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  1. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    oh bloody hell that must have been annoying, at least with my family they had the authority to simply do it,

    Psh, you ll catch up!

    Glad to hear! this place has some really nice folk
    /so many edits)
    I built a makeshift mortar when I was 19 with my brothersX3 when I was loading some fireworks it exploded just about 1 meter away from my head, I had a ringing noise for a couple hours thereafter!
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  2. I_am_the_Storm

    I_am_the_Storm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Well... I've been here for a while, so I think it's time to tell something about me...

    1. I'm mad, because almost everyone don't understand me.
    2. I write stories, lyrics and poetry, but most of my stories are discontinued, except my current large project.
    3. Once my school project was released in local papers.
    4. I had two broken bones; right hand, because I'd fall from high fance, and left finger on left hand from accident during baseball.
    5. I love Metal! \m/
    6. Long time ago, me and my 'comrades' have almost burned down a house of our friend. Thankfuly, no big deal, no medical care was needed and firefighters was not alerted.
    7. I don't care if Four Horsemen come to visit our World.
    8. The only thing that's keeping me depressed is I don't have any strenght, skills or abilities for life.
    9. I'm considering myself as a 'Whovian'.
    10. Sometimes I wish to see zombie outbreak. Not for dying people and overall chaos, but for experience and how precise are The Walking Dead.
  3. Cyber-Toast

    Cyber-Toast Big Damn Hero

    *Headbanging intensifies*
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  4. MS_NorthEastern

    MS_NorthEastern Orbital Explorer

    1. Massachusetts is the best state in my opinion. Obv
    2. I like classic rock. Rolling stones, CCR, Guns and Roses.
    3. I absolutely love Chowdah. Best Chowdah in the world, Mandy's Chowdah (That is the actual spelling of her small bushiness.) At the farmer market in Hingham, (pronuced hingum, not hing-ham.) Mass. on the south shore.
    4. I was in chess club, and Improv club, and I tried to start a D&D club. Goddamn school was not kind to me.
    5. I always get my steak medium-well. The last time had a steak not medium-well, was 4 years ago.
    6. One of the biggest injuries I've ever had was when I was 6, and charged headfirst into a clothing rack at a store becuase I though it would be fun to run around with my eyes closed.
    7. I'm a Jew
    8. I can speak french (Je suis la fromage a chapeau grand.) :seriously:
    9. I'm Vikings in For Honor. Bow down to the might of the Viking clans!
    10. AND .........(drum roll).......
    I'm a derp
  5. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Supernova

    *Angry japanese yelling* Toyota Honda Nissan Mazda Lexus Suzuki Subaru Mitsubishi Isuzu!
    I don't know Japanese and those are obviously just cars..
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  6. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    *joins in angry banter*
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  7. Hidari

    Hidari Over 9000!!!

    Can't be any worse than Piston Honda.
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  8. Cyber-Toast

    Cyber-Toast Big Damn Hero

    No you can't. :rofl:
    I think your french teatcher lied to you. :)
    All hail the mighty vikings!
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  9. The Cynical Space Traveler

    The Cynical Space Traveler Void-Bound Voyager

    Hello people, I was reading through this and I felt like adding my two cents.
    1. I'm 13 years old, I originally made a profile to be able to download mods for Starbound.
    2. I come from a southern state in a fairly small town. Each grade has around 100 people.
    3. I'm one of the few people who actually care about school in my grade, as a result I get high grades (A average)
    4. Last semester, I took Algebra 2 and finished the class with an A+ and a perfect score on the final (I enjoy math and patterns).
    5. I'm irritated fairly easily (doesn't help when my classmates are trying to act as dumb as possible).
    6. Writing is one of my strengths (and I enjoy writing essays and sci-fi).
    7. My handwriting, however, is awful (and I never learned how to hold a pencil correctly).
    8. I procrastinate a lot.
    9. I like science (especially astronomy).
    10. I enjoy strategy games (like Fire Emblem and Civilization)
    Bonus: I'm very accident prone, but I haven't broken a bone.
    I'll probably be back for another post some day, but for now, ciao!
  10. MS_NorthEastern

    MS_NorthEastern Orbital Explorer

    I'm pretty sure I can speak french. I meant what I said, and its all true.

    Also, hail my viking brethren. We shall crush these plebeians!
  11. Cyber-Toast

    Cyber-Toast Big Damn Hero

    Well, I'm pretty sure you would mean what you say if only your sentence made any sense. :rofl:

    To say "I'm a cheese with a big hat" you should say:
    "Je suis un fromage avec un grand chapeau."

