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    RORYN: Male. Grey fluff, red feathers and blue stripes. Ryos dad.

    He gets worried easily, especially if something or someone is late.

    He works as a farmer and engineer. He has been traveling with the tribe for 3 years.

    His packmates are: Merian.

    NADYA: Female. White fluff, blue feathers and green spots. Ryos mom.

    She is optimistic and creative. She works as a weaver and a tool builder.

    She has traveled with the tribe for 2 years.

    Her packmates are:

    YORN: Male. Brown fluff, grey feathers and yellow stripes

    .He is one of the calmest and most patient in the tribe, and helps out the others doing their jobs.He works as a miner and material processor and also helps others.

    He’s been traveling with this tribe for 4 and a half years.

    His packmates are:

    (REMOVE?) ORYON: Male. Grey fluff, white feathers and blue stripes.

    He takes his job seriously and is somewhat a loner by avali standards.

    He works as a tribe guard and teaches other avali to fight, and keeps the tribe in shape.

    He has been traveling with this tribe for 7 years.

    His packmates are.

    RYOS: Male. White fluff, black feathers and red stripes. Roryn and Nadya’s son.

    He is a supportive and engaged avali, who likes weapons and machines. He often takes the more risky decisions because he enjoys challenges. Has a talent for engineering things on the nexus and in reality

    He is currently a kit and has no job yet.

    His packmates are: Ferer, Chirry and Ejlan.

    FERER: Male.

    Likes playing and having fun, and dreams of becoming a pilot for a spaceship, or a demolitions expert. He often sticks with Ryos, because he also like challenges, especially when it includes fighting or explosions.

    He is currently a kit and has no job yet.

    His packmates are: Ryos, Chirry and Ejlan.

    CHIRRY: Female. Poulin’s daughter.

    She is the most athletic and fastest of the four, which she often shows by outrunning/gliding/jumping/climbing the others. She is very social, and enjoy sports and other activities. Has a passion for music.

    She is currently a kit and has no job yet.

    His packmates are: Ryos, Ferer and Ejlan.

    EJLAN: Male.

    He is a bit wimpier than the others, and is not very strong, but has great tactical skills. Why he sticks with Ryos and the others is unknown. He wants to become a captain of a ship or a leader of some sort.

    He is currently a kit and has no job yet.

    His packmates are: Ryos, Ferer and Chirry.


    There was once an Avali tribe on the snowy planet of Parshen. They were travellers, merchants and hunters. They followed a route that went across one-third of the planet, visiting cities and air bases, of avali and sometimes other races. While traveling on the southern, more flat lands of the Frozen Plains, they got suprised by a blizzard. After struggling through the blizzard for two weeks, they found a small forest, and decided to settle there until the blizzard ended. The hunters went out scouting the surrounding area for food, and landmarks. Some of the Avalis were checking on their equipment, repairing damage, cleaning snow and making sure everything was in useable after the hard storm, and what they would have to leave.

    In one of the tents in the camp, a nest of leathery eggs was placed together. Every few minutes an avali would come by to check on them. They were laid a few months ago, and will hatch soon. There are three avalis in the tent with the eggs. One brown-fluffed avali with grey feathers and yellow stripes is sitting on a bench, looking on the eggs and the two others. An brown-fluffed avali with red feathers and blue stripes is walking back and forth while checking on the eggs every time he passes. A third white-fluffed avali with green feathers and red spots is sitting by a table, sorting bottles and bags, while reading something on the nexus.

    “Why is it taking so long? The eggs should have hatched by now.” The red-feathered avali says.

    “They won’t hatch until they are ready, and you know that.” the blue feathered avali has stopped sorting the bottles and are looking at the impatient avali.

    “It’s almost three months since they were laid! They are already late!.” The red-feathered avali complaints. The blue avali opens her mouth to speak, but the brown avali starts talking before her

    “Please don’t start another argument guys, the eggs will watch when they are ready.” the two avalis shuts their mouths and continues with their work.

