial replies to them. Agarans call Florans "kissfaces", which implies some sort of affection towards them. In other hand, they have torture devices designed specially for Florans and they imprison them to dangerous locations. Still, McVicar told us Agarans haven't been attacking Florans. Subject remains ambiguous.
    It has been said that Agarans and Florans have a unknown connection. Florans and Agarans have similar pods, which may imply that the connection is biological.

    A group of Hylotl missionaries died in hands of a group of Agarans. Based on the responses Hylotl get from them, Agarans seem to be highly aggressive and doubtful. What might explain this hatred, is unknown.

    There is a unreleased Agaran codex in the game files called The Agaran Menace.

    Book looks like this:

    The "foolproof disguise" is a paper bag with a mushroom face, Shroom Disguise Mask:
    Neither of the items are obtainable in-game without cheats or mods, which may question if they are really canon.

    The text of the codex is written by an "unknown organization". Is this organization canon or just 4th wall breaking, there is no certainty.

    That's it for Agaran facts!
    Next is everything about other races and everyone that might have a relation to Agaran Menace (Or anything at all discussed here in this thread).

    Project Incarcerus is a major event in the Starbound lore. 22 codex entries are written about it.

    Project Incarcerus was started by Big Ape to ensure that the Apex would form a superior army for him. Doctor Lax was set to lead the project. She begun the test by examining the mental and physical strength of Apex civilians. Results were: They were weak and obedient towards the Miniknog, but good fighters against other foes.
    This wasn't enough for them: She decided to ask Greenfinger to provide some Florans for her. The citizens and Miniknog faced the Florans, but all of them failed. This, of course, wasn't good for the Big Ape, who decided to order Lax to make Apex strong enough to beat any floran with ease.

    Lax asked help from Greenfinger again, this time with an idea to perform a gene splice between the Apex and the Florans. Greenfinger agreed, and arrived to meet her. He set up a testing program himself. The testing program goes on as the scientists move the lab from planet to planet in attempt to lose any following spies.

    Later, Dr. Lax tried to find a faster way to perform the tests by examining the Floran DNA. Greenfinger finds this out, and goes rampage. After Lax calms him down, he proceeds to reveal the "Floran secret" to her. Leaving Lax shocked, Greenfinger leaves. Not trusting Lax, he calls a hitman (member of Ring of Thorns, look "A Ludicrous Annoyance") from Thornwing to clean up the "loose ends". The unknown attacker, simply referred as "a creature", apparently kills Lax and leaves.

    However, a blogger witnesses the events and find the research notes Lax left behind. He decides to leave and hide to a human prison. Lax, however, is not dead. She leaves a scribbled note, and disappears entirely. Big Ape gets to know about the attack, but not all of the details. He apparently discusses about the attack with Thornwing.

    It might not be much, but Hewlett Deckard, the glitch bounty hunter, followed an Apex to a abandoned human prison. Sounds like that blogger?

    It doesn't sound much, but maybe Deckard could find something? He met a suspicious character inside the prison, who talks about unknown threats. But, the final entry was closed, stopping the story right before Deckard could confront the creature. Mission was reported to be a failure, but what exactly was the failure he mentions?

    Greenfinger is a very influential character.

    Name: Greenfinger (of the Floran)
    Race: Floran
    Age: Centuries old
    Affiliation: Floran race generally
    Position: Representative of the Florans, scientist, researcher
    Floran Sandstone Statue, identified as Greenfinger.

    Greenfinger is a dubious character. He is a praised benefactor amongst the Florans, known by the entire race. He seeks ways to improve Florans, physically and mentally. He encourages them to read and write, organizing Glitch to teach them. He also agrees to help his friends, such as dr. Lax.

