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    The following are a set of short stories. Some of them have a few chapters, while some are single chapter stories. I hope you enjoy.

    Sebastian looked around his room and sighed. Yesterday was his birthday and aside from Abigail, her fiance Mac and Sam, nobody paid him any mention. Maru was busy at the clinic as usual, Demetrius had gone to the Calico Desert to study the Sand Dragon and would not be back until Friday and his mom Robin was busy working on Mac’s farm, upgrading the farmer’s house. The raven haired young man felt so alone in the town. He wiped his eyes and opened up a word document on his computer and wrote up a small letter to his mom. He was leaving Stardew Valley behind and was going to find a new life in The City. After printing off the quick letter, Sebastian grabbed a few sets of clothes, his wallet and a laptop before walking upstairs.

    The house was quiet as Sebastian walked upstairs. It was just after midnight so the young man figured he would reach The City early in the morning if he took the main freeway. Once there, he would stay at a cheap motel until he found a place. Sebastian figured he had enough cash on hand and in his bank that if he was careful, he could survive a few months. Heading to the garage, the young man looked over his bike. It was an old busted up bike, but he had it running perfectly. Nobody else knew how to work that machine better than him. Opening the garage door, Sebastian wheeled the bike out and closed the door. Taking one last look at his home, Sebastian turned towards the road, revved the engine of his bike and rode off into the night.


    It was just after 2 am and Sebastian had pulled into a small gas station. He was in need of a coffee to keep awake and he was lucky to come across the small service station. He spoke to the cute attendant behind the counter for a few minutes while he drank his coffee.

    “So where ya heading?” she asked as she popped a candy into her mouth.

    “Into the city,” came his response. “Decided to leave my life behind and start anew. Left at midnight and just drove.”

    The red haired girl nodded in response. Looking outside she noticed the snow falling heavily. “Oh how pretty.”

    Sebastian looked outside and noticed the snow. “Oh no…”

    “What’s the matter Sebby?”

    “Is there a motel nearby I don’t like the idea of riding in a storm to the city.”

    “The closest motel is thirty miles away near Mineral Town,” she responded.

    Sebastian nodded and finished his coffee. “Thanks,” he said as he donned his helmet and went outside. Getting on his bike, the young man revved the engine and drove off into the storm.

    The snow fell harder and became thicker. The air grew colder the farther Sebastian drove and soon he found that his jacket was not enough. He could see the lights of the small town in the distance. “Get into town, rest at a motel and finish my ride to the city,” he thought. At that moment however, a small rabbit began crossing the road. Sebastian gasped and quickly turned to avoid hitting the rabbit.

    However, in turning to avoid hitting the small woodland creature, Sebastian hit a patch of ice which sent the bike skidding across the road before hitting the side of the road which sent Sebastian flying through the air. The last thing he saw was a large tree. “Oh this is going to hurt.”


    “MOM!” called Maru as she banged on her parents bedroom door. “MOM WAKE UP!”

    Robin slowly woke up. She had gotten in late trying to finish up Mac’s home. “What is it Maru?” she called.

    “Sebastian has run off,” Maru called as she burst the door open. “He left at midnight. His bike is gone.”

    This woke up Robin and she looked to her youngest child. “What? When?” Maru handed her mom the letter and she read it over. Reaching over, Robin tried to call her son’s cellphone but was given the standard notification that the phone was disabled. She slammed the phone down in frustration. “Maru go get dressed, we need to go find your brother,” Robin said. Mari nodded and ran off to her room and before Robin herself could change, her phone rang. At that moment, all colour in the elder woman’s face was gone. She answered the phone meekly. “H-hello?”

    “May I speak with the Parent or Guardian of Sabastian Callahan please?” asked the soft voice on the other end.

    “This is his mother speaking. May I help you?” Robin asked, her voice shaking in fear.

    “My name is Doctor Peters at the Mineral Town Community hospital, your son was in a motorcycle accident and is currently being treated for some serious injuries.” as Robin heard this, she began to cry. Her little boy was severely injured in a strange town lord know how far away. She continued to listen to the doctor, who had said that Sebastian was going to be fine and that they’ll send over some transport if they need it. Robin replied with a yes and quickly hung up. She placed her face in her hands and began to cry for her son. Maru came in and gave Robin a hug and rubbed her back.

    “Have they found Seb?” she cautiously asked.

    Robin nodded and wiped her eyes. “Your brother was in an accident. He’s currently in the Mineral Town community hospital and I am waiting for them to pick me up.”

    Maru became sullen and looked to her mom. “Is...he okay?”

    “The doctor said he is injured but should pull through,” she said quietly. “Maru, go get some rest okay sweetie?”

    “I want to come with you though,” Maru protested.

    “Right now I need you here and get Seb’s room ready for him okay? Can you do that for me?

    Maru grumbled. “Alright Mom.” She gave Robin a hug before going to her room.