    Outside, in the camp,the sun is setting. The hunters have returned. They found some animals for today's dinner, and reports about ore clusters and other resources they have seen. They also report seeing something up north, but didn’t have time to check it out. The tribe splits up and does their last finishes on what they can do today, and prepares for dinner with their packs and/or friends.

    “What are we going to do?” The red avali mumbles

    “The sun is setting, and we can’t stay here all night!” The blue avali nods “I guess you’re right, and I’m getting really hungry too.” The brown avali raises his head

    “Go you two, I’ll keep an eye on the eggs, and I’ll call on you if something happens” says the avali sitting on the bench. The two other avalis walks out of the tent.

    “Thanks Yorn! I’ll save some food for you!” The blue avali says on the way out. The red avali walks out mumbling, glancing at the brown avali.

    Outside the tent the sun has set and the night is dark. Lanterns placed around the camp lights the ground, so no avali will have to stumble into something without seeing it.

    “Why are you so grumpy Roryn? Aren’t you happy we got all the eggs through the storm safely?” Roryn shakes his head

    “Not all of them Nadya, not all of them.” Nadya lowers her head

    “Yea, that one, but we did get most of the eggs out of the storm safely, and we should be happy about that, right?” Nadya raises her head and looks at Roryn.

    “We did get most of the eggs out alive, I guess, I just, don’t feel so very happy” Roryn shooks his head. Nadya looks a little annoyed,

    “Why not? Were safe, we didn’t walk astray in the storm, everyone is happy and safe, and the repair of our gear will only take a day or two, and the eggs can hatch any second! How can you not be happy Roryn?” Nadya stares at Roryn, waiting for an answer.

    “Im sorry, its just, I’ve been having bad dreams lately, and a very bad feeling in the back of my head, and I’m worried about our egg and…” Before Roryn can finish Nadya kisses him.

    “Dont worry, well all do our best to take care of the eggs, and the bad dreams are just dreams, don’t let them take control, they might just be instincts talking to you, or just you brain trying to make you remember something. You shouldn't forget your dreams, but don’t let them take over your head either, keep them in the back, just in case, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. But you can at least try to be happy.” Roryn raises his head and look Nadya in the eyes.

    “Yes, your right, as usual, I’ll try to be happier.” Nadya gives him a kiss and walks away,

    “That’s the spirit! see you tomorrow Roryn!” Nadya waves as she walks away, turning around a tent and disappearing. Roryn stands in the snow for a while, before he heads to the tent he and his pack sleeps in.

    Inside the egg tent Yorn sits and watches the eggs. Occasionally an avali comes in to check on the eggs and chat with Yorn, about the eggs moving or making sounds. As the night goes, fewer and fewer avali comes in. Around midnight, Yorn is barely still awake when he hears steps outside. When the tent door opens, Nadya and Reyn, one of her packmates comes in.

    “Hey Yorn! How are you doing? And how the eggs are, Any movements? sounds? Anything that shows they are hatching soon?” Yorn yawns and looks at Nadya.

    “Hi Nadya, hi Reyn, Im fine, except that I’m really hungry, and really tired. And no, no clue about the eggs. I thought I heard a sound from them earlier, but it was someone checking on the eggs in the back.”

    “Ok then, oh yes, the food, I almost forgot! We brought you some leftovers! Roasted meat and some Piru loaves, I also got a small Kiri cake, that you can eat as dessert or save for later”. Nadya places the food on the table,

    “And if you are about to fall over of sleep, give me a call and I’ll take egg watch duty for you!” She and Reyn leaves. Yorn stares at the food for a few minutes, before he stands up and walks over to the table. He sits down and eats quietly, while looking at the eggs.

