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Feedback The 1.4 update should....

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by M_Sipher, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. Mrshneeblie

    Mrshneeblie Yeah, You!

    These are all amazing suggestions but adding it in 1 update would take a few months to 1 year, by how slow they update. (no offense, just explaining) this should be split into maybe 3-4 updates.
  2. EvilDylan182

    EvilDylan182 Master Astronaut

    What's wrong with months/years for an update? Gives the modding community time to florish.
  3. PyreStarite

    PyreStarite Pangalactic Porcupine

    More ships and Stations

    • UNSC Remnant Ships, Stations, and Bases (Even Abandoned)
    • Protectorate Remnant Stations
    • Floran Hunter Ships
    • Avian Fanatic Ships
    • Cultist Stations
    • Miniknog "Research" Ships and Stations
    • Ex-UNSC (Bandit) Stations
    • Dreadwing Ships
    Also, stop making all bandits humans.
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  4. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Master Astronaut

    That's... all kind of exactly the thing I said the next update SHOULDN'T be because those are extensive, game-changing new systems, many of which I'm not sure would even really be doable the way this game is set up.

    My point was that simple content updates are things that can be cranked out without huge gaps between them as new systems would need, and encourage playing "old" parts again.
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  5. {insert_name_here}

    {insert_name_here} Astral Cartographer

    Yes, most of these suggestions are great ones. Starbound is a very good game, but devoting one update to refining the content that it already has is needed.

    I have two major suggestions for what I really want the next update to be about:

    Make the storyline more interesting. Right now the story is very linear, and the quests are very tedious. Chucklefish needs to add some variety and somehow make it less linear. Add something to break up the monotous style of the main quest, which currently involves just searching entire planets in the hope that you will find the village or structure you need. Scouring the bottom of the ocean on 5 planets trying to find a Hylotl city is not very interesting. Just add some more depth and variety to the story to make it more fun to actually do. For example, perhaps you might be given the coordinates to a Minikog space-ship (that generates in the universe upon accepting the quest) by a villager on a planet you are exploring and you are told that the ship contains key information that, if you take, will help you find the Apex artefact (it fills up the main "quest meter" by a certain amount when you complete the side quest). This is just a specific example, but I know that things like this will definitely make the storyline more replayable and interesting.

    More universe variety. More structures/villages are a must-have. Also, currently there is only one variety of moon, and there are no structures found on the moon. I know moons are meant to be uninhabitable and empty, but finding a mysterious shrine, abandoned research facility or strange, alien ruined observatory will make fuel hunting a more fun thing to do, even if these structures don't have anything living in them. Add more varieties of moons. In real life, some moons are frozen over with huge flat fields of ice. Some moons have plenty of volcanoes. More major biomes for planets as well! Currently there are only 3 varieties of major biome for each tier level of planets. Change that to 4 or 5 to make the universe more varied. More mini-biomes or sub-biomes will help a lot as well. Some planets should have rings. Also add some variety in the tier level. What I mean is that it would be good to make it so that not ALL planets with a tier level of 5 are frozen planets, for example. Basically, make each major type of planet have a tier level ranging one above or one below the usual amount. This doesn't change the type of EPP you need or the type of ore found - all it changes is the tier level of colonies and difficulty level of enemies (as well as possibly the frequency of ore). I know I'm suggesting a lot of things and it's too much work to implement ALL of this but these are just my specific suggestions. Starbound is focused on exploration, so a wider universe variety will make the game more fun and more replayable, even if you don't implement the specific examples I have here.
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  6. PyreStarite

    PyreStarite Pangalactic Porcupine

    Also, give me a mudderfudging human mission, where the player goes to a cultist base to rip the human artifact from the cultist cold lifeless hands. I was so disappointed when Ester just handed me the human artifact.

    EDIT: Quests should stop sending us to the literal other side of the planet too!
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017
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  7. Sharp(JQ)

    Sharp(JQ) Pangalactic Porcupine

    1.E nemy mechs with the ability to detach from them a rare item.

    2. Global Quest: "The Revival of the Protectorate".

    3. And finally, make a ammunition.
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2017
  8. PyreStarite

    PyreStarite Pangalactic Porcupine

    Does anybody else find that sometimes the enemies are too easy? (Unless they have a rocket launcher)
    I think that enemies should not only be allowed to use Mechs, but Staves as well.
    Think of how much more interesting and dangerous a staff or wand wielding enemy would be, you in cover, prodding at some bandits, then BOOM! Repulsion field in your face sends you straight into the hoard.
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  9. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Master Astronaut

    Yeah, I'd mentioned NPCs using new/unique weapon types in the "Improved AI" section.

