Tameable Mobs

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    Lets make slimes hatched via the incubator be friendly. I mean if baby peppers are friendly if hand reared then why not the slimes. Also possibly take it up a notch and make soot sprites, bats, and rock crabs tameable.. soot guys eat coal or coffee, bats eat fruit, and rock crabs eat refined quartz.

    They would of course live in the hutch and given the space I would say allow up to 5 critters for each filled feeding station. Just put either water or food in and they stay happy. If you forget to feed them they might be grumpy and nip you when you come in for two days.

    Suggestion for items is a bat trap which is 2 bat wings, 1 fruit and a crab trap, craftable rock crab stater crab roe from the pond and a 10 rock, and for the soot sprite 4 coal, a void mayo, and 1 iridium

    Bat trap is just placed in caves an you get a bat to fly into it

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