    When he’s done eating, he sits by the table, closed his eyes, half-sleeping. Then he hears a sound. Something is scratching on something. he opens his eyes, and blinks a few times, and glances around the tent. Then he hears the noise again. One of the eggs are moving. He quickly stands up and walks up to the eggs. The egg moves again. He activates his nexus augments, and contacts Nadya and Roryn,

    “Nadya! Roryn! Over here! now!” After a few seconds he hears a low mumbling, saying something about beauty sleep.

    “It’s the eggs! Something is happening!” Low rustling sounds, then silence. After a minute steps are heard outside, Nadya enters the tent, with a tired Roryn behind.

    “This better be serious Yorn, you know how short-tempered I…” Roryn stops when he sees the eggs,

    “they, they are actually moving”. Nadya kneels down next to the eggs. “They are moving! that means they will hatch soon! right Yorn?”. Yorn nods his head.

    “It is the first sign that they are close to hatching. tomorrow we will have to tell the others”. Nadya takes a spin

    “Oh, I’m so happy! The eggs will hatch soon!”



    The sun rises over the cold lands on Parshen. Oryon sits on top of a watchtower by the outskirts of the camp. He watches the sun rise, lighting up the landscape. His grey fluff sparkles with snow. His white feathers glows as the sun rays hits them. The blue stripes waving in the wind. Even though the temperature is below -40C, he isn’t freezing. His ammonia based blood keeps his body safe from the cold. Oryon glances over the landscape, watching creatures of all sizes waking up from their slumber, or hide in caves or in the snow, to rest until the night returns. Next to him on the platform he’s been sitting on most of the night, lies his weapons. A type FM4 Firelance sniper rifle, customized for low-light combat, and a VBX-XL4 Dire shard broadsword. Both covered in a thin layer of snow, he grabs his rifle, and brushes of the snow. He has been here since after midnight, sitting on top of the tower, keeping an eye on predators and other potential threats, he guides the guards on the ground to where predators or other wildlife comes close to the camp. He is hoping for a few hours of sleep when someone calls up to him, telling him the tribe is gathering. He shouts down for someone to come and keep guard, when another avali comes to the tower and looks up at him. Oryon climbs down, hoping whatever is going on won’t take too long.

    In the camp, Nadya and Yorn are talking to the tribe about the eggs.

    “Last night, some of the eggs moved and made sounds. We think they will hatch soon!” A lot of avali’s began smiling when they heard that. The eggs hatching means hatchlings will come soon. Adorable little fluffy creatures, and they shall all help them grow to become the best at what they want to be. So many fun times to come, with the hatchlings learning about life. Not all of the avali’s were overjoyed with the news. Some packs was just traveling with the tribe across these cold lands for mutual protection, and they did not want anything to do with eggs. Others had jobs to do. And some packs were busy playing games when the gathering was announced. A grey-feathered avali raise his hand.

    “How long do you think it is before the eggs hatch? And who is watching the eggs when you are here?”. Yorn looks at the grey avali and says.

    “I am not exactly sure when the eggs will hatch, but I believe they will hatch within a few days. And right now Roryn of the Rasther pack is watching the eggs”.

    Back in the egg tent, Roryn is watching the eggs. He hears scratching from time to time, and occasionally an egg moves. He walks around the tent, fixing pillows, straightening out carpets, washing the table, sitting and resting, looking at the eggs, check the nexus. currently he sits next to an egg, scratching on a piece of nanocanvas. He scratches it, waits a few seconds, scratches again. after the fifth time of repeating the eggs begins to scratch at the same time as him or right after. When Yorn and Nadya comes back, Roryn has a small scratching orchestre, with Roryn as the dirigent, scratching once or twice every fifth second, and the eggs scratching with him, or a second or two after. Some of the eggs are even swaying back and forth, like they are dancing. He doesn’t notice Nadya and Yorn before Nadya says,

    “Oh, so cute! Roryn and his egg band!” Roryn quickly turns around, looks at Yorn and Nadya, and drops the nanocanvas.

