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    Terra Warriors!
    We ain't afraid of guns since we got magic!
    "Hold on, that does not make any sense at all."

    • Earth has been destroyed due to anomalies and rifts in both the past, present, in the future. The environment is a wasteland divided between sands and ice, humanity's ruins slowly crumble, and most of the humanity is living within the reaches of Luna, Earth's moon.
    • After a moment, few of the humans living on Luna-2, a colony on Luna, as well as a few investigators from satellites that still revolve around the Earth, find something happening over the Pacific Coast.
    • Before long, most of the Pacific Rim had began to green. A quarter of the remaining humanity decided to check what was happening. There, they saw a human who was using magic.
    • Soon, all humans that had been sent were taught to use magic and was now reviving the planet. The rest of humanity were shocked and decided to investigate.
    • They learned that the quarter of humanity they sent weren't humans at all. They were descendants, and therefore, wizards and witches. There were also a special group of people who seemed to have pocket watch-like devices connected, through a chain, in their nervous system.
    • Humanity decided to wage war against them. They were locked in a stalemate.
    • The first human— witch— sorceress decided that she needs help.
    • This is where you come in.

    Character Sheet (* is optional, Default is for the idealess only):
    > Name:
    > Age: *
    > Gender:
    > Species:
    > Clothing:
    > Facial features:
    > Personality:
    > Ability: *
    > Weapon: *
    > Backstory: *

    Playable Species:
    > Human - your average human. Very advanced at this moment, yet still using the AK-47 for nostalgic reasons.
    > Arori - Arorians, in terms of genetics, are humans. In terms of abilities, they can manipulate forces. Usually called witches/wizards/sorcerers/sorceresses/elemental benders because of the range of what they can do. Can't help but get easily killed by a bullet...
    > Temporali - Temporalians, or Temporal Guardians, are humanoids. They are more slim and beautiful than humans, have an extending-chain connected to their spine and a pocket-watch device. This device allows them to use mirrors and any reflective surface as a portal to a designation (if thrown to the surface itself.) These devices, dubbed Clockhearts, are the Temporalian's soul itself. One swift destruction means a very painful death. The chain is a mix of iron and bone material, as a defense. Bullets need sulfur if they want to get killed...
    > Legendár - Legendárans are genetically and physically human. The only thing that can tell who is who is that they have a dynamic tattoo that determines their ability. One can become a Legendáran if they are able to encounter a special crystal Temporalians can grow in their Clockhearts. There are rumors about a Time Lord Legendáran and a Temporali Legendáran, but don't pull a Time Lord and throw Temporalian crystals at them.

    • No excessive abilities. I recommend having four as the border for excessive.
    • Don't ask about the title. If you want, call it Traveler, which was the original name, or Paranoya. Because I liked Paranoya but then it doesn't really fit here...
    • Having trouble? Ask me.

    The door will open when three joins.


    > Name: Lily Heins Xavia
    > Age: 30
    > Gender: Female
    > Species: [REDACTED]-Hybrid Temporalian
    > Clothing: Jeans, belt, a yellow long sleeved polo with the bottom cut out, an orange vest. See picture.
    > Facial features: See profile picture. Blue eyes, oval face, thin eyebrows.
    > Personality: Free-spirited, a curious woman with a penchant for being really cautious. Also gets really sensitive when talked about family.
    > Ability: Magic (Levitation, Nature)
    > Weapon: A revolver, a tome/encyclopedia, and an 11-inch silver wand that was her father's.
    > Backstory: An orphan from another dimension. Adopted by a magical being after sleeping for thousands of years, missing her Earth's destruction.
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    is the misspelling of paranoia on purpose or just a mistake?
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    That's a filipino spelling, coincidentally enough. It's on purpose.
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    Name: Wisp [Formerly: Ava Brown]
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Arori

    Clothing: Wisp has two identifying pieces of clothing, her long black cloak designed for comfort and easy mobility and a darkly painted ornate wooden mask.
    Under her cloak she wares normal plain undergarments.

