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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by Isaac MacPherson, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. Isaac MacPherson

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    Is it possible?

    For those that are unfamiliar with the Extractinator, it is a placeable device in Terraria that when a player places a silt, slush, or fossil block within its space, each block will yield a random item of varying value in return; the higher the value, the less likely it is to appear:
    Item: 1-11 Platinum coin(s)
    Chance per block: 0.0073%
    Item: 1-100 Gold coin(s)
    Chance per block: 0.1017%
    Item: 1-100 Silver coin(s)
    Chance per block: 1.3534%
    Item: 1-100 Copper coin(s)
    Chance: 64.2145%
    Item: 1 Amber Mosquito
    Chance: 0.01%
    Note: Summons/Un-summons a pet dinosaur
    Item: 1-16 Amethyst(s)
    Chance: 0.3333%
    Item: 1-16 Topaz(es)
    Chance: 0.3333%
    Item: 1-16 Sapphire(s)
    Chance: 0.3333%
    Item:  1-16 Emerald(s)
    Chance: 0.3333%
    Item: 1-16 Ruby(s)
    Chance: 0.3333%
    Item: 1-16 Diamond(s)
    Chance: 0.3333%
    Item: 1-16 Amber(s)
    Chance: 0.9598%
    Item: 1-16 Copper ore(s)
    Chance: 3.9192%
    Item: 1-16 Tin ore(s)
    Chance: 3.9192%
    Item: 1-16 Iron ore(s)
    Chance: 3.9192%
    Item: 1-16 Lead ore(s)
    Chance: 3.9192%
    Item: 1-16 Silver ore(s)
    Chance: 3.9192%
    Item: 1-16 Tungsten ore(s)
    Chance: 3.9192%
    Item: 1-16 Gold ore(s)
    Chance: 3.9192%
    Item: 1-16 Platinum ore(s)
    Chance: 3.9192%

    My thoughts immediately went to the Universal Uncrafter mod for Starbound, and how it acts like a container but changes items placed in one slot into grey goo or breaks the item down into its recipe and places them into another slot of eight. I thought perhaps I could copy and modify that.
    The problem is the Universal Uncrafter uses LUA, and I know little about LUA. I feel as though if I knew what language Terraria uses, I think it'd be a simple find the Extractinator code, and copy/paste/modify it into Starbound.
    How should I go about this? I feel this could potentially be a useful mod for all that semi-useless silt, slush, ash, and gravel laying around in Starbound. Maybe even other blocks could be added in the future (like from Frackin Universe or something).
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    Seems unlikely, considering the fact that objects don't allow blocks to be placed within their space (Except when a tree generates on an object via natural generation, or a in a similar hacky way)
    I know there is a way to do it, but it might require disabling collision within the object file, but the problem lies within how the object would interact with blocks placed within its space (Never seen a lua function for that one)
    There is also the fact as to how to determine the loot that comes out from a certain block, dirt would yield the lowest, gravel higher, etc.
  3. Isaac MacPherson

    Isaac MacPherson Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I wasn't initially intending to recreate the Extractinator fully from Terraria, just something like it. Placing blocks within its space would've been neat, but I was just thinking about having it function like a container, and spit out the resulting loot into another area in the container (like the Universal Uncrafter).

    In regards to loot, I hadn't gotten that far in the process. The first an biggest hurdle is creating the code to turn gravity-based blocks into something else. Working on the treasure pool is secondary.
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