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    You may shatter our bodies, but you will never break our spirit!
    The Finnish word for steel, the flesh of the glitch.
    We are a clan created with one purpose: FUN!
    is a clan with huge RP elements, such as a story, ranks, society, a council that guides us, beliefs, allies etc. But we will be a clan that also will focus in pvp.
    You dont like pvp? IT'S OK! Just RP! You dont like to fight? IT'S OK! Join the ranks of the engineers or scientists!
    In Teräs you wont only find Starbound fans, no. You will find friends that like a lot of other games, games like:
    Baldur's gate, The Elder Scrolls Saga, Neverwinter Nights, the Fallout saga, Planescape: Torment, Minecraft, Terraria, Dwarf Fortress, Grand Strategy Games, Sins of a solar empire ETC.
    We are mature and friendly, if you aren't then we are sorry but you can't join, we guarantee though, that if you are, you will find here a lot of friendly and mature fellas that will love to hang out with you.
    How can you join? Just fill out the application form you will find below and Pm any of the council members with it (you can find the list below too).
    What are you waiting for? Join the glitch! Join Teräs!
    Conquer, research, explore, live peacefully, do what you want!
    Server IP:
    All races are accepted!
    Steam community group

    Quest for Teräs [TBA]


    Aggresive Florans
    "And from the ranks of lesser Glitch arose Teräs, and they would abide the ignorance of their kin no longer." -Tome of Steel, pg. 1

    The four Glitch who would become The Council of Steel were considered "faulty" by the majority of the Glitch. Like all "faulty"-Glitch they were hunted.

    Unlike many "faulty"-Glitch, they managed to escape.

    For a long time they all travelled, seeking refuge amongst the stars but wherever they went they could not shake off the feeling of being exiles, outcasts driven out of their homes. Even when they found their own kind they could not settle down and be content, for the thought that the vast majority of their race had barely progressed beyond the Dark Ages was unbearable to them. And so they all tried to unite the "faulty"-Glitch, but soon realised that even attempting to do this alone was insanity.

    And so their travels continued, and one day they all stumbled upon a planet the location of which only they now know. They picked up strange signals coming from one the great mountain ranges and decided to investigate, and by strange coincidence their ships were caught in a strangely powerful storm and crashed near the tallest peak of these mountains. Seeing their ships were horribly damaged they decided to climb to the source of the signals. And when they all had reached the place they saw each other for the first time. They examined the alien artifact and decided they could maybe salvage some of it's parts to fix their ships.

    It was during the weeks they worked together that they got to know each-other and soon learned they shared similar views on the state of their own species. They also learned how they had all tried to do something about it but had failed, and the feeling that they just had to change their race for the better. And they soon grew to be friends, and when they finally had fixed their ships they had come to a conclusion: in order to save the Glitch from themselves they would found Teräs, a kingdom truly worthy of their kind. Upon leaving the planet they had all vowed to dedicate their lives to this cause. Their first order of business: unite the exiled Glitch into a force capable of bringing enlightement to the rest of their kind.

    And this was a success. Together, the four Glitch brought many into their fold and soon their numbers grew greatly. Eventually they came to the conclusion that Teräs had grown too large to be ruled and guided by themselves alone. So they appointed three skillfull Glitch to their appropriate positions:

    One for the millitary of Teräs, for the galaxy would not allow such a force to exists without foul things taking notice.

    One for engineering, for it was impossible for Teräs to thrive without recourses and maintenance.

    And one for research and exploring, for Teräs would never succumb to the ignorance and superstition that controlled their kin and never allow their order to stagnate with the absence of discoveries and exploring.

    And soon these three orders of Teräs would appoint new ranks and their command structure would become more pronounced. And when the four Glitch who had founded Teräs in the first place saw that their dream was thriving they created the Council of Steel to be the highest authority of Teräs.


    "Now see, they weren't the most threatening, most charismatic or the most handsome (except that one fellow with the glasses and fetching blue coat, oh my) Glitch ever. But boy, did they ever believe in their cause. So I figured that if they actually believed they could succeed, they might. So I joined. That's all there is to it, really.

    -Talina, Explorer.

    The Council decided that to help the growth of Teräs they would write The Tome of Steel. In the tome was included their ideology and basic tenets of Teräs and it was distributed to all those who desired it. The council however went to great lengths to ensure that it would not be regarded as some sort of a "holy" book, stating instead that it was merely guidelines with whitch to expand and so the members of Teräs would not have to ask the Council for advice on mundane matters.

