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    Hmm I see... cant imagine him voicing an orc lol, and agreed, the work both on TG and the Brohood is absolutely awful, there are some ok characters, but everything else about them was just... ugh, I did the questlines hoping for any redeeming qualities, but there was hardly anything to make them worth remembering. Specially the corpse obsessed folk.

    I am sure the lore behind them sounds pretty cool in the heads of the writers... but it is just ludicrous necromania and preternatural obsession, even the bloody thieves... true, everyone has something to believe in, but must everything in the lore be based on deities? for once, I want to see a rich-world built on more eldritch creatures and animism, not just overly exaggerated "demons" and whiney deities playing an eternal toy-army skirmish and call it "episodes" in the franchise.

    I am looking at you, Elder Scrolls Online
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    Eh, I actually liked the thieves guild in Skyrim. I prefer it over the one in Oblivion, at least for the rewards if nothing else.

    Oblivion's Thieves Guild gives you a mask you can wear to do whatever the frick you want and as soon as you take off the mask, everybody forgets what you just did, lol. It's OP as crap and it just completely removes the idea of "consequences for your actions". You could literally pick a fight with 10 imperial soldiers, and IN MIDDLE OF COMBAT take the mask off and then yield and the guards will let you go, no questions asked, despite the fact there's a bunch of dead people laying at your feet. "Nope, I wasn't the one who just killed half of your men, na-uh. I'm just some innocent." .... *sigh*

    Meanwhile, Skyrim's TG gives you several fences all in the same place with mountains of gold, near-endless lockpicks you can buy from that girl, THREE suits of armor, all of which have nice stats for the stealthy character.

    And Oblivion's TG quests are annoying because to advance in them, you need to sell stolen merchandise to fences... but... most people only have items that are worth <10 gold a piece. Trying to rack up 500 gold worth of stolen merchandise sold between every single quest is annoying as crap. I hated it, it felt like a grind.

    As for the deities and the thieves' guild, Nocturnal being involved in Skyrim's TG actually made sense IMO. And that sweet Nightingale Armor was just ridiculously awesome. One of the best looking armor sets in the game, and Nocturnal herself doesn't look so shabby when you get to meet her.
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    Oh not saying it did not make sense, I am just utterly tired of seeing gods wherever I go, finding a beggar is more difficult nowadays... even in Riften. But I suppose it is much easier to appreciate TG in Skyrim when you take into account what you said about Oblivion's TG... that sounds awful, and it sounds like ESO took Oblivion as its base ... it is an awful grind that makes it even worse by becoming a time consuming nerve-wracking loading screen fest.

    Let me resume ESO's TG as:
    -Teleport to TG's Map
    -Load into TG
    -Run through the annoying and totally unnecessary bunch of corridors and "secret door" to get to the job board, only to be told to go out
    -do whatever you had to do, pickpockets? go to the specific location, pick 10 pockets only to be told to go to another place (no joke, and there are players getting in your way all the time), then pick more pockets.

    If you have not racked up a 2000 gold bounty by the end of the day, you are not progressing fast enough in the TG, I am trying to sound... not so negative, but trust me it gets worse.

    Probably the biggest slap to the face is the story, predictable, ridiculous, weakly written, any Starbound fanboy has droolingly scribbled a better fanfic better fitting to be TG's plot.

    But the Brohood is very nice... I feel they had an entirely different group of people work on them because Jesus on a flaming Bicycle, they are absolutely otherwordly better in comparison.

    Edit: fortunately, you unlock Heists early in TG's questline, so if you are a khajiit... just do those and stop bothering with everything else, enjoy your cat life of good rewards
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    Ahh. I See. And yeah, the whole "Thing" of the Oblivion's TG?

    Nocturnal's Cowl. That mask I mentioned. Some duke put the thing on, and can't take it off, so he needs you to steal an Elder Scroll so he can remove it. That's what 75% of the whole thieves guild questline is all about, the steps that you need to take to do such a thing. Now, granted, the dungeons and stuff you get to do is rather fun, but the storyline itself is rather lame.

    IMO, Skyrim had it way better.

    One thing I found missing in Skyrim, well kinda missing, is a Fighter's Guild. Yes, I know Companions, etc. but they aren't really a bona fide Fighter's Guild, they're just a group of werewolves who do mercenary work lol. While I did enjoy that quest (I wish there were more options, and the furry in me wishes you could romance Aela after her BF gets killed, but eeeeh I won't go too far into THAT lol), I just didn't see them as an actual Fighter's Guild.

