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RELEASED Terraformer Megapack - Now on the forums!

Discussion in 'Furniture and Objects' started by EmissaryOfInfinity, Mar 17, 2017.

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    Every biome now has a Terraformer. You need the basic Terraformer to craft any mini-biome Terraformer.

    I originally made this as a simple one-off mod to add a Spring Terraformer on the Steam workshop, but everyone loved the idea of more Terraformers so much that I went ahead and made one with literally every naturally-spawning biome except the more nonsensical or broken of the bunch (Moon, Asteroid field, and anything to do with a specific location). Each one's recipe requires components gathered from the biome itself, or in a couple of rare cases, a substitute item that makes sense for the recipe. If you have any suggestions for changes or additions, or - Kluex forbid - you find a bug, let me know in the comments.

    A big thanks to Godeps and his Tentacle Terraformer mod for inspiring me to get into modding. You can find his mod here.

    Also, say hi to my Floran crew member there, since I couldn't get here to get out of the screenshot.

    New in version 1.3:
    - Added missing Swamp Terraformer; costs 50 mud and 50 plant matter to modify a Jungle Terraformer.
    - Partial bugfix. While the new Terraformers won't bug your world when converting large amounts, they also won't convert planet types. This is a tradeoff until the internal logic of the new world functions added with the game's 1.2 update are made public, at which point I'll be able to do further testing to find a way around the issue. My advice would be to use the base Terraformer of the biome you want to change the planet type, then use the modded Terraformer that you craft from it to get the terrain.
    - [1.3.1] Attempted bugfix for Prism Terraformer.
    - [1.3.2] Fixes for several Terraformers with errored entries.
    - [1.3.3] Fixed errored Colourful biome entry (damned UK spellings...)
    - [1.3.4] Fixed Alpine recipe

    New in version 1.4:
    - Added the Terraformers for the missing cave biomes, Cell Cave, Flesh Cave (which is apparently different from the normal Flesh biome), and Limestone Cave. All three can be found from the Terraforge, as usual. Do note that, like the other sub-biome Terraformers added, these three will not convert the planet's main biome type.
    - Crimson Terraformer: Converts planet to Flesh Cave. Costs 50 Corrupt Dirt, 50 Flesh Strands, and upgrades from the Mutant Terraformer.
    - Helix Terraformer: Converts planet to Cell Cave. Costs 50 Cell Matter, 50 Flesh Blocks, and upgrades from the Mutant Terraformer.
    - Chalky Terraformer: Converts planet to Limestone Cave. Costs 150 Limestone, and upgrades from the Oceanic Terraformer. (Y'know, cuz Limestone is a sedimentary rock, and oceans are full of sediment...I'm fun at parties, obviously.)
    - [1.4.1] Fixed typo in the Crimson Terraformer's biome assignment
    - [1.4.2] Fixed errored inventory icon for Chalky Terraformer.

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    Updated to latest Steam version. Sorry it took so long, folks.
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