    “Yes, I’m just, trying to make the eggs happy, so they will hatch faster.” Nadya hugs him, before sitting down next to the eggs, they have stopped scratching and seems to be waiting for something. Nadya looks at Roryn “I think they are waiting for you.” She picks up a piece of nanocanvas, and gives it to Roryn. Roryn takes the nanocanvas, and beings scratching. After a few scratches, the eggs begin to move back and forth. Yorn, who has sat down on the bench, smiles. Nadya picks up another piece of nanocanvas, and scratches on it, timing it to Roryn’s scratches. The eggs seems to like it, and some of the eggs begins scratching. They sit like that for about ten minutes, when other avalis comes in to see the eggs.

    “So this is how they move, eh?” one of them asks. Roryn raises his head ”Just trying to make the eggs happy, and if it makes them hatch faster…” The avali’s settles down around them, Roryn and Nadya continues to scratch, and the eggs join in shortly after.

    Time goes. Avali’s leave the tent, others enter the tent. around midday most of the avali’s in the tribe has been in there, listening and watching the eggs. Yorn has been out for a while, but just came back. Nadya’s stomach rumbles, and she falls backwards,

    “I’m so hungry!” Roryn stops scratching, and looks at Nadya,

    “Same here,” he looks around the tent,

    “Hey Yorn! can you watch them? We’re leaving for lunch break!” Yorn nods, and Roryn leaves with Nadya behind. Yorn raises up, walks over to the eggs, and sits down. He picks up one of the pieces of nanocanvas Roryn and Nadya left behind, and begins to scratch on them.



    Oryon is resting in his packs tent. Only Herin is currently in the tent. His three other pack members; Turon, Erya and Fermin is out doing their duties. Oryon keeps his eyes closed, trying to get some sleep before his next shift. Herin is working on a new weapon design, a variant of their standard issue rifle that works better in wind and snow, and has more firepower. Oryon connects to the nexus, looking for something boring to read and some nice, calm music to listen to. After a few minutes, he is listening to some calm band music, and halfway to dreamland, when someone is calling him on the nexus. The sudden call wakes him up. He keeps his eyes closed for a few seconds, before he turns of the sleep song, and answers the call.

    “Oryon this is Turon, sorry for waking you up right now, but we need you in the transmission tent, right now.” Oryon opens his eyes and stands up. He knows Turon doesn’t wake him up during sleep break if not something important is going on.

    “Where are you going Oryon?” Herin asks without stopping working on his new weapon.

    “To the comm-tent, Turon needed help with something.” he answers as he leaves the tent.

    “Ok, then, see you later Oryon.”

    Roryn is sitting outside his pack’s tent. Next to him is two other avalis; one green with red stripes, his packmate Kerion, and one grey with purple spots, his other packmate Joni. All three are chewing on meat-stuffed piru rolls. Roryn is looking around the camp. As usual on lunchtime, most avalis are inside their tents, or close to it, eating lunch. What they eat varies a little, depending on their taste. He sees everything from a pack eating only piru loaves with kiri on the side, to another one eating roasted meat with some fruit on the side. Others are eating Bread with pieces of meat on the side. He even sees a pack eating cake.

    (I guess they got something to celebrate) He thinks to himself. He looks at Joni, but can’t see Kerion. Joni notices him, and looks to the tent. Snoring is heard from the inside. A few tents away he sees a white avali walk past, heading for the center.

    (Wait, isn't that Oryon? I thought he would be sleeping at this time of day.) Roryn watch Oryon disappear behind some tents.

    His lunch down, Roryn decides to go and do some work. His main duty is farming after all. He walks off to the portable farm they have in the camp.