    The standard issue Tome of Steel available to all is a simple, steel bound book with silver covers and the emblem of Teräs. Privately they kept their own version of the Tome, however. This version of the Tome has a more detailed history of Teräs and many details reserved for the Council, such as the location of the world upon which they first met. And perhaps, in the pages of the book is also information concerning the strange artifact they discovered there.


    "My only advice? Do not lose hope. If hope is lost, Teräs is lost, and if Teräs is lost, our race is lost."

    -Garvanel, Legatus

    The common attidute amongst Teräs is to always strive to change things for the better. Apathy and despair is frowned upon for the Council sees these as one of their greatest enemies in the battle for their race. For what is Teräs if not the result of four Glitch defying fate and instead of breaking beneath their hardships? As such, those who work constantly for the betterment of their kind are elevated to higher positions in the hierarchy, sometimes even regardless of their skills on the matter.

    The Council of Steel has made it absolutely clear that Teräs is not meant for taking revenge on those banished them, going so far as to punish those millitary commander who show too much preference for fighting other Glitch. Instead they encourage reasoning with them, however difficult this might be. So far they have had little success but the Council is certain they will one day succeed in their attempt to bring enlightment to all Glitch.

    Teräs has retained the traditional architecture of their kind and clothing. Of course, all armours have been enhanced with technology and buildings made more secure and heating and running water have been made the bare minimun for living conditions. This is another reason why Teräs has expanded relatively slowly when it comes to landmass: they make sure each planet they govern is up to their standards. Teräs has also made heavy fortifications to most of their planets. When asked why, of the council members answered:
    UristMcSpaceDwarf said:

    Now now, we aren't going to use them. Just some pre-emptive measures.

    "We of course cannot live in complete isolation; we need diplomats as much as we need warriors or scientists or engineers."

    -Yrnamin, diplomat to the Novakid.

    Teräs has managed to establish diplomatic relations with many a race, but here are recorded the major ones.

    -Hylotl relations have been somewhat quiet. As the concept of water is unpleaseant to most Glitch, the two don't meet much.

    -Humans were amongst the first races contacted by Teräs and they share friendly relations with the majority of them.

    -Novakids intrigue the council, being the only major race other than themselves that is not made out flesh. Their lawless and nomadic nature has made it difficult for any major alliances to form, though.

    -Apex are not considered as close friends as the humans but are not enemies by any stretch of the imagination.

    -Avians are a somewhat debated subject because they are often zealous in their service to their god, Kluex and zealotry is something The Council of Steel abhors.

    -Wild Florans are the target of many millitary operatios. Their tendency to devour worlds and spread like a virus disgust the members of Teräs and they see it as their duty to rid the galaxy of their filth. It should be noted, however, that this sentiment does not extend to civilised Florans. Sadly however many members of Teräs, especially those in the millitary, have trouble believing any Floran could become civilised. The Council of Steel is doing all it can to assure the rest of Teräs that not all Florans are evil by their nature. This is one of their more difficult tasks in a long while. As one of the council members put it:

    Ghost656 said:

    Only a fool would kill innocent and friendly Florans.

    1st of May, 2013: Teräs has been created
    24th of May, 2013:Nerlian and Smaffy promoted to Operative, currently commanders of the Military branch.
    15th of August, 2013: 25 active members and counting. Dis promoted to council member.
    21st of August, 2013: Smaffy promoted to council member.