    Enemy mechs would probably take some MAJOR tweaking considering the MASSIVE gulf in stats between the player and a mech, but it's something that could be doable.
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  10. naprettor

    naprettor Title Not Found

    I like build colonies. But now the colonists have few needs. Light and walls that's all.
    Want to see the developers have expanded the interaction of the tenants with the interior.
    For example:

    Satisfied resident is a generous resident

    To add a system of moods. If resident within his room has a Desk, chair, plate, bed, luxury items, he is more satisfied.
    Happy tenants could give more money or sell especially unique items in a reward corresponding to this type of tenant.

    In snow biomes radiators and furnaces, too, would give a bonus to happiness, In the desert the ventilation systems.

    Tenants could ask that he should. For example: "I need a bed", or "I need a toilet", "I'm cold", "I'm hungry"

    The interaction with the existing interior.
    If not around the trash can, near will appear the trash, in the form of plaque on the blocks.
    If in chest put a weapon, the tenant guardian can use it.

    I hope someday to build and expand a colony is not so useless...
    Sorry for my English.
  11. STCW262

    STCW262 Ketchup Robot

    Enemy mechs could also be made so that it's rare for them to NEED to be fought on foot by, say, placing them outside of dungeons, or in rooms large enough for them to be accessed by Mechs.
  12. Sharp(JQ)

    Sharp(JQ) Pangalactic Porcupine

    And various invasions. This is a cruel universe. :)
  13. Ugicywapih

    Ugicywapih Orbital Explorer

    I really like the OP's ideas with racial weapons, specialized vendors, mech cosmetics, wireability, freedom to craft more decorative objects and expanding the vehicle options. Hell, I'd really appreciate if endgame vanilla content included some way to quickly deploy in a specific general area or even explore, whether it be a personal drop pod, a fast flying vehicle or the ability to change the default beaming location just by having your ship move to a different point on the orbit - even with the planetary map unavailable that last thing could help a lot. Dying underground is one thing, but getting back to a corpse I left on the other end of the surface while idly exploring because I weren't paying attention is not challenging, just tedious and exploring t2 planets in t6 gear, if you need something from them (like if you're collecting boomerangs or something) is the worst sort of busywork. Of course, the lack of such options whatsoever indicates this is likely a conscious design choice, but stiiilll... :(. Interestingly, some of these ideas could be a good way to reuse old assets, racial weapons which used to be a thing in particular (if you're worried about skewering the balance or locking players out of content based on their choice of race, just add the racial weapons to vendors, maybe?)
    I'm not sure how I feel about the proposed weather changes, I guess it kind of depends on how they're implemented. Granted, right now there aren't too many weather types I need to take into account when landing (acid rain until I get poison resist aug, meteor showers always, obviously, and maaaybe rain if I really want to do some lazy low-tech farming... Sandstorms are potentially annoying, but not too important, anything else is more or less superficial.), expanding this game mechanic could be quite interesting.
    Extra planets, biome types, races... This is potentially interesting stuff, but also potentially work intensive, given the sheer amount of assets it could require out of the dev team. It would be very likely to make the game more interesting, but I guess it could also end up being a fair bit more chaotic and there's the issue of how much better it would make the game for the effort it would require. A good thing to consider to be sure, but in moderation and while bearing in mind that balancing consistent, enjoyable gameplay, varied content and their own workload is the dev team's prerogative. Same thing about fixing the AI - it is often exploitable and stupid, but I don't really know how much effort it would require to fix, given that there are often multiple NPCs active at a given time, so it needs to be resource-light.
    Definitely agree on the general idea that this is a good point to iron out the kinks in the system though. If I can have some suggestions of my own:
    -My character seems to suffer from fits of kleptomania during weather conditions that cause furniture to dislodge. I find it rather unfair that the village guards persecute me for this mental disability - could the next patch allow me to return the involuntarily stolen goods to return to their good graces or get my character some therapy?
    -I love novakids as a race, as well as their racial aesthetics. Their train-ship is a notable exception to this. Could we maybe get an option to switch to a different ship hull later in the game? Granted it would mean making a couple whole new hull lines (unless the switch options were made class specific, but pre-Condor switcheroos would conflict with ship class progression... Unless it would sidestep the gradual ship expansion, something like capturing hostile ships, different ships being unlocked for capture based on your current license, your old ship being docked to a friendly space station, possibly Outpost, allowing you to move your stuff), but... new ships would be nice. I'd even go for just switching to a different racial ship.
    -Space stations could use a little extra love. As it is, they are prohibitively expensive, with limited construction options and no mechanical advantages (aside from the mech stations being available there, but with the Outpost mech tables being readily accessible, even this is debatable). I think there's been quite a bit of discussion on those on this forum already, so I'm not going to reiterate it all, just mentioning that as it is, I find the stations wanting and a content update would be a good opportunity to tune them somewhat. Incidentally, that idea earlier about capturing ships and ships being docked to a station? How cool would it be if you could build ship tethers on your own station and dock a whole armada of your own there, flying whichever ships suits your fancy at the time? Or capture ships (surely this would take some resources, after all you need to bypass the enemy ship's controls and security measures, maybe fix whatever got broken during combat or anything that was previously left in direpair... And let's not forget you'd need the fuel to send the captured ships to their destination), dock them at your station and have them slowly stripped for parts, earning a profit in the process. Just, like, throwing ideas out there.