    There he sees a white-fluffed avali with green feathers, busy working. When he gets closer, he notices red dots on the green, and realises it's his third packmate, Merian. she’s busy harvesting piru, and next to her is a box with some piru leaves in. He walks over, and waves to Merian, before he begins to help the harvest, Merian sees he coming, and gives him a quick wave before she puts som piru in the box. Roryn gathers a little bunch of piru leaves. He carries them over to Merian and puts the leaves in the box. They both keep on harvesting leaves.

    “So, how are the eggs doing Roryn? Any closer to hatching yet?” Merian asks him.

    “Last time i checked on them, was right before lunch, then they were moving and making sounds, so if I had to guess, they’ll hatch in a day or two.” Merian stops to put some more piru in the box.

    “I guess you will get busy then, with a hatchling to worry about, and looking out for.” Roryn goes to the box and drops piru in it, then he looks at Merian.

    “We will all get busy looking out for the kits. Just because I’m dad to one of the eggs, doesn’t mean that I won’t quit my other duties. I might have to work less to watch out for them, but I’m not alone in watching them, the entire tribe will help out.” (Or at least I hope so) Roryn thinks to himself.

    “We all got work to do then, I guess.” They continue to work in silence.

    When they are finished with the piru’s, they go over to the kiri garden. The fruity kiri bulbs are squishy, and they takes some training to pick without bursting, and they have to placed carefully in the box, if not it would create a mess that would take hours to clean up. Luckily, neither of them lost the fruit. When the box was full, Merian picked it up. Roryn went to pick up the box with piru leaves. They carried the boxes to the dining tent.

    Most packs knows how to cook their own food, but for those who didn’t know, or had time to cook, could go to the dining tent to get a meal. Everyone who works to help the tribe will be helped and supported by the tribe. And if someone need ingredients, they could always go to the tent. Erikin of the Jerkin pack works in the kitchen tent most of the time, mainly because he is one of the best cooks. Other avalis work in the kitchen, most because they want to work with food. Some work there because other jobs are taken, others for being with friends, or just something to do while waiting for the storm to calm down.

    Merian and Roryn enters the tent. He sees a lot of avali, sitting on pillows on the floor and on chairs by tables. He can almost not believe how many avali is i the dining tent, then he remembers the dining tent is one of the largest tent in the camp. They walk through the crowd with the crates, over to the cooking area, where Erikin is cooking something. Merian shouts out.

    “Hey Erikin! Got some more ingredients for you!” Merian places the box next to one of the cooking stations, and Roryn places his box next to hers. Erikin, a brown-fluffed avali with green feathers and yellow stripes, goes over to them. He looks into the boxes, then at Merian and Roryn.

    “Nice harvest today, well done guys. And since were running low on flour, these piru-leaves are very helpful.” He says a name, and an avali comes. Erikin and the other avali picks up the crates, and carries them to the storage area by the tent walls. Merian and Roryn walks over to a table, and sits down.

    “Finally I can get some rest.” Merian says as she lays her head on top of her arms on the table.

    “I’m a little hungry, I’ll go ask for a stuffed piru loaf. Do you want anything?” Merian mumbles a no thanks, and Roryn leaves the table, and walks over to the ordering area. He talks with an avali, who after a minute gives him a piru-loaf. Roryn walks over to Merian’s table, and sits down. He starts eating on the loaf.

    “I will never understand how they manage to make leaves and pieces of dead animals taste so good” Roryn says as he swallows, and starts on his second bite. Merian doesn’t answer, she just breathes slowly. Roryn understands that she is sleeping, so he eats up, then he connects to the nexus, and leaves a note for Merian. Then he rose up, and walked out of he dining tent. He heads to the egg tent, to see how they are doing, and maybe take over watch-duty for Yorn.

    In the egg tent, Nadya is whistling and scratching, watching the eggs move to the sound. Yorn is not in the tent, so Roryn guess he is taking a break. As Roryn enters the tent, Nadya looks up and catches his gaze. He walks over to her, and sat next to her.

    “How are the eggs doing?” Roryn asks Nadya. She keeps on scratching and looks at him.

