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Which farm version you use?

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  1. Standard Tego's farm

  2. Lakes moved version

  3. Lakes moved with fence around the farm

  1. tegobash

    tegobash Big Damn Hero

    Answering many requests I've decided to split the mod into two other. The first one, soon to be released, Tego's Sweetberry Farm is an expansion to the farm map adding additional farming space and a winery. The second one, Tego's Stardew Outback will focus on adding new locations like this old mod did. The latest version of Tego's Stardew Expansion was v0.9.6 (available below) and since then it has been maintained by Entoarox, for which I am very grateful. Entoarox' patch for Tego's Stardew Expansion for Stardew Valley 1.1 is available here.
    Thank you for your patience and support.

    Version 0.9.6 (29.04.16)

    Bugfixes only.
    Remember to delete previous versions of my mod before installing this one.
    Stay tuned for minecart bug fix.

    Version 0.9.5 (28.04.16)

    The mod now requires both SMAPI and ALL!

    This is a mod adding a few new locations designed mostly for exploring and foraging to make Stardew Valley feel bigger and better.
    Also this mod expands your farm to the south. Now you have more place to plant your plants, animal your animals and alcohol your kegs. There are three versions of farm expansions (included in the archive as FarmOpt etc).
    THIS IS NOT A CHEAT MOD. You will not receive a huge area right after start. You have to upgrade your tools to access most of the additions.

    It is recommended to backup your saves before playing this mod. It was tested with new savegames, I don't take responsibility for any broken save files.

    This is still a beta. Big thanks for reporting bugs!

    - The mod now requires both SMAPI and ALL!
    - Locations added:
    • House in the Hills
    • Aspen Grove
    • Riverbank
    • Hot Cave
    • WIPCave
    • Bus Stop Woods (now a separate location)
    - Included three versions of Farm Expansion
    - New tilesheet (aspen trees!)
    - Multiple bug and texture fixes- Compatibility with every map mod that doesn't change Farm.xnb

    - The mod doesn't require to overwrite any original files anymore;
    - Bug fixes (you can't bring your horse to the shed now unfortunately);
    - Hills area added (entrance in the railroad map);
    - Secret Forest expanded a little bit;
    - SMAPI is now required!;
    - Minor texture fixes;
    - Now compatible with texture mods again;

    - Plot!


    Be sure to check out Yama's Desert Expansion - a similar mod expanding the desert.

    You can download it here or on Nexus.


    0. Before installing this mod, make sure you've got SMAPI and ALL installed.
    1. Extract the downloaded archive.
    2. Copy "Mods" and "Content" folders from the extracted archive into your Stardew Valley directory.
    (if you don't have "Mods" folder you should check your SMAPI installation)
    4. Enjoy and feel free to give me some feedback.

    Farm.xnb is just regular TSE farm.
    FarmOPT1.xnb has ponds removed from the farming area.
    FarmOPT2.xnb changes the surroundings of the farm into fence (instead of the mountains).
    Choose the one that suits you and rename it to "Farm.xnb".


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    • Entoarox

      Entoarox Oxygen Tank

      Any chance you could make a version of this where the current lakes are removed and a new lake is within the grassy area?
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      • RedAlvis

        RedAlvis Scruffy Nerf-Herder

        This is the best looking farm expansion I've seen yet. Definitely gunna keep an eye on it. Excited to see what changes you make next! :nuruflirt:
        • tegobash

          tegobash Big Damn Hero

          Sure :) I'll try to make a version like this soon.

          New version with ponds moved to different places is ready.
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          • SasuraUchiha

            SasuraUchiha Cosmic Narwhal

            Wow, this looks beautiful! Will definitely use this on my next playthrough! (Since I already figured out the setup of my current farm, I don't use it now)
            • Ankou

              Ankou Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Very nice!
              I actually don't like the idea of most of the existing "make farm area bigger" mods but this one really appeals to me for a variety of reasons, largely because it feels like it's just another part of the game. It feels very natural as something you unlock as you play and looks like it belongs.

              I look forward to seeing what you make next.
              • Oboromusha

                Oboromusha Pangalactic Porcupine

                Great mod, but the current version has a showstopper bug on both variants of the mod.
                Travel by horse due south and go into the Hidden Forest. Come back and return to the entrance of the farmland by horse.
                The horse will become stuck in the entrance to this extension of the property (next to a boulder - i think that's the collision trigger) so you have to leave it until the next day when it spawns back at the stable.

                Another minor issue is that dug up section of the map next to the cellar entrance you placed. Looks off and it doesn't allow farming on it so I see no point in it being there.

                Also, I can report the new layout with or without the ponds will respect existing infrastructures in your savefile, so it seems pretty solid to me.
                Need to follow this thread because I want this expansion, looks amazing and offers a bunch of opportunities for construction and a proper forest where I can get my timber for the Winter without the concern of running out of trees before these get replenished, while the upper part of the map i can safely reserve for crops and animals. This is by all means expertly designed and optimal. Excellent mod.
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                • tegobash

                  tegobash Big Damn Hero

                  Thanks for the feedback! Tomorrow I'll post a new version with those bugs fixed and a working wine cellar/shed (thanks to Advize's and Jinxiewinxie's help).
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                  • lannihamm

                    lannihamm Pangalactic Porcupine

                    Excellent, this is definitely the best farm expansion I've seen so far. Now I don't have to dedicate 1/4 of my land for trees and grass. Looking forward to tomorrow's update!
                    • Cider

                      Cider Ketchup Robot

                      Just ran through this and absolutely amazing! I love the way it looks and can't wait to see the new wine cellar
                      • Spudli

                        Spudli Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                        can't wait to use this <3 :3
                        would prefer if there is a version with the water features where they are initially.
                        perhaps also adding a bridge over the bigger pond like the ones here.
                        • Superior_s

                          Superior_s Sandwich Man

                          OK, I'm really tired but are you saying this Xnb mod won't work with SMAPI or that's it's not currently a SMAPI mod? Because if it's the first I'm super confused.
                          • Entoarox

                            Entoarox Oxygen Tank

                            That already exists, its the one with moved ponds that was added at my request.

                            He wants to turn this into a SMAPI mod so that he wont have to change xnb files anymore and can add a custom cellar.

                            EDIT: Tego, might I suggest you take a look at your edits using the winter tiles? I'm seeing a lot of tile issues.
                              Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
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                            • Superior_s

                              Superior_s Sandwich Man

                              I thought that was the case. Appreciate the response. I'm going to go to bed now.
                                Last edited: Apr 10, 2016
                              • Oboromusha

                                Oboromusha Pangalactic Porcupine

                                Can you take a screenshot so I can check it out too? I used this during the summer.
                                • Entoarox

                                  Entoarox Oxygen Tank

                                  Ah, I'm afraid I've already uninstalled it, but its mainly a lot of corners or waves between the snowed grass & snowed dirt that dont connect properly in winter.
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                                  • Oboromusha

                                    Oboromusha Pangalactic Porcupine

                                    Ok, that helps to make a picture. I haven't see that issue before but it makes sense. I don't know to extent the collision problem at the south entrance is not somehow related to a missing tile too.
                                    • deadrun

                                      deadrun Void-Bound Voyager

                                      I really like the optional layout. However I can't seem to enter the toolshed. It fades like I'm entering a building but I stay outside.
                                      • Oboromusha

                                        Oboromusha Pangalactic Porcupine

                                        It's concept for now, the map for the interior does not exist. wait for the next version.
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                                        • tegobash

                                          tegobash Big Damn Hero

                                          Thanks guys! Most of the bugs is fixed in the new version I've just uploaded.
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