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  1. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Master Astronaut

    1: Ima Whale
    2: I'm quite the sloth, gotta say x')
    3: I write stuff
    4: I live in France (bring up your clichés, guys!! I'M WAITIN' FOR 'EM!!)
    5: I love Cyberpunk
    6: I LUV Steampunk
    7: I only wear Doc Marteens
    8: I'm a fan of the Megaman franchise
    9: I used to code guns as the Gunsmith (boy, that was long ago)
    10: I'm 17, but usually told to be looking older
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  2. Sziklamester

    Sziklamester Void-Bound Voyager

    My name is Sziklamester (ask for original name)

    Some fact about me.

    1. I am an adult person with some interests in everything.
    2. I am a dreamer and I have much more dreams and ideas what I can achieve or make it real (there are more what I cannot).
    3. I studied gardening in the school but I am more like game maker type and my hobby also video games-drawing and sometimes reading books-comics.
    4. I like to be kind and polite and hardly can be pissed off with everything but of course there are things that can bother me.
    5. I like the animals and the pets too when I was 6 I got a tamagochi and choosed a panda as my first virtual pet.
    6. I am heterosexual but somehow I am not interested in finding a partner so cause by this I am still virgin but I don't mind that.
    7. I like the philosohpy and checking different ideologies and making some experiments on this.
    8. When I was 10 I was close to death but somehow survived a hit with a pipe on my neck.
    9. Once I tried to collect some shiny rocks but ended up my collections throwed out of the window by my parents.
    10. My forum age is not real I am in reality born 1986-08-05 and if your calculations right then you are right I am now 31 years old.

    Bonus - I like video games and someday I wish to make my owns.

    There is some of these facts what a bit more personal than others but feel free to comment or share your ones. Thankies the opportunity to make some facts about ourselves.
  3. rogerflash

    rogerflash Poptop Tamer

    1. I am a teacher of physics.
    2. I love my wife, who cooks very delicious
    3. I am a good and faithful friend.
    4. I'm afraid of spiders and snakes
    5. I have a dog.His name is Josh
    6. I'm fond of music and playing guitar
    7. I have a complex character
    8. My dream is to become a school principal
    9. I love picnics and walks
    10. I have pajamas with bears:nuruhappy::nuruhappy::nuruhappy:
  4. Surenu

    Surenu The End of Time

    Nice! I'm on my way to becoming a teacher as well.
    Here's 5 more of mine:
    1. I survived, among other things, a headshot, several IEDs, an RPG and cancer.
    2. I volunteer in homeless aid.
    3. I sometimes fall asleep in weird places.
    4. I just dyed the front bang of my hair blue.
    5. My favorite candy isn't sold anymore and it's pissing me off.
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  5. BlueShard

    BlueShard Giant Laser Beams

    What the hell are you made of man?!
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  6. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Master Astronaut

    He's awesome, that's the kicker
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  7. Surenu

    Surenu The End of Time

    Grit, porkchops, alcohol and stupidly good luck mostly.
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  8. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Supernova

    And awesome-sauce in the place of blood.
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  9. D.M.G.

    D.M.G. Master Astronaut

    Welp, here comes another 5 facts!

    1: I'm a huge slut for pixel arts
    2: I'm currently developing a game
    3: And I'm beginning GameMaker
    4: I generally like to play nice characters in tabletop RPGs and the likes
    5: I hope to be able to cobble up my own company in the future
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  10. leonard_hartmann

    leonard_hartmann Seal Broken

    1. I'm a doctor
    2. I love to sing in karaoke.
    3. I have a lot of friends
    4. I dream to visit Australia
    5. I have a dog
    6. I play the violin
    7. I have a tattoo
    8. I love cooking
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  11. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    1. I am interested in all things magical and occult.
    2. I am trying to learn Mordor Script form Lord Of The Rings
    3. I am deathly afraid of cassowaries
    4. I am Australian
    5. I want to try (as a food) human, dolphin, walrus and penguin meats
    6. I love corgis, snakes, sharks bats, birbs, and porpoises. In no particular order
    7. I have a lovely beard that people like to touch
    8. I love coffee milk
    9. I am bi, bordering on asexual. I do feel attracted to people, just not sexually or for their physical qualities
    10. I love mythology of all kinds
    Bonus 11. I love Pirates, knights, Vikings, druids and alchemists
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  12. BlueShard

    BlueShard Giant Laser Beams

    It's quite a nice place if you make sure to appreciate the little things.


    Thank you, thank you thank you of reminding me of the name of that bird that is like an emu but isn't emu because it has a chin flap.
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  13. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    You heard me...
    Head crest, but yes. They're also meaner.
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  14. BlueShard

    BlueShard Giant Laser Beams

    Human flesh is sweet.

    They have a flappy chin thing as well though...
    (Behold my anatomical knowledge boys and girls)
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  15. Gerbilios

    Gerbilios Void-Bound Voyager

    1. Almost an engineer
    2. I drink alot of beer
    3. I quite enjoy practicing boxing/thai boxing or just generally exercising
    4. I find it hard to stop cussing
    5. Most of my wardrobe is band t-shirts bought from concerts
    6. Metalhead
    7. Dogs are awesome, wish i had one
    8. Avid gamer of all genres, except gacha and mobile ones these cash grabs can go screw themselves with a cactus.
    9. Magnificent long hair
    10. Sense of humour either so innocent you might accidentally think its cute or so dark you might wish to return to the light.
  16. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    Wait, there's a light?
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  17. Bamboozler

    Bamboozler Space Penguin Leader

    1. I'm a teacher and wouldn't trade my profession for anything in the world.
    2. I live in Australia.
    3. I'm a gamer at heart - mainly like MMOs and competitive games that have an emphasis on leader boards and ranking.
    4. If owning an otter or owl was feasible I would do so.
    5. I've recently rediscovered my love for pixel art.
    6. One of my biggest regrets as a child was not fluently learning another language or learning a musical instrument.
    7. Nothing is more delicious to me than a perfectly cooked steak.
    8. I love working on creating games and artworks in my free time, although I've been slacking for the past year or so.
    9. I hate Star Wars with a passion.
    10. I used to have a dog. Here's an old pic of him.

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  18. Daikon Ocelot

    Daikon Ocelot Spaceman Spiff

    Alright then, here is 10 facts about me, friends:

    1. I am a brave person.
    2. I don't like meat, but I am not a vegetarian.
    3. I like honesty and mercy.
    4. I have a bunch of pet fish at home, sometimes I watch them when I feel stress.
    5. I like tofu and tempe (it is a food made from soybeans).
    6. In a games or real life people around me always choose me to be a captain or a leader (I don't know why).
    7. I like a peaceful and quite place and condition.
    8. I like war and action (it is somehow contrary to point number 6).
    9. I have one little brother, he likes something loud and destructive.
    10. I like jokes (ironically, I can't tell jokes).

    I guess that is the best 10 about me, anyway, I can tell you more if you ask me.
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  19. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Master Astronaut

    Any particular reason why?
  20. Bamboozler

    Bamboozler Space Penguin Leader

    They're overrated and overhyped. On top of the fact that I don't normally like the Sci-Fi genre. The latest couple movies even had fans up in arms. Then there's the fact that Star Wars has their own Marvel comics which makes the franchise seem like a big gimmick to me.

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