    (edit: granted, the latter two ideas would likely require a fair bit of work, so keep my comment about devs having to balance effort vs enjoyability in mind but... Let's just say I like space stuff and I like the new ship designs and I'd like it even more to have a cool, fun ship on my novakid toon, and maybe a space station that's actually useful to go with it, m'kay?)
  14. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Master Astronaut

    I'm all in favor of more biome types per star, especially if some shuffling around is involved.

    For example, shift snowy to gentle stars, jungle to temperate, and potentially scorched to radioactive and relable it as "fallout". Scorched always looked like a nuclear bomb went off to me, and that fits the radiation theme.

    These shifts would bring gentle up to 4 biome types. Temperate would have 3, and I propose a mountainous biome to fill the 4th slot. This would fit the "more difficult terrain" theme of temperate stars (oil in arid, less land in oceans, lots of ground cover to block bullets in jungles, and now steep cliffs in mountains). It'd also give alpacas their own planet similar to fenerox and the arid biome.

    For radioactive stars, if the scorched city biome is not moved, I'd like to see something like a junkyard biome. No one wants to live on an irradiated planet, so throw your refuse there. Makes sense to me. Then the fourth biome type could be fungal. Y'know, to give the agarans some love.

    Frozen stars... yeah, drawin' a blank here. The best I could come up with was a "haunted" biome, since hauntings are associated with chills. Maybe it's a graveyard so the bodies can be preserved in the cold climate? Maybe the erchius crystals found in the lunar mission could actually be mined there, with boosted fuel effectiveness.

    Finally, a greenhouse planet in fiery stars. It'd be dark there like on midnight planets, and there'd be a yellow tinge to the atmosphere. Acid rain like on toxic planets would be a nice touch, and would break up the monotony of "fire and meteors".
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  15. STCW262

    STCW262 Ketchup Robot

    What would happen to already-generated planets? It would probably be better to make some biomes able to spawn in several tiers that give them some variation. The Scorched planets, for example, could get a variation for Radioactive stars that could be less "past" (As in it would be practically an ongoing apocalypse).
    Frozen Stars could use a "Crystal" biome type, in which most blocks are related to crystals.
  16. Quilavabom

    Quilavabom Master Astronaut

    I'm pretty sure nothing would happen to existing planets. The planet is saved as its own file with all the biome and difficulty info in it, so if that star type suddenly doesn't generate that biome type anymore, it's no big deal. It'd only affect newly generated stars, as I understand it.
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  17. DraikNova

    DraikNova Phantasmal Quasar

    The ability to pick character handed-ness at character creation, rather than all characters being left-handed always. For preexisting characters, this would default to left-handed for the sake of consistency.
  18. Rocket6488

    Rocket6488 Fat Man

    Don't know if it's been mentioned, but this sounds an awful lot like you want mods packed into starbound.
    For instance, make penguin piracy, all the frackins, SEVERAL race extensions, and all sorts of other mods a part of regular starbound.

    It's not a bad idea, what you want, but it seems like you just want mods included, considering what you're looking for
  19. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Master Astronaut

    Only if you consider any update to the game whatsoever a "mod", which is broadly, vaguely, technically true.

    But no, that's not what I want in actual practice.

    Because mods offer totally new systems too, and I don't want totally new systems right now. I don't want radical overhauls to existing systems, which many mods do. And I'll be blunt here... every time someone goes JUST INSTALL FRACKIN UNIVERSE I am incrementally LESS likely to ever touch it.

    I want, from CHUCKLEFISH, a semi-regular steam of small content updates to the vanilla game. If some of that content started life as a mod, neat-o. There's a history of that. But I specifically want that content from Chucklefish, in the "vanilla" game, so -among other things- there's not an ongoing game of "will this latest update from CF conflict with X mod and break the game in some weird way and force me to wait for an update?".
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  20. Rocket6488

    Rocket6488 Fat Man

    I wasn't necessarily saying for you to download the mods. I was just commenting on how a lot of the things you mentioned ARE parts of mods, and that it seems like you want a bunch of mod packs worked into vanilla starbound as a part of the basic package, not as extra mods. Is that correct?

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