    You can now shine in society by saying absurd sentences in french but because no one can understands them you'll still look smart. :iswydt:
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  12. Katkill

    Katkill Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    1. Is of Poland stronk
    2. According to some people I sound like a Scotsman who overdosed on fish and chips when I speak English
    3. I'm an alcoholic and I love it
    4. Also a heavy smoker, up to 50 cigarettes per day
    5. I like burned food, especially meat. Burned to the point when it's all pitch black and crunchy
    6. I love winter and snowstorms. It just feels good
    7. I'm not afraid to chin someone, but I'm terrified of spiders. That's one on the reasons why I'll never visit Australia or America. I will never go there, unless I can own a big ass flamethrower, biggest warhammer in the history of mankind and a pointy stick just in case
    8. My religion is Odinism
    9. I've never watched Star Wars, Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead movies because I'm a drooling uncultured caveman
    10. I lost my right eye in a car accident. It's not a big deal, I just ran out of things to say
  13. Ren Fox

    Ren Fox Big Damn Hero

    1. I like Doge memes far too much.
    2. I like regular foxes.
    3. I've lived in Russia.
    4. I somtimes speak in Chinese, even though I don't speak it.
    5. I can shade better in Traditional Art and can Color better when I use my tablet.
    6. Despite how much I like Fox McCloud, I've only played StarFox Control, and StarFox 64.
    7. I enjoy playing VainGlory more often than League of Legends.
    8. I'm talking 2 courses online.
    9. I've been trying too watch too many different anime series. I don't really know if I like them. élDlive and Assassination Classroom!
    10. Magically, I hate work with people, but love talking with them.
  14. Corraidhín

    Corraidhín Supernova

    Because 10 is too little and 30 is too much... ill put another 10 in here

    1- I am half chinese half Italian, two countries with great cuisine, yet I dont really speak either language very well.
    2- I have been struggling for as long as I can remember if I should make my persona a Fox, or a Wolf
    3- I picked the name Asriel Dreemurr not because I like the character, but because of a few very similar moments in our childhoods
    4- I am actually incredibly vindictive, but only if someone insults a friend or family member, yet give little to no care if someone tries to insult me
    5- most of my childhood friends were from Australia, so I tend to have a very high opinion (and positive bias) on their people
    6- Despite loving to draw and write, I am not very good at either and feel unable to progress unless I try for days non-stop
    7- I like to practice swordplay with hanbō and have put very little effort to learn any actual staff techniques
    8- I have always been over zealously competitive, so over time I rewired myself to be relaxed and non chalant about most things.
    9- I have an unorthodox way of thinking and tend to find very unusual answers to very simple problems
    10- I have a penchant to place fragile objects on very small surfaces to balance them, I have yet to break anything.
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  15. Arcadoof

    Arcadoof Star Wrangler

    1:I am an eldritch abomination
    2:I eat humans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    3:I have a split personality
    4: oh nothing don't listen to him
    5:I like Pokémon
    6:I designed the cake sprite in the upcoming waffle's bar mod
    7:I am both a writer and an artist
    8:I took an online iq test and it mistakenly gave me 126 iq where I am about average.
    9:I am good with computers
    10:I am super talkative
  16. Waffle-Chan

    Waffle-Chan Guest

    1.) My favorite foods are sushi and waffles (just off the top of my head. There might be another but I'm not sure)
    2.) I'm in love with a cow X3
    3.) I live in the United States
    4.) I used to have a dog named Cody, but we had to give him away because he was allergic to something in our house
    5.) I'm from a Hispanic family (despite being white)
    6.) I love hoodies and sometimes hats. Whenever I go outside I always wear a hoodie and my hat (which is an ushanka)
    7.) I can kinda sorta draw (I'm not too good)
    8.) I like Ken Ashcorp
    9.) I'm currently in High School
    10.) Along with blue being my favorite color I think blue hair is adorable
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  17. Surenu

    Surenu The End of Time

    Oh yay my thread got revived, time for another ten o' mine ~
    1. My favorite movie is Fight Club.
    2. I absolutely despise the city of Berlin.
    3. My favorite brand of beer is Veltins Pilsener.
    4. I shower with cold water.
    5. My dream is to live self-sufficiently in the middle of nowhere.
    6. I finally quit smoking for good.
    7. I really like Australian wine.
    8. On my private Discord server, I am often referred to as "Daddy".
    9. I am okay with the above.
    10. I like my steak medium.
  18. Arcadoof

    Arcadoof Star Wrangler

  19. The Cynical Space Traveler

    The Cynical Space Traveler Void-Bound Voyager

    I've noticed that this place has been revived, so I might as well attempt to add some more...

    1. I enjoy listening to podcasts, although I only listen to a few (Crate & Crowbar, NerdCubed Podcats, and Hello Internet)
    2. I fail to commit to things, including building in Starbound or Minecraft and writing stories
    3. One of my favorite games series is Pokémon
    4. Related to the above, my favorite games in the series is Pokémon Black 2
    5. I enjoy building with Lego, although I'm rather bad at it if there's no directions
    6. I like to learn about World War I
    7. Whenever I get into music, it's usually a single band or artist. My current artist of choice is Sabaton.
    8. My birthday is August 12th, the same day of that Charlottesville kerfuffle, and because of this...
    9. I was 8 minutes away from the city, eating lunch, that day
    10. And for my final fact, I'll have something rather mild: I was listening to a podcast while listening to this, specifically Crate & Crowbar episode 37 "Right In The Stamen" (I've been working my way from there to the present day episodes, which is currently 209)
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  20. Surenu

    Surenu The End of Time

    I have a B.A. in history so I guess I can help ya with that ;)

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