    Robin waited until Maru’s door closed before she picked up her phone and made a call. A tired voice picked responded on the other end. “Hey Demetrius, we have a problem…”
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      Hou, suspense. And hot damn, got send flying at high speed and then slam hard on a tree. Seb will be lucky to survive that with just broken bones..
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          I will hopefully have part 2 up by Sunday.
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            +1 for violence. +2 for violence against Sebastian :confirm:
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              The news of the accident spread quickly through the sleepy farming community and soon the entire town was helping out with the crisis. Pierre volunteered to host a silent auction with Mac and Leah supplying some of the finer wares for sale with all proceeds going towards Sebastian’s medical bills. Clint was all too aware of the difficulties Sebastian would face in the mountainous terrain as he had been in an accident before, worked with Harvey to redesign a wheelchair to allow the young man some mobility. Marnie and Shane gathered up as much excess wool they could fine and utilized Farmer Mac’s loom’s to produce some fine cloth while Jodi would turn the soft fabric into a blanket for the young man. Finally, knowing that Demetrius and Robin would either be working or helping their son and wouldn’t have time to make dinner, Gus, Evelyn and Emily worked on making several frozen meals for the family.

              Soon Sebastian came home, much to the joys and cheers from the people in town. The young man was completely overwhelmed by the generosity of the people. Robin stood back and wiped her eyes while her doting husband placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

              “I know what it’s like to be confined for an extended period of time,” said Clint as he and Harvey approached the young man with a wheelchair. “After my injury several years back, I made a vow for it not to happen to anyone and designed this with the help of the good Doctor here. This chair is made so you can still explore the mountain areas, when you are tired of being stuck downstairs.” the young blacksmith said with a grin. “It is nothing too fancy, but it makes it easier for maneuvering around. Being housebound is not fun”

              As Demetrius and Robin helped their son into the chair, Evelyn approached the young man with a metal tin. “Here ya go kiddo. My gramma always said that there is no greater medicine than a tin full of cookies. And Robin and Demetrius, there is no need to worry about dinners for the while. Gus, Emily and I were busy making you guys some tasty dinners for you guys.when you’re tired after a hard day.”

              Shane and Marnie and Jodi were the next small group that approached Sebastian and his family. Marnie handed over the soft new blanket to the black haired young man. “This blanket is so you stay warm when you go out and about town. “Leah did wonders with the cloth we gave her. It’s a nice warm and comfortable blanket, perfect for when you want to escape the house for a while.” Robin grabbed the blanket and draped it over Sebastian’s shoulders.

              “How does it feel?” asked Shane. “Is it warm enough?” Sebastian nodded and Shane managed a small smile. “That’s good. Wear it in good health.”

              Finally Pierre stepped forward with an envelope and handed it to Robin and Demetrius. “Leah, Mac and I held a silent auction to help pay for your bills. I know all too well what it is like getting your account drained because of a medical emergency.”

              Robin opened the envelope and saw the massive amount of cash.”Oh my god...no this is...we can’t accept this. You all did so much already.”

              That is when Mayor Lewis stepped forward. “Robin, Demetrius, Sebastian. Your family has been part of our community for years. We are more than neighbours and friends, we are a family and when family member is in need of assistance, we all band together. That is what makes towns like ours great.”

              “Thank you” Demetrius replied with a soft smile.

              Sebastian was beyond words. “I-I never expected a turnout like this. I-It’s...I’m just...thank you,” he manage to speak out. “After my birthday, I figured I would leave and...and no one would care., b-but you all went beyond for this,” Sebastian wiping away a tear. “Thank you...thank you all.”

              Mac looked up and saw the that dark grey clouds began to roll in. He nudged Abigail who noticed them and she nodded. “Alright guys, I think it would be best we get Seb inside. I’m sure being out in the cold is doing wonders for recovery.”

              There was a few chuckles in the crowd and everyone began to disperse as to give Sebastian some time to get some alone time with his family. Demetrius grabbed the wheelchair and pushed him into the house followed by Robin. “Mac, Abby, do you have any plans for dinner tonight? We would love to have you over.”

              The violet haired girl looked at her fiance who shook his head and shrugged his shoulders. “We’d love to stay for a bite.”

              Robin smiled. “Oh I’m glad. I still have that bottle of cherry apricot wine you got me for my birthday and I would love to share some with you.” At that comment Mac smiled brightly, his brown eyes twinkling in delight.

              Demetrius spoke up. “Seb, you look tired. You want to have a rest before dinner?”

              Sebastian looked up at his step dad. “Yeah that would be great Demetrius, thank out.”

              The older man smiled and carefully wheeled his step son down the stairs. He opened the door to Sebastian’s room and felt a cool blast of air. “You gonna be okay? Want me to turn up the heat?” He asked as he helped Sebastian to his bed.

              “No I’m fine Demetrius,” he said with a weak smile. “That blanket was really warm and I would like to cool down for a while.” Sebastian finished as he lay on top of his bed. “Demetrius...I’m sorry for causing all this trouble.”

              His step father looked back at him. “I’m sorry for how our relationship is and I know I have not exactly been the best father to you and I know there is a rift between us. But I would like to mend it. Your accident scared your mom and I. I do love you son, and when I heard about your accident, I was so scared.” Demetrius said. Looking towards his stepson Demetrius forced a pained smile. “Moving forward, I promise to be more attentive towards you and your needs.”

              Sebastian smiled and closed his eyes. “Thank you, I would like that alot. I’m gonna rest now if that’s okay.”

              “Sure thing Seb. We’ll get you for supper.”
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