    “Nothing new yet, they are still responding to the scratching, and they are moving more than they did this morning, and some of them even fallen over, so I think they are really close to hatching now.” Nadya glances over the eggs, watching them cradle. She starts whistling again, and they both watch the eggs move from side to side, like they are dancing a slow dance. They sit there, watching the eggs. As time goes, the sun settles.



    Yorn joined them a while ago, sitting by a table while sipping on a bottle.

    Nadya yawns. Roryn try not to, but he yawns too.

    “Bedtime guys?” Yorn asks as both Nadya and Roryn yawns again.

    “I don’t want to leave the eggs, I have a feeling they will hatch any second, and I want to be here when it happens.” Roryn stands up.

    “If were going to stay here, we’ll need something to rest on, I’ll go get some pillows we can use.” He says and walks out of the tent.

    After Roryn has left, Nadya looks at Yorn.

    “Do you think he is okay?” Nadya asks. Yorn takes a sip and looks at her.

    “Why do you ask? Has he done something stupid?” Nadya shakes her head.

    “No its just, yesterday he seemed worried about something, so I talked to him, and he said he had bad dreams lately, and a bad feeling.” Yorn puts the bottle on the table and asks

    “Did he say anything about what the bad dreams were about?” Nadya looks down.

    “No, I didn’t ask, I just told him to try to be more positive. Do you think he can have done that again?” She looks at Yorn. He closes his eyes and thinks for a minute.

    “I don’t know, if he dreamt something bad, and has a bad feeling, it might mean something.” He opens his eyes, and leans back.

    “Ask him tomorrow if he dreams anything tonight, if he has bad dreams again this night, we should consider being worried.” Nadya strokes her hand over a egg. She looks at the eggs with a worried eyes.

    “Do you really think something bad can happen?” Yorn looks at her.

    “More than once before, Roryn has proved that he can obtain some knowledge about the future through his dreams. Like the time he dreamt about an avali standing in the snow by a broken speeder, for three nights in a row, and after the third night, we found an avali, with a broken speeder. Lets just hope this is a normal nightmare, and not a prediction.”

    “Yes, you’re right. I just hope nothing bad happens to the eggs, or any of us.” They sit there for a while, not talking, just looking at the eggs, praying to whoever, or whatever that Roryn doesn’t dream anything tonight.

    Outside the tent, Roryn is walking of to is packs tent. Inside, only Merian is awake, and she looks sharp at him. He sends a message through the Nexus.

    (Im staying in the egg tent with Nadya and Yorn tonight, I just came back for a pillow). After a second he receives a message.

    (Oh, so you were going to stay with the eggs tonight? You could at least sent a message or something).

    (Im sorry, time flies and...) ,

    (Yea, yea, time flies as you are watching the eggs with Nadya), Merian picks up his pillow and throws it at him.

    (Here you go, now get out before you wake up the others).

    (Thanks Merian) He messages as he leaves the tent.

    Outside the tent the moon is up, and the wind blows cold. Roryn heads back to the egg tent, when he hears someone talking. He follows the sound to the comm-tent. He stops a few feet from the tent. He knows avalis advanced hearing can find him easily, and the snow dampens the sound just a little. He can hear the talking better now.

    “Are you sure these scans are correct?” One of the voices says. He can’t hear any other voice, so he guesses they are using the Nexus.

    “Very well then, I will send scout drones to keep an eye out, and send out an extra patrol tomorrow.” It is silent for a minute, then a voice,

    “Understood, thank you for telling us this, I will ensure guard is up. Goodnight sir.” After this the voice disappears. After a minute he hears a tent door open, and steps in the snow. He sneaks quickly away, and hurries to the egg-tent. (What was it I overheard right now?) He thinks as he approaches the egg tent.

    Inside Yorn has fallen asleep on the table. Nadya is still awake when Roryn comes in.

    “Hey there, found the pillows? Did you get one for me?” Roryn hands her his pillow.

