Digital that guy that everyone likes so much and still cant be a boyfriend

Discussion in 'Fan Works' started by qrowls, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. qrowls

    qrowls Void-Bound Voyager


    tbh I think that's the first and best beer bottle I've ever drawn

    Also i downloaded the Shane marriage mod just before I drew this,
    the best thing that happened all week was this one mod.
    • Satashi26

      Satashi26 Phantasmal Quasar

      *starry eyes* I want him to tell me not to talk to him *swoon*
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      • qrowls

        qrowls Void-Bound Voyager

        now i imagined him saying that really seducing with a low voice and im laughing omg /wheeze
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        • Ghostly Fox

          Ghostly Fox Giant Laser Beams

          Yep, the community has it bad for Shane lol. Also, that scruff/five o clock shadow. Never knew I even liked it on people, the Shane happened, and you drew it really well here.

          Also, utterly off topic, but am I the only one that thinks it'd be a nice touch if Shane's amount of 5 o' clock varied on time of day or day of week?
          • sadlouie

            sadlouie Void-Bound Voyager

            Everyone's favorite dissocial alcoholic. I want him to tell me how he'd pay me a pot of gold to stop talking to him. So tsundere!

            This drawing is fantastic btw.
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            • izzy82

              izzy82 Subatomic Cosmonaut

              My Husbando!
              • Ithilai

                Ithilai Space Hobo

                Fantastic drawing! Love it and Shane to bits.

                P.S What is this about a Shane husband mod?! GIMME!

                *Dumps Elliott like a cheap tramp.*
                • Ghostly Fox

                  Ghostly Fox Giant Laser Beams

                  Siv's Romance mod. They aren't cleaning Shane out since CA might/probably is going to add him himself, but it is a nice thing for fixing over.
                  • elebuu

                    elebuu Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                    Dude he's flawlessly interpreted here. :0

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