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    I had intended to polish this a bit more before making a thread on it; in particular, I wanted to make a YouTube video of these in-game, do some extra writing, make some more tracks, et cetera - however, I've tabled Starbound for a while, now. I've been busy with other stuff, so I figured it's about time to post this. It's being wasted just staying on my own computer, now, isn't it?

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Gerudo Valley
    I saw the range of instruments Starbound had and figured I wanted to create a properly orchestrated version of this using Starbound's music features. I had a chance to play with Starbound Composer because of it. It wasn't exactly what I expected, but it certainly worked. From that development, I came up with multiple constructs to make composing music for Starbound much easier. But, since I stopped playing for a while and I lack the resources to do this without considerable effort, this project has also been tabled. Below, you will find four versions of Gerudo Valley that were inspired by the range of instruments available in the game. These pieces inspired further - yet unfinished - pieces. I hope you enjoy the music. Please note that all original composition is ┬ęKoji Kondo. Transcribing and original arrangement for Piano Solo is done by OP.

    WAV Download
    Gerudo Valley - Solo For those who play alone
    Gerudo Valley - Guitar/Bass Duet Or with a buddy!
    Gerudo Valley - Ensemble Full music ensemble, five instruments required
    Gerudo Valley - Piano Solo Transcriber's personal favorite and own personal rendition

    Starbound Tracks
    Gerudo Valley - Drum Kit Good background for any version of this
    Gerudo Valley - Duet Harmony
    Gerudo Valley - Duet Melody
    Gerudo Valley - Electric Bass
    Gerudo Valley - Lead Guitar
    Gerudo Valley - Nylon Guitar
    Gerudo Valley - Trumpet
    Gerudo Valley - Solo
    Gerudo Valley - Piano Solo

    Although I do not have any YouTube videos of this posted yet, if there's considerable request for the sake of ease of access, I'll look at putting a MIDI/MP3 version of this on YouTube for preview. If I can get a hand with playing this in-game, I might finish the proper YouTube recording of these.
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