    “Here, use mine. Get some sleep, and I’ll wake you up if something happen.” Nadya takes the pillow, puts it on the floor, and lays her head on it. She is asleep within minutes. Roryn looks at her, and smiles. He is happy they’re safe, and things have gone back to normal so quickly. He sits there for a while. Yorn wakes up, and looks at him.

    “Hey Roryn, you’re back already. Wait, how long was I asleep?” Yorn looks around the room, like he is looking for a clock.

    “I came back half-hour ago, and you were asleep then. I gave Nadya my pillow, and she fell asleep.”

    Yorn looks at him. He yawns. Roryn yawns too but longer.

    “get some sleep bud, I’ll wake you if something happens.” Roryn stares at Yorn.

    “Are you sure? aren’t you tired?” Yorn shakes his head.

    “Not as tired as you are. Don’t worry, I’ve been sleeping half the day. I have to stay awake a little, or I will go into hibernation.” Roryn looks at Yorn with disbelief. Then he sighs and yawns.

    “I guess you are right, goodnight then Yorn.” He curls his tail to use as a pillow, and closes his eyes. The last thing he hears before he falls asleep, is Nadya breathing, and Yorn saying something, he didn’t catch the first bit, but he got the last words.

    “...sweet dreams Roryn.” He is not sure what to think about that, but before he can think more about, he falls asleep.



    The sky is dark. Roryn looks around, he is in the camp. Something feels wrong. He walks over to a tent, and looks inside. He sees an avali pack sleeping. He leaves the tent and walks through the camp, heading for the egg tent. As he walks through the camp, he gets a strong feeling that something is wrong. He looks up at the sky. the sky is glowing. He can’t see the sun, nor the moon. As he goes through the camp, the feeling grows stronger, and a sense of pack spreads through him. He walks faster, and then runs. He can’t remember that there were so many tents. The sky glows brighter. he sees something fly over him, too fast for him to see the details, but it looked like a small aircraft. He begins to hear something in the distance. It sounds like... shooting? He is running as fast as he can to get to the egg tent.

    He can hear screams, shouting. Guns firing, swords clashing. He is panicking, and runs for his life. Around him he sees avali on the ground, dead or dying. He watched as something shoots down an avali further ahead. He grabs for his sword, but he can’t find it. He sees an avali on the ground with a sword next to him. He picks it up, and runs straight for the creature. With a roar he slashes the creatures head off, and keeps on running. He suddenly feels a pain growing in his chest. He can see the top of the egg tent, and hurries even more. He stops when he sees the entrance. Yorn and Nadya fighting for their lives against creatures. Suddenly Yorn falls over. Roryn looks around, and sees a creature with a rifle, aiming for Nadya. He runs for it and shouts.

    “Get down Nadya!” and pushes her into the tent. Then he suddenly feel something pressing into his back, and he falls over. He barely manages to open his eyes.He sees a kit, holding a small bone spear. He can almost not hear his own words;

    “Run… you… have… to… run… Ryos.” The kit comes closer to him.


    And darkness fill the world.

    “Roryn! Wake up!” Nadya shakes Roryn. She looks at Yorn.

    “He won’t wake up! What shall I do Yorn?” Yorn is sitting next to her, looking at Roryn. Roryn woke them up when he shouted for Nadya. They both went straight over to him. Roryn is talking in his sleep, something about, creatures, and someone is dead, and a… Ryon is running?

    “Help me Yorn!” Yorn grabs Roryn and begins talking to him.

    “Roryn, it’s just a dream! you have to wake up! C’mon buddy! Wake up!”

    After some more shaking a little shouting, Roryn seems to calm down, and slowly opens his eyes.

    He still sees them. They are all dead. He hears voices. Yorn and Nadya, but, they died… He died. He can feel something shaking, and someone is shouting. The darkness slowly fades, and he sees something. He makes