    Hierarchy Illustration
    Member list

    • Active Council of Steel
    • Ghost656
    • TheGreatDevourer
    • Arial (SivCorp)
    • Dis (DeltaEcho)
    • UristMcSpaceDwarf
    • Inactive Council of Steel
    • Smaffy (Laura), former Knight and military commander
    • Stoltverd
    • Engineering
    • Never (Heemi), Enginesmith
    • Patsy (SanguineSonofSol), Enginesmith
    • Madssej, Enginesmith
    • Kicko (_KICK0_), Enginesmith
    • Snow (SnowOficer), Enginesmith
    • Chris (CaptainPoptart), Enginesmith
    • Faceinbox, Enginesmith
    • MrCakeMixture, Enginesmith
    • Nick : Vapor (Vapor Horologium Corpus), Enginesmith
    • navar0nius, Enginesmith
    • Magus (John Magus), Enginesmith
    • D34thG0D, Enginesmith
    • XR-102 Gamma (bowser7), Enginesmith
    • Click (Clickcrisis), Enginesmith
    • Sparten, SPARTEN1337X13, Enginesmith
    • Military
    • gamer456ism, Patronus
    • Loki, Patronus
    • Klou, Patronus
    • Metafysik, Patronus
    • Ralof Swordfall (Deathgarnet), Patronus
    • Xinaram, Patronus
    • PWNAGIZER, Patronus
    • Nerlian (Trysson12), Operative
    • MrZero (Zero), Patronus
    • Chaselock, Patronus
    • Lazla (Lazarus), Patronus
    • R&D
    • (Sir) Valence, Sentinel
    • Cider, Sentinel
    • Silvy, Sentinel
    • C++ (sedna16), Sentinel
    • Flame (LordFlame), Sentinel
    • Nedned2k, Sentinel
    • Balmut, Sentinel
    • Astro Nit, Sentinel
    • CUBE075, Sentinel (Weapon Research)
    • DWTS (Discontentwiththesystem), Sentinel
    • Gandak, Sentinel
    • Unassigned
    • Duck Man (tdahl12)
    • Deasmo
    • Triozero, Former Council Member [inactive]
    1. No trolling
    2. No flaming
    3. If you have a conflict with another clan member, inform the Council.
    4. Listen to the orders of the person higher ranked than you in the same branch. example: In Research and Development the Sentinel has to listen to the Explorer and Explorer to the Scientist etc.
    5. Respect lower ranked people than you.
    6. In-Game activity: Be active, if you won't be on for a while but you're planning to come back then inform the Council. Inactivity limit if you haven't informed the Council: 2 months of inactivity: Listed as inactive, 5/6 months of activity: expelled.
    Application Form

    Steam Nickname:
    Active hours (GMT):
    (Optional)Which games do you like? Include genres:
    Why do you want to join?:
    (Optional)Do you like PVP or RP better and why?:
    Which branch do you want to join? (Military, Engineering, Research or I just want to help):
    (Optional) Reason/Motivation why you chose that branch?:
    (Optional) Final words?:
    Post the Application Form in the thread or if you want to keep it private, start a conversation and send me the Application Form to me (Ghost656) or the other active Council members.

    Council member Stoltverd is active on :GMT -5, active time 8 AM - 10 PM Game time 7 Pm - 10 Pm Weekends vary too much.
    Council member Ghost656 is active on: GMT +1, active time 4 PM - 10 PM, active on weekends: Most of the time
    Council Member Smaffy is active on: "it's 8AM, and I'm normally online from around 3-10:30PM on most days and it just depends on which days I can game more because unless I have a SAC (School Assessed Coursework, or my major assessments), I'm normally free as a bird, besides some homework here and there :p
    My timezone is GMT+10. Or the Australian Eastern Standard time. (So just remove 10 hours from the time.)
    (Some other week days, I can be on from 1PM-10:30PM, Weekends can be quite busy as I have other friends that desire to game with me as well.)"
    Council member Dis is active on: "17:00 to 19:00 GMT is when I wake up and usually do my random surfing and other internet stuff, whereas my gaming usually comes later in the day. Taking into account my collage classes, my 'gaming' time' will likely around 00:00 to 05:00 GMT, with a few exceptions on maybe 2-3 days of the week for night classes. On those nights you can likely subtract the hours of 03:00 to 4:00 GMT."

    For a big Sig, use:
    For a med sig, use:
    For a small sig use:

    Here you can see Council member Ghost656 capture a moon for the glorious clan of Teräs.

    Special thanks to Balmut for the logo!
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    Honor Mentions:

    Here we honor the name of Waldemar. Grandfather of Nerlian, who passed away a short time ago. LONG LIVE HIS MEMORY!

    Intellectual and cultural cultivation day:

    The capitol was in an uproar. Everyone was happy and and was expecting to see the work of the finalists and of course, who would the council choose as the most gifted Glitch this year.
    It was the same every year, citizens of all corners of the Teräs empire would come to the capital planet to show off their artistic and intellectual abilities. This was to make sure the empire would not fall back to the roots of the Glitch, stagnant in medieval times.
    All the council members already gave their speeches and they were waiting to see the work of the finalists. A huge prize was waiting the first and second places.
    "Lets see what they've got today" said Stoltverd the Wise.


