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    Good Quality, Good Prices, Good People!
    Welcome to Termination Industries, a Corporation dedicated to self-defense and fair prices!
    Here you can find almost any weapon you need, for a fair price and decent quality.​
    POLICIES: Consider these before buying.​
    We do not support any war, Civil, Revolutionary, or International.​
    We do not support criminal acts of any kinds, including genocide or mass murder.​
    We do not supply anyone without a thorough background check, and consider many things, including criminal record, past purchases, and acquired licenses.​
    Transport Vehicles​

    ATSV 'Hare'- The All Terrain Scouting Vehicle is perfect for quick trips, and a specially designed suspension keeps bumps and dips to a minimum, allowing maximum clarity when using binoculars or other long-range recon tools!
    • 4-Wheeler
    • Sturdy yet light frame
    • Special 'Supa-Stil' suspension, which minimizes bumps and jostles
    • Comes with free binoculars while supplies last!
    HMTV 'Ram'- The High Mobility Transport Vehicle is a rugged, sturdy vehicle for transporting large groups or people or cargo! The truck comes with a 2-person cab and a large truck bed that comes with fold up benches. Bed can seat max of 12 people.
    • 6-Wheeler
    • Rugged frame that can withstand large bumps and dips.
    • Large bed capacity as well as optional tarp cover, for hot days.
    • Spacious yet functional cab

    Armored Vehicles​

    T-99 'Hardy'- The 99 is based on the historic Russian T-90 tank, and is completely upgraded and revamped!
    • Fires 300mm shells up to 400 yards, and can rapidly fire 5 shells in 3 seconds
    • 360' swiveling turret
    • Comes with 4 extra tracks, easily replaceable.
    • Sturdy 5 inch metal armor
    WMGS 'Whip'- The Whiplash Mobile Gun System is unique in its ability to mount almost any weapons system available on its turret. Comes by default with a 50.cal gun turret.
    • Unique changeable turret
    • Rugged 8-Wheeler
    • 6 inch armored plates
    • Interior is made up of a 2 seat cabin, 1 gunners seat, and 6 seat transport area.

    Mobile Stores:​
    No Term Ind. store near you? Never fear! Termination Industries provides free mobile stores, which fly to areas that cannot readily access our stores. Simply call us at 222-TERM-INDU, and plot the nearest stores location to you! These stores do not charge extra, and are Eco-Friendly!​
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    ~~~Announcement Board~~~​
    UPDATE #1, 6/3/2213​
    Termination Industries knows that the field of quality weapons is large and bloated, and good quality products, such as ours, are hard to find and come by in the mass of other companies.​
    We have therefore decided to shift our focuses to a more mobile type of weapons platform. If you have been up-to-date with our news you would know we have had Vehicular projects going for a bit now, and we are now completely moving to these products. There will be a 3-6 day gap while our facilities are brought online and products begin shipping.​
    Our catalog should update within minutes of the announcement. ~Termination Industries.​
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