    Facial Features: Though her face is rarely seen from behind the mask she almost always wears, she has pail almost white skin with green-blue eyes. Her red hair is chin length and wild.
    (fantasynamegenerators.com has a character description generator! This’ll make character creation so much easier in the future!)

    Personality: Wisp has a rather harsh personality, on the exterior she shows very little in terms of emotion, however when she feels that she is alone and without the risk of someone seeing, her demeanor changes to one that is a lot sadder and timid.
    In the event that someone mentions her family in a way that could even be interpreted as negative, wisp becomes very aggressive, other mentions of her family usually make her sadden or at least distant.
    Wisp is willing to do anything, short of killing an innocent, without remorse to achieve her ultimate goal, but generally tries to avoid killing unnecessarily.

    Ability: Wisp has the ability to create and manipulate, smoke like, gaseous shadows. Primarily these shadows allow her to accelerate and propel objects, allowing her to throw object ridiculously accurately and far as well as giving her a nasty swing.
    The Shadow smoke allows her to do several other things however, such as the ability to tear herself apart and turn most of her body into shadow smoke, then accelerate and aim her momentum and reappear a second later having traveled several meters, though this is one of her favorite tricks which she uses frequently the process of tearing herself apart is a painful as it sounds.

    Weapon: Wisp has two custom designed daggers, they are designed as much to strike fear as they are to kill, each one of the long curved blades, borders on being considered a scimitar and the pommel sports a small blade.
    As well as the daggers, Wisp carries a throwing knife and a leather bound notebook, which in Wisp’s hands could be considered as knowledge to her could be considered as deadly a weapon as any gun or blade.

    Backstory: When Wisp was young, at the age of 14, she knew nothing of the arcane or occult, in fact it wasn’t until later in life when her parents and brother where killed with it in the fallout of an attempted murder of an important political figure, that she decided to learn about it.
    For the next two years she taught herself the arcane arts, the reason behind this was that even though the deaths of her parents taught her to fear and distrust magic, it also showed her a power to it, a power she hoped to one day amass and control well enough to bring her family back from the dead.
    After her two years training when she had decided that she could teach herself no more within the bounds of her sanctuary she left and tracked down the mastermind behind the assassination attempt that killed her family, a young Temporali barely older then herself at the time, she killed him an took the watch that had once contained his soul as a reminder of her family and her mission.
    Now she finds herself responding to the calls for help, willing to help out but more so in search of beings of magical powers who may be able to aid Wisp in her own personal quest.
    Sorry if I've done this wrong or poorly I may or may not have written the second half to this application at 12am.
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    That could be interesting! Before Lily, a few wild Temporalians and Arorians have been running amok! And then, she came, and the world turned upside down.
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    I'll keep an eye on this, and I'll join if I get a bit more time freed up.
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    Take your time. I need to revise a few things.
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    Name: The Mage (Real name: Phoenix)
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Species: Unknown
    Clothing: Brown robe ( This GIF is made by myself :rofl: )
    Facial features: Red eyes, "Darker" red pupils
    Personality: Quiet, Surprise every times when people called his "Real name"
    Ability: Magics (Of course)
    Weapon: spell book (He's non-wand user, get it? :cautious:)
    Backstory: Before the earth was destroyed, "phoenix" The 5th child of the "Grand wizard" family.
    He Make a decision to not continue the way his father wants, He decide to ran away form his hometown to The mysterious place.
    After the earth was destroyed, Phoenix found out that his family were "Gone", So..... He began to search for his "Lost family".
    ( Sorry for broken English, I'm Thai )
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    Unknown age not allowed for the character sheet, though in-verse sure...
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    DID YOU JUST ASSUME HIS AGE?!?!?!, lol just kidding
    His age is 35, pretty old actually.
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    Lol. That's average.
    How about species? That's what I was about to actually ask.
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    Hmm...., I'll keep it unknown, because It would be fun if you don't know his race

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