    1: The first and second prize are NOT fixed, if you won 1st place but like the 2nd prize better, you can have it, you won after all...
    2: First place prize is "Geneforge Saga" steam key. 5 sweet old school RPG. CHECK THEM OUT NOW!, second place is a game up to 9,99 (subject to change) Be aware that the geneforge saga can get up to $100 if bought from the official site, and ill throw in strategy guides and artwork too as a plus.
    3: To participate you have to be a member of Teräs.
    4: Submit a work of art (be it a drawing, a tale, a story, lore, a picture, a poem etc) or science (a weapon etc (engineers rejoice!)).
    5: You can submit multiple works, and they will count as different entries (Think of it like the work will be the one to win)
    6: Have fun!!!!

    The event lasts 3 weeks (HAVE BEEN EXTENDED TO 9)!!!! Meaning it ends the 31 of this month (August)!!!!

    HAVE FUN! Don't let this FREE games go to waste!

    Current entries:


    John Magus:



    Here are the nicknames (steam) of your fellow clan brothers and sisters! When you put your name here, one of the council of steel members (Ghost, Urist, Triozero and me) will add you to the official steam group shortly.
    If you don't see your name here then you have to pm me with it.

    Stoltverd: Stoltverd (May also appear as Bleizk)
    UristMcSpaceDwarf: Urist
    Ghost656: Ghost656
    Triozero: Triozero (also appears as Xilia)
    Navar0nius: Navar0nius
    Smaffy: Smaffy
    John Magus: Magus
    Knivez5 (Gustavo): Gustavo!
    SivCorp: Siv Corp Butcher Pete
    Nerlian: Trysson12
    CUBE075: CUBE075
    D34thG0D : D34thG0Dz
    DiscontentWithTheSystem: Erotic Tinfoil
    Vapor Horologium Corpus: Vapor Horologium Corpus
    Dis: AmpleFyre
    Lazla: draculazla
    TheGreatDevourer: Deathwing
    MrZero: Ecco
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    1. Ghost656

    -Terran/Tidally locked terra
    -Futuristic architecture style but with a combination of flora and remnants of old civilization, kind of like this:
    Something that creates a friendly atmosphere and freedom, also shows off how far we've come.
    -Landmarks: Statues of different kinds of people, like the creator of the Warp engine (FTL)
    Places untouched by current technology like forests.
    A big library in a city called: "The Great Archive" (something along those lines)
    The Great Archive holds art, literature, and history about Teräs. (Also about other things than Teräs)

    2. Nerlian

    -What kind of planet we will settle on?
    I think we should settle on some way a earth-like planet, I know that ice seems cool, but I think it would be so hardcore and it would be cool to we have our castles and bases in a place that is like Earth!
    -What kind of architecture style will it be made with? You can suggest several.
    Like I said earlier, medieval castles. But we should build modules to we use as homes, could use some sort of hum... pinnacle as a important governamental centers.
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    ok dumb question i cant seem to find the pm option anywhere...
  5. Ghost656

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    Click on my profile, then click on start a conversation.
  6. Zoolot

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    That is the most epic hand i've ever seen, it makes me want to high-five it
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  7. UristMcSpaceDwarf

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    Well now you can! Just fill out this application form and we'll send you your very own!

    (DISCLAIMER: we might not have those hands for handing out. Any evidence to the contrary is false.)
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    nah :p
  9. Stoltverd

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    We could send him a wild floran hand covered in steel...
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    why does the application form want my email?
    seriously, is there a good reason for one? conversations are perfectly fine.
    not submitting until that is cleared out.

    also, there needs to be an "a bit of all three" or "i just want to help dammit" branch
  11. UristMcSpaceDwarf

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    It's supposed to be optional, I think Ghost just forgot to add the (Optional)-part.
  12. Stoltverd

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    Yes, you can join just to help, as the Opening post says, we are a community :)

    And yes, email is optional. Its just for the people that want notifications of clan events via email.
  13. Ghost656

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    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, fixed that, it's optional now.
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    Welcome navar0nius!
    New Enginesmith for the glory of Teräs!
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    Give a warm welcome to Magus!!!
    New enginesmith for the glory of Teräs!!!
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    Thanks for accepting me I shall now begin work on a doomsday weapon
  17. Stoltverd

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    Make sure it includes lava, and make it pachiderm and legandary skeleton fire imps proof
  18. John Magus

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    Of course the moon sized ragnarok base will have that and more .... alot more heheheh
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    Welcome to the clan Patronus Xinaram! :D
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  20. Stoltverd

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    Take any of the wild floran slaves. They are expendable!

    Welcome Xinaram! Fight for the glory of Teräs!

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