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RELEASED The .01% Hatpack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Armor and Clothes' started by BioApple, Dec 10, 2013.

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    The .01% Hatpack is a pack. Of hats.

    It is also the first mod in what will hopefully be a pretty good-sized set of mods from your trusty friends at the .01% Company. The Hatpack is, specifically, a continual WIP mod that will continue to add hats into your game until they inevitably collapse into the classiest singularity in the known universe. The pack will be updated every Saturday so you can always look forward to keeping your fickle head entertained.

    To get started on your gentlemanly pursuits you must first craft a Hat Machine. This is made at a crafting table from 10 copper bars, 5 iron bars, and 100 wood planks. This is a placeholder recipe and will likely be changed, though I'm not sure what to. By accessing the Hat Machine you can buy all the hats included in the mod for 100 px each.
    Current Version: 1.0.3 (last updated 9 Dec 2013)

    1. The Bowler Bowler
    2. The Carnival Barker
    3. The Gentleman
    4. Cool Shades
    5. Propellor Beanie

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Extract the contents of the .zip file to your Starbound/assets/ folder using winRAR or 7zip or some other program.
    2. That's it really.
    This mod is simply a content addition, and so (with the possible exception of the player.config file) it and beta updates should not interfere with each other.

    Please note that if you have other mods installed, you shouldn't replace the existing player.config file. Instead, extract the included player.config to somewhere else, open it with Notepad++, and in the default blueprints section copy all the lines between { "item" : "copperarmorhead" }, and { "item" : "copperarmorchest" }, and paste them into your current player.config.
    Handy Dandy To Do List:
    • More hats*
    • Balance hat machine recipe + hat prices
    • More Color Options (once the dye system is enabled)

    Unfortunately, I cannot undertake this great task alone... I know! You peasants regular people can help me! Everyone knows how easily regular people can be manipulated! So if you're good at spriting or coding and wish to help us with future projects, you can sign up here or PM me. Or if you have a suggestion for a hat you should post it here and I'll try to have it in by the next update. If there's an additional mod you'd like to see, please PM me about it.

    *This statement will not change regardless of the amount of hats.
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  2. medikohl

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    I am not that easily manipulated......but hats.....
    Must make hats.
  3. DXLelouch

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    this doesnt have to do with TF2 does it?
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  4. Hey, when I posted this in the mods section it auto-created a thread so I guess this is irrelevant. Here's the new thread.

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