    In other hand, he seems to be a ruthless leader. Greenfinger seems to always seek things that could benefit himself/Floran race, such as in the Drysap case. Drysap gives many advantages to a Floran in terms of strength and survival, but drives them insane eventually. Still Greenie ordered it to be tested in The Dust for Greenguards. He is also willing to sacrifice members of his own species in an attempt of making rest of the species stronger.
    He also wants to find a Sunborn corpse, just to study it's biology. Avian devotees would most likely deem dissecting a god a sacrilege, but he doesn't seem to mind. No any understanding from him to Avian believers, evidently.
    Greenfinger ordered the elimination of dr. Lax, after he had told her the secret in Floran DNA. Lax hadn't discovered anything herself yet, but Greenie revealed the secret in his weak moment.

    Greenfinger can be a benefactor of the Florans, but he can dispose his old friends the moment they become a risk. His main desire seems to be keeping Floran race strong and its secrets safe. He cares about his race, and does what is needed to make it stronger. He is, after all, Greenfinger of the Floran.

    Hiraki Corale has said she and Greenfinger are friends.
    Mallard Reynolds' Diary mentions Greenfinger trading Avian Power Crystals with him.

    Name: Thornwing
    Race: Avian
    Age: Unknown
    Affiliation: Ring of Thorns (Leader)
    Position: Leader of Ring of Thorns, famous group of mercenaries and assassins


    He intercepted the McVicar's transmission in Attack of the Deep Space Spores with ThornDrone 451 (451 is a number that appears in other Starbound lore often, especially in Hylotl-related things. For example, the mysterious Directive 451 in Spread Your Peace. The number 451 can be further reference to the name of the book Fahrenheit 451, although this is not confirmed).
    It is heavily implied he has something to do with the Agaran Menace. Whatever that is, it's unknown. If bird-people can smile malevolently, that's one helluva malevolent smile.

    Thornwing has connections to Big Ape, Greenfinger, [Redacted], and probably most of the other significant folks around the cosmos. His past as an Avian Ascendant is known. He dreamed of ascension, but choose to abort and leave to follow his own desires. He is not the leader of Avians, as some suggest, because he has left the religious community and not joined the other Grounded. His own beliefs regarding Kluex is unknown, but he appears not to care about it.

    Ring of Thorns is the organization led by Thornwing. It's known that people hire assassins from him and some Avians even owe money to him. It's not know what races are the members from, but we can presume at least some are Avians.

    Name: Big Ape
    Race: Apex
    Age: In An Apex Introduction it's mentioned that his reign has probably lasted for about 100 years. The average Apex lifetime is unknown, and there is the possibility there's been multiple "Big Apes". I think we can safely say: a long time.
    Affiliation: Apex government
    Position: Leader of Apex government, dictator, head of Miniknog
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Big Ape has depicted in many different ways, we can't know if it's all pure propaganda.

    Some say that Big Ape doesn't even exist. Still, there is codices written by him, he is mentioned as a character in some transcripts and even Greenfinger refers to him as a person.
    He controls the Apex way of life with his loyal Miniknog. Not much is known about Big Ape himself, but his primary goal seems to be achieving total dominance amongst the Apex and making them the superior race for him to command.

    Miniknog (The Ministry of Scientific Progression) rules the people with guns, cameras and propaganda; fear is their primary weapon. The organized rebellion is primarily defeated, as An Apex Journey Begins explains.

    Big Ape has scientists and spies in his service, and his face can be found in human dungeons and Hylotl advertisements. His influence is undeniable. Only known scientific projects Apex have done are the VEP, which allowed the Apex to trade physical devolution for intellectual evolution, and the Project Incarcerus, which searched ways of obtaining physical dominance over other species.

    "United! Systems! Colonial Marines! We're big! We're tough! And our guns are mean!"

    USCM (United Systems Colonial Marines) is a human military group, and the only human organization mentioned in all of Starbound. It has many underground bases and facilities, in addition to many abandoned prisons, whose only occupants are the prisoners.

    Main goal of the USCM seems to be to ensure humanity's survival and kill the Beast which destroyed the Earth in attempt to reclaim their homeworld.

