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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Surenu, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Pangaea

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    What do you teach?
  2. Bamboozler

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    I work at a primary/elementary school so I do everything.
  3. Pangaea

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    I'm bringing this back!

    1. I like all music. Because of this, I can't say I have a favourite band.
    2. When I find a new song I like I will literally listen to it dozens of times in a row every day.
    3. For the last few years I've moved once a year.
    4. The longest I've gone without biting my nails after I paint them is about a week.
    5. Current hair colour: black and green. Going to the salon tomorrow so that'll change.
    6. My current avatar is Earth-chan to match my handle of Pangaea.
    7. I drink energy drinks a lot but the caffeine doesn't really keep me awake.
    8. My headset for my computer broke so I got a replacement that's the same exact model.
    9. I like playing video games but sometimes go months without playing any.
    10. The image is a Magic: The Gathering card. Of my small group that plays I've won the most.
  4. Shuredda

    Shuredda Orbital Explorer


    1- I love to talk with people from other cultures and know them and their habits. I would play online with them but I don't because I hate lag too much. I don't have interest in those that speak my language (spanish) because all hispanic countries have similar cultures and it bores me already.
    2- I like traditional Japan. Samurais, Ninjas, and the language. it's not because of anime scince:
    3- I hate anime.
    4- I love to see how other people react to things. Some times I make stupid or strange things to see their reactions.
    5- I go tho the gym from Monday to Friday and I think everyone should go at least twice a week. No exceptions.
    6- I love animals. Repeat n°4 ^ but with animals. I love meat too, wich makes me feel like a hypocrite.
    7- I am arachnophobic. I like them as creatures, I think they are very interesting and I wish I cuould google them without freaking out. I could not keep playing RE Remaster when I crossed that door and that thing was right over me asdsadasduiwhdawcfavr.
    8- I love playing videogames. I just wish I had more friends that liked it too. The only friend I had that played with me just isn't interested on it anymore.
    9- I have created several videogames with characters and mechanics and all, inside my head. I don't like to talk about them tho. I think they would be a huge success, but they are way too ambitious.
    10- I have a lot of curiosity for everything.
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  5. Shuredda

    Shuredda Orbital Explorer

    Me too. BUT I try to avoid the tentation of listening to the same song I like too much because I know that if I do, I'll get bored of it and never listen to it again. Ever. But once or twice a day it's okay.

    I got the feeling that your headset has something special...
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  6. Pangaea

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    It's funny because I'll listen to a new song a bunch until I find another new song. Then I'll forget about the first one. So I've started documents to keep track of song/artist names.

    Sound quality is great and the old one served me well for 4 years with extensive daily use. Really like it so got a second pair.
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  7. Anvenger_93

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    1. I live in Colorado, near the Rocky Mountains
    2. I love classic rock, (specifically 60s-80s) even though it's much older than me
    3. I hate anime
    4. My family comes from farming towns in central Idaho
    5. Hunting is one of my favorite things to do
    6. I don't understand vegans and vegetarians
    7. I am against gun control, I view it as a form of oppression
    8. I am christian and attend a church weekly
    9. I have been trying to create my own video game
    10. I believe I am a conversationalist, and global warming is a natural cycle

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