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    Greetings fellow Starboundians and explorers!

    I thought this would be a perfect place to introduce a Starbound related project I'm currently working on - a comic situated in the Starbound universe that goes by name "Terra". The idea of this project sparked in my mind not really long ago but I've been building upon it ever since. Via the images below I'd love to introduce you to this (slowly expanding) idea!

    So far the comic consists of only a few concept art pieces but I gathered enough resources to begin the story already (which will be posted here in near future)! Without further ado, here's the art! ^^

    Terra is the protagonist of this same titled comic. She's a young Novakid and a former Peacekeeper. There are two things to win her friendship and heart -> Bon Bons (the more the better!) and a glass of Ultimate Juice. You're most likely to see her daydreaming or dancing to music coming out of her trusty Neondancer 1.0.
    (I'm still experimenting a bit with the lining and coloring so the final results may look a bit different.)

    "Fazerion is a city of opportunities...of all kinds." It is a modern city filled with technology and neon colors which are said to be seen from the space! Fazerion is situated in the Thalimain system and provides shelter for entrepreneurs, artists, refugees and criminals alike.
    (Fazerion will be revealed more in the future! ^^ The city is highly inspired by Nar Shaddaa and Cyberpunk)

    Terra's Datapad
    Each and every denizen of Fazerion possesses their personal datapad that provides various information about its owner. (personal info, basic medical conditions...) This information is provided via microchips that are implanted into the person at birth. It is still a mystery how Terra obtained this microchip. However, the government of Fazerion exploits this technology to track and monitor unsuitable people.
    (This is a set of three images, sort of a "teaser" for the comic and Terra's very cheerful and childish personality)



    I'll try my best to keep this updated as much as possible! All my art, including all the upcoming Terra content can also be found at "". I'd be more than happy to hear any form of feedback from you! ^^

    Stay safe!

    - Unfriendly Cactus
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    I like the drawing, I just hope that the character stands out a lot in terms of personality and to know more about the world and how it develops, about the microchip implants of the Fazerion government, it smells like a locked cat here. (⚆_⚆)
  3. UnfriendlyCactus

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    I'll do my best to keep everything special and comprehensive! ^^
  4. Tyle

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    I'm a simple person, I see starbound comic and I immediately like

    keep 'em coming
  5. UnfriendlyCactus

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    Hello there, co-explorers!

    More than a week has passed since I published this thread and it's the best time to bring something new! I've been working on a "page 0", as I like to call it, which might or might not eventually make it into the comic itself. While my first post in this thread was partially focused to introduce the art style, lining etc., this "page 0" aims to give an insight to the overall looks of the comic (especially size, texts, bubbles, grid...) As usual, I'd love if you could point out whether something is illegible, confusing or simply out of place so I can avoid any of these possibilities in the future (we never stop learning after all!)


    For convenience reasons, once the comic launches (and you shall be notified!) I'll also keep uploading it on!

    That would be all from me for now, stay safe people! <3

    - UnfriendlyCactus
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