    The leader of USCM is general Cassidy Cale. We don't know much about her yet. She has been mentioned in one codex, USCM Personnel Log 60102, and she was heard to talk to Charlton McVicar in the Attack of the Deep Space Spores.

    Name: Cassidy Cale
    Race: Human
    Age: Unknown
    Affiliation: USCM
    Position: General, leader of the entire USCM as far as we know
    Appearance: Unknown

    There is not too much information about the Hylotl. There is not very much Hylotl lore, except for Hiraki Corale's writings. Absolutely no Hylotl structures are in the game.
    We know about the Floran-Hylotl war, which eventually resulted to the loss of Hylotl homeworld. Article on the Newspaper: http://playstarbound.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/may2014_chronicle__1.html
    Article also tells about the Hylotl mindset and behaviour, described like this:
    The speciesist attitude seeing all other races as below them is a common trait among the Hylotl. Charlton McVicar suggests some reasons for this behaviour:

    Agarans are aggressive towards them for some reason, similarly to the Florans. Florans and Agarans have a mysterious connection, maybe they have the same reason to hate Hylotl.

    Name: Charlton McVicar
    Race: Human
    Age: Exact age unknown, but by appearance I'd say +30 years (?)
    Affiliation: None, really
    Position: Investigative reporter

    Charlton is a investigative reporter risking his life to seek information about the Agaran Menace.
    Has a Space-Twitter: https://twitter.com/CharltonMcVicar
    And a account here on forums: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?members/charlton-mcvicar.362966/

    This guy just writes stuff and is the 4th wall breaker. My very reliable sources have passed the information he has lately been busy with dating a Hylotl instead of writing articles to the Newspaper (It's soon June issue time!). Take the advice of Big Ape (including very convincing and [Redacted] reasoning) and get going! The mourning period is long gone, accept the loss of your hat!

    Name: Hiraki Corale
    Race: Hylotl
    Age: Unknown
    Affiliation: Weather vane
    Position: Whimsical adventurer


    Hiraki Corale is an adventurer who probably has visited every possible place in the entire galaxy. She has saved Charlton McVicar, kicked some Agaran ass, stolen Thornwing's strength potion, broken a USCM ship, revealed a Apex rebellion base to Miniknog, destroyed a robot of a Avian mechanic, angered a bunch of Glitches... the list goes on.

    She is the only Hylotl we know by name currently.

    Sunborns are god-like figures to Avians.

    The original Avian gods, seven "Sunborn Children" came before Kluex.
    Those may not be the only Sunborn though:

    There has been Sunborns through the ages, which might mean more than seven.

    Now, as the Abridged Avian history is no longer canon, we don't know what Sunborn really are. Only that there were some that belonged to the mysterious precursor race. But what about the rest, in the case there are more that don't belong to the precursor race? Are they Avians? Other races? We don't know if all the stories about them are true either. They're said to be born in stars and have the ability to fly, but they might only be legends.

    If they are other races, and the legends are true (that they have been born in stars) the speculated Penguins and Novakids are out of choice. Penguins can't fly and Novakids don't leave a body behind, only their emblem.

    Before we get more information, they remain as a mystery.

    There is a mysterious character in the codex Minutes of a Meeting, whose name has been redacted. He/she appears to be having a meeting with the other major characters: Big Ape, Greenfinger, Thornwing. It's such a mystery why one person is so important and secretive her/his name has been removed entirely.

    His real identity remains secret.

    Helions, the mysterious assassins, appear in The Ascendant's Tale, story revolving around the past of Thornwing.
    Thornwing hires a Helion named Hish'eth to eliminate his Ascendant rival. Thornwing mentions his mother had hired them to keep political rivals in place.

