Tapper profession is beyond useless.

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shadow Locust, Oct 19, 2018.


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  1. Shadow Locust

    Shadow Locust Intergalactic Tourist

    We don't sell syrups. We need them. Just compare it to the other Foraging lv10 professions. Botanist makes look like the devs made Tapper just for the lulz. You receive 50 more gold from maple syrups (which we really want for bee houses) and oak resin (the most useful from all syrups) gives more 37 gold when we are SELLING them, and we definitely don't want to sell them.
    To see how it's incredibly useless, even it DOUBLING the selling price of syrups wouldn't make up for the profession AT ALL. The benefits we get from USING a maple syrup are way more worth than extra 200 gold for selling it.

    The best way I see to improve this profession is to turn it to speed up syrup production, even for the same amount (-25% less time). That way it would be useful for keg makers and honey makers.
    • Kurachi84

      Kurachi84 Space Penguin Leader

      once you don't need them anymore (or is someone gonna fill up all places where NPC's don't walk with bee houses and kegs?) you can sell them
      but i do agree it's not that useful. i'm using maple syrups for maple bars, as they are easy and almost free to make if you use seed makers for wheat and beets

      i won't vote, as i see some use in it, but don't think it's more useful than your suggestion here, making syrups speed up with production
      lets say i won't ever use it as it is now

      so i'd say it's not "completely useless" but not very useful either

      my guess is that you use deluxe speed-gro, which i don't really use (yet, good idea, since i don't need high quality for seed makers)
      i prefer high quality, if i plant to make money out of it
      but at one point in the game, which is probably when you got enough tappers (unless you like to grind for just tappers), you won't need that small few-day-money-increase anymore (if you know the game well, you probaly won't need it at all), plus the fact that Botanist is better for 2 reasons :
      1. high quality sells for more, and many forageables are obtainable easily
      2. highest quality gives more friendship points (george's birthday 1 iridium quality leek)

      i always use gatherer, but i see the other option is way better "Lumberjack" giving chance to find hardwood from normal trees
      in that regard, i see tapper is useless, yes

      note: reason why i use the other line is because i find a LOT of high quality forageables double,a nd lately i have pigs, giving me 2 truffles often

      syrup production going faster would really help me, in many ways
      if you had made 2 options "Switch Tapper for my idea" and "Keep Tapper as it is", i'd choose your idea for sure :D
      i'd even change profession once i have done most stuff, and don't need money as hard as i do now

      another note: i play my way, so not like most people play somewhat the same way in games

      anyway, Nice Idea!!
      • Shadow Locust

        Shadow Locust Intergalactic Tourist

        Well...syrups are made for Kegs, Bee Hives and Normal and Deluxe Speed-Gros. By the time you don't need more Kegs or Bee Hives (I doubt) you still can make Deluxe Speed-Gros with Oak Resins and the extra gold from this profession (Tapper) will be TOTALLY negligible.
        Sorry, buddy, but this profession is (like I said on the title) BEYOND useless. There is NO REASON you will want this profession above the others. Never!
        • Kurachi84

          Kurachi84 Space Penguin Leader

          you don't NEED 100's of bee houses or kegs, so it isn't 100% useless, but i get your point
          since the last time i posted here, i started using oak resins for deluxe speed gro to make seeds with seeds makers, and i love it
          it's real good to have, but if you have a different playstyle, you can use tapper as it is...... it's just not recommended, imo
          then again, even though it sounds nice, cutting the production time might not be worth being a tapper
          then again, i see no reason to go that way in general, as double harvest forages chance + highest quality forages = better than wood prices, imo
          within 2 years i already have crystalarium and diamonds, plus some gems drop a lot in the mines, which give a lot of money

          .... maybe tapper doing that would be better if the price of changing profession would be lower, because 10,000 is a lot just to change if you would use the tapper change you gave as suggestion, and back.... unless you are some hardcore player who goes only for profits all day long

          the greenhouse makes it that you don't NEED speed gro's, they are nice and lets you make money faster, but you could sell the tapped products if you wouldn't need to use the speed gro's
          i get your point, the only thing i stumble on is that you call it COMPLETELY useless, which i disagree with.... it's just that there are better ways to go
          so i agree with the idea of changing the function of that profession, that for sure

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