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Discussion in 'Community Contests/Giveaways' started by Flocorporation, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Flocorporation

    Flocorporation Phantasmal Quasar

    Before trying anything like posting : "give it to me plz", keep calm and read thread

    Hi people of Starbound, I'm Flocorporation and welcome to the TF2 giveaway post.
    Let me introduce you :

    1 : How this is gonna work ?
    Each month, I spend like 10€ into the TF2 market and I buy keys, hats, genuine and sometime when I can I buy "The Mighty Unusual".
    Every 2nd of the month so I spend 10€, when the holidays are here I can spend up to 30€ and I buy tf2 items and sometime another thing I will talk more down.

    2 : How can I win ?

    Simple :

    1 : Post a message like : "I want to win lol" and your steam profile page here, this is gonna help me for the giveaway

    2 : You'll receive an invitation from [Starbound Community] Tf2 giveway.

    3 : Accept the invitation and you'll receive information for giveaways, late thingy or bonus giveaways.

    3 : How do I know I won ?

    A post will be made on the group and on this post, indicating who's the winner chosen by the random pick. After what when you're gonna connect, I'll send you message to know if you're ready to receive the prize or not.

    4 : You said "Other things", what are they ?
    As I said, when come the holidays I can spend more money on steam, so games can be giveaway or 3 winners can be chose for prizes, post will be made here and on the group page.

    5 : Rules

    No spam/troll/annoying in my inbox.

    If you win a second time, you'll get 50% of the prize if it's key and if it's a hat or something, I'll see.

    FAQ :
    Where do I go for donations ? You go on my steam profile page, add me and send me a message, after what I'll specified on the group page or on the forum post that you gave it, a way to me to say thanks you.
    Why are you doing this ? Why not, a lot of people love tf2 why share what we don't use.
    Are you rich ? No, just earning enough money for "helping" other people.

    Winners :
    No one atm.

    Current prize : 3 keys.
    Won alert : 2nd March
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  2. Kdus224

    Kdus224 Space Hobo

    I want to win lol -redacted-
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  3. Flocorporation

    Flocorporation Phantasmal Quasar

    Can you give me the link because there is two of you ^^
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  4. Stu and Improved

    Stu and Improved Spaceman Spiff

    I want winrar! -redacted-!
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  5. Steam Pirate

    Steam Pirate Space Kumquat

    I would like to win laughingoutloud.

    - redacted -

    I enjoy playing TF2. Therefore, items are good.
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  6. MiningPenguin

    MiningPenguin Aquatic Astronaut

    ermagerd i wernt to werrnrrnrnrnnr = -redacted-
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  7. ProkhorVLG

    ProkhorVLG Existential Complex

    give it to me plz

    - redacted -
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  8. ljc923

    ljc923 Space Spelunker

    I want to win lol
    Steam ID : -redacted-
  9. Jonesy

    Jonesy Sarif's Attack Kangaroo Forum Moderator

    Giveaways are not allowed to ask for personal details such as Steam IDs.

    Locking thread and deleting details posted thus far.
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