    The Helions stay hidden, usually not even meeting their clients. They will be contacted by the client's messenger, and then the messenger is killed, after which Helion does his mission. It's not known what race they are, but various scenarios have been presented.

    a) Helions are Avians
    b) Helions are Hylotl
    c) Helions are a unknown race / members of a unknown race

    Scenario a is supported by the fact they're known to be used by Avian clients. However, they may serve other races too. Even if they don't, it doesn't make them automatically Avian.
    Scenario b has been inspired by the fact Hish'eth gave coordinates that lead to somewhere in Hylotl space.
    Scenario c, however, is supported by that Thornwing calls them "creatures" as if not knowing a better name. It's interesting that the assassin that attacked the dr. Lax's laboratory was also described as "a creature". It could be possible that some Helions work for him now, as members of Ring of Thorns.

    In the end, there is no concrete evidence to support any of the views. Helions stay in shadows, their race hidden.

    Things we don't really know about

    This is the part where the rampant (and not so rampant) theories get loose.

    Some of the things that should belong here were mentioned in the Fact -part instead, because some things have so many possible viewpoints, but there no real information about the right answer. For example, the identity of the assassin in the Blog of the Lab Assistant.

    More theories get added when I find something while slogging through the pages... Or you can suggest some.

    First, I'll explain how the theory part works.

    A theory
    At first, there will be the explanation of a theory. The main idea of the said theory will be explained, and necessary facts from the lore will be brought up.

    Supporting Facts
    Next there will be a lit of all facts that support the things mentioned above. Anything that connects the theory to the lore.

    Opposing Facts
    All that what might debunk the theory in any way possible.

    Finally comes the Judgement. It is the final word how reputable the entire theory is in terms of matching to the existing lore. Of course, to be completely fair, there is a lot of maybe involved. Ratings:

    YES! YES! - The theory is proven completely true afterwards, when new lore has been revealed.

    A Game Theory - This theory has put all the puzzle pieces together, and it looks like it fits perfectly. It's likely that this is true, although not entirely sure!
    Almost There - This one has a solid idea, but there isn't just enough proof to say anything concrete about it.
    Meh - Although this might sound plausible, there is no information to say nay or yay.
    Not Quite Right - There is facts against this one, but there still is a chance this is true.
    Swiss Cheese - This one contradicts with existing lore. So many holes. Absolutely false.

    Nope - The theory is proven completely false afterwards, when new lore has been revealed. Busted!

    If you think that the rating I've given to a theory doesn't fit, tell me. I may have missed some of the things around there.
    Also, suggest more theories if you want, but check the facts before you do so. Use the facts above, maybe?

    Alrighty then! Lets start with Agaran-related theories.

    The different forms of Agarans are actually different generations/stages. The generations have a different appearance, and possibly different methods of reproduction and behaviour.

    (Gen 0 - The mushroom biome mobs)Maybe
    Gen 1 - Green hat and stinkhorn types.
    Gen 2 - Blue and red hat types.
    Gen 3 - Giant pod creatures.

    Supporting Facts
    • The various forms appeared two groups.
    • Sudden, unexplained changes in behaviour.
    • Giant pods.
    • The sudden appearance of the pods, and the previously unheard aggressive way of reproduction (The Restless Sparrow).
    Opposing Facts
    • There is no indication that the time/order of appearance of the forms have a meaning.
    • The changes in behaviour and reproduction can be a result of the Agaran race aggravated by something else.
    • We don't know what is inside of the Giant pods.

    Final Judgement:
    Almost There

    This theory is mostly based on timing of updates, which we have no spoken (or, more appropriately, written) word about. Does it have any significance? We'll see.

    Project Incarcerus is the precursor of the "mutant apex" tests, or even the results of the experiment program designed by Greenfinger. This would link the Project Incarcerus and the Agaran Menace.

    Supporting Facts
    • Big Ape ordered the tests to continue, and for him the results are important, thus large-scale testing is probable.
    • We got to know that the tests had a connection to the secret in Floran DNA, which the scientists experimented with. Furthermore, Florans and Agarans have an unknown connection.
    Opposing Facts
    • There is no indication of the tests continuing.
    • The nature of the connection between the Florans and the Agaran is not known.