    The Mages.... Oh man the Mage's Guild in Oblivion blows. You have to do little chores and busywork in ALL the cities before each head mage will give you a letter of recommendation before you can even *START* the Mage's Guild quests in the Imperial City. I found that incredibly annoying. Most of the quests are just boring fetch quests until you get to the real meat.

    And worst of all, the Spellmaking System is locked behind this (unless you have the Mage's Tower DLC), as the one-and-only Spellmaking Altar is in the Imperial City Mage's Guild, which you can't even physically get to (they won't let you in).

    Gimme Skyrim's Mage Guild anyday over that crap lol. At least Skyrim's gives you access to the thing that lets you make enchanted daedric armor if you so wanted to.
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    Oh wow, that does sound awful... I have not done much in either Fighters or Mages guilds thus far in ESO, but from what I have seen, it is nothing like it, at least for the Fighters guild, you have to destroy Dolmen and hunt Daedra to rank up, and you join them with no hiccups whatsoever, same for the Mages but... you have to hunt lore books to rank up, which is basically an egg hunt, world-scale egg hunt. So far they are both pretty fun, and the convenient perks are very easy to unlock as well, namely Intimidate and uhh... the... non aggressive version of intimidate... I forgot what its called, but its the "nice" alternative.

    Oh man... what do I say about the Companions... another great idea in paper that (for me at least) did not turn out that well, it sounds great when they tell you about it, Aela makes it seem like an important part of the game, but it falls short literally from start, you enter the building to witness 2 scrawney little runts slapping one another, then bootlicking-whats-his-face playing almighty in front of you AND in front of the Companions Harbinger, I am not a violent creature... but I enjoyed ending his life eventually
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    Yeah, the Companions thing... Aela is like the star of the show, lol.

    I wonder if anybody wrote a mod to romance her lol.
  7. Corraidhín

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    You are on the internet, wondering is the issue, searching is your answer.

    I personally did not like her... her voice... annoys the bleeding lights out of me, but to each their own I say!
  8. Xylia

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    I think I was mainly attracted to the fact she's a werewolf and seems to embrace that part of herself, lol.
  9. Corraidhín

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    That is exactly what Skyrim was missing... werewolves embracing the nature of the beast, sort of like the nords on that spot in Solstheim. Speaking of which, were there many werewolves (if at all) in Oblivion? what did they look like in comparison?
  10. Xylia

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    No werewolves in Oblivion that I remember. Vampires, yes. Werewolves? No.

    Unless my memory seriously fails me, which could be possible, lol.
  11. Corraidhín

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    No werewolves... what cruel blasphemous wretch designed Oblivion?! I hope they roll and rot into a grueling death!!
    Anyways, why do people like vampires in ES Lore exactly? I personally love vampires in other games, but in ES... I dont know, I just cant like them whatsoever.

    in ESO they are designed for magic users, so there is a very good appeal if you like casting spells and have tons of magicka, Werewolves are the stamina version, appealing to warriors and assassins.
  12. Roskii Heiral

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    Shivering Isles is life-changingly good!

    Edit: Yeah, no werewolves in oblivion was a terrible descision. Going from Blood Moon to nothing was super sad
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    Well, in Skyrim, Vampires get this huge perk tree with all of these "cool" powers and crap... *shrug*

    Me? I'd rather side with the Dawnguard. Crossbows are ridiculously awesome. They hurt-a-plenty and you can get EXPLOSIVE BOLTS.
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    Oh man I love using crossbows in skyrim, Bows are far more elegant, but getting close to a bandit and landing an explosive bolt in the face? never gets old!

    Edit: dont werewolves also get a perk tree in Skyrim? with the crossbow DLC
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  15. Xylia

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    Yeah, they do... but for some reason everybody likes the "dark and edgy" and a lot of people forget that the werewolves' side even exists. That, and said werewolves have nothing to do with the Dawnguard, so I bet a lot of people side with the Dawnguard without ever realizing that Werewolves get new stuff too.
  16. Corraidhín

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    Well thats a shame... running around as a werewolf, mauling random hostiles and nibbling on their remains was a great source of fun, people are missing out I tell you.
  17. Roskii Heiral

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    Running free with the wind in your fur is one of the great joys of blood moon and skyrim. There is a werewolf mod for oblivion though (if you're brave enough xD)

    I'm usually a werewolf within the ranks of Dawnguard. There is unique dialog when you confront the vamps as a wolf, they insult you (which makes destroying them even more satisfying)
  18. Corraidhín

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    Oh I recall some vampires sputtering some werewolf nonsense at me, I was too busy shredding them to pay attention though. Man, I really feel like playing skyrim now... ahh, later maybe, things to do.

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