    Final Judgement:
    A Game Theory

    Nothing actually opposes this theory. It would very well tie up the loose ends between the Florans, the Agarans and the Apex. Only real question is: Is this the right puzzle piece?

    The codex The Agaran Menace was written by "an unknown organization in no way associated with Thornwing or Big Ape". The real writer is some of these groups, most probably Big Ape, Thornwing, Greenfinger or even the Hylotl.

    Supporting Facts
    • The writer does not mention their name or affiliation, but mentions Thornwing and Big Ape, possibly in attempt to obviate any suspicions.
    • All of them have a connection to the Agaran Menace.
    Opposing Facts
    • Motives for any of them are not known, and their true connection
    • The promotion of the book is very controversial. It encourages to translate their speech and study them, but also suggests to "hit them with heavy weaponry until they surrender". The goal of the writer is ambiguous.
    • The codex is only obtainable via modding, so it's canonity is questionable.

    Final Judgement:

    There is no any concrete evidence to suggest them to be involved with the book. It's not known that the book is intended to be ever found in the game.

    Next, the ones not related to mushrooms.

    The mysterious [Redacted] in the Minutes of a Meeting is the human USCM commander mentioned in USCM Field Handbook.

    Supporting Facts
    • He is the only other person whose name has been redacted in the Starbound lore.
    Opposing Facts
    • Even though both names are redacted, it doesn't necessarily mean they're the same person.
    • Greenfinger mentions in his notes about humans they've yet to meet humans. Though, he also plans to talk about meeting the human delegate to Big Ape and Thornwing. We have no idea in what order the codices were written.
    • Even if they would meet with the humans, it's likely that the USCM leader, Cassidy Cale, would represent the humans in the meeting.

    Final Judgement:
    Not Quite Right

    There is certain facts that don't really match. However, we have no idea in what order these codices were written in, still giving a possibility to them to be the same person.

    Thornwing has major contacts to the Hylotl, even to the point of influencing the entire species government.

    Supporting Facts
    • The coordinates Thornwing received from Hish'eth took him to Hylotl space, where he possibly could've influenced some Hylotl later.
    • Thornwing is related to the Agaran Menace and so are the Hylotl.
    Opposing Facts
    • Location in Hylotl space is a minor fact. It may have no significance.
    • Further connections between them are never mentioned again.

    Final Judgement:
    It might sound far-fetched when the only real connection is the brief mention of "Hylotl space", but there is no evidence against it. Considering this, anything is possible at this point.

    As evidenced by the racial descriptions of Orange Neon Collector Sign, Hylotl steal babies.

    Supporting Facts
    • Every single racial description (Except the Hylotl themselves) say their translator tells them that the sign encourages the Hylotl to steal babies.
    Opposing Facts
    • The actual description along with the Hylotl racial description, says that it's "a sign seeking Hylotl to collect spawn from the surface", not to "steal".
    • Hylotl respawn animation shows that they have a tadpole phase. The sign may refer to collecting them.
    • The sign does not appear in-game yet, only obtainable by modding. Canonity is questionable.

    Final Judgement:
    Not Quite Right

    There is a good point in this, but the whole sign isn't even in the game officially (yet). Also, the actual object description does not suggest stealing.

    The Discussion
    And the Galaxy trembles

    The Agaran Menace is happening. There is no doubt of that. But what the galaxy citizens have to say about the current events?

    Here is a collection of quotes from notable folk from all around the galaxy. If you know something said about Agarans that is worth of a quote, or if you want to say a short snarky comment about them, tell me and I'll put it in.

    "I picked up a particularly good Agaran insult that I shall throw at you in lieu of a proper response.
    <Universal translation error. Attempting to parse.>
    - @Charlton McVicar, Investigative Reporter

    "During my research I found out that the Agaran facial structure is very malleable. I tested this multiple times with my fists."
    - Darius Bling, renowned Apex scientist and notorious rebel captain

    "<Universal Translation error. Language not recognised. Attempting to parse.>"
    - A random Space Hobo, whilst trying to break in to the InfinityExpress mart at the local outpost

    "I fear no space-man, but that fungus... It scares me."
    - Space-Hoovy

    "They sold me a pistol. Later, I had to kill few of them with the very same pistol after a slight accident with my sword. Universe has a sense of irony."
    - @Zebe, Space n00b

    You can also post your grand theories (What Agarans are, what are they doing, why are they doing what they are doing, etc.), if you want. About 800 words maximum, mine is ~750. I'll include mine later.
    I'll credit you if you post any.

    The Agaran Symbiosis Theorem by @BurningSprite

    This theory states that the Agaran use bacteria native to the world they live on as tiny vessels to carry their spores to other worlds similar to real live symbiotes and parasites. This is achieved by harvesting plant matter from Florans, infesting it with spores, and then naturally letting it corrupt the planet's bacteria.

    Link to my original post: http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php?threads/the-agaran-menace.68061/page-131#post-2349000

    Supporting Details:
    • This theory explains why Florans are held captive by Agarans.
    • It explains the difference between 'Shrooms' and 'Spaceshrooms' (which is NOT explained by space spores)
    • It explains why Florans are seemingly happy with their captivity
    • This explains how spores (which have no real ability to enter to pierce cell membranes, while bacteria can) infect Floran pods.
    • This explains how one pod landing on a planet spells doom for it: Mitosis (when one cell divides into two, and those two divide into four)
    • In the story "Fly Away" it describes how the spores eat a Sunborn body to create a new Agaran. The problem is that spores don't create new mushrooms to eat things that they are already consuming, that's what bacteria do.
    • There is a fungus that exists that causes problems for amphibians with the help of bacteria, much like the Agarans do to the Hylotls
    • This explains how Agaran can adapt to pretty much any planet.
    • Asteroids infected by these bacteria could be the cauldrons we find Florans bathing in on Agaran planets

    Opposing Facts:
    • There's no mention of what Drysap does. Although that may not be related
    • This doesn't explain what created the spores or the Agaran in the first place.
    • In REAL LIFE, a virus would have evolved to kill the Agaran Menace by now.
    • Humans will be disappointed that this means they can't nuke Agarans to death.
    • In his discovery, Charlton McVicar describes the gas filling the caves as spores.
    Extra Facts:
    I have my own theory about the Apex Pods.
    The most honored members of Apex society are those chosen by the MiniKnog to donate their bodies to furthering the VEP. Those chosen for the experimentation process are rarely seen again
    = Apex Pod = Rainbow Villagers

    Help Needed
    The work isn't done yet!

    The post isn't finished, and will be updated afterwards when new information is available (and when I bother to :p). Some help is needed to finish the remaining parts.

    • Coordinates of Agaran structures. I will give credit. (Latest Stable version only)
    • If you think I've missed some important facts, tell me and I'll edit them to the post.
    • New theory suggestions.
    Another stuff, for the lulz:
    • You can post your grand theories of the Agaran Menace.
    • Random quotes.
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    You could include in the theory part that that last codex (the unknown organization) could be Thornwing and Big Ape covering up his experiments, and Greenfinger, etc. I know I've posted about it somewhere.
    I'm going to link to this page (117) in my sig and post it whenever someone new comes on.

    I TL;DR'd the "The Rest of the Universe" section, I'm a little pressed for time. Sorry if you mentioned the above theory there.
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    I found them on Alpha Meridie 0145 I (X: -97706966 Y: -51518106 )
    Walk left a little bit, and there they should be

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    EDIT: Far more left I found this:
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    About the thirth picture: I can't remember seeing that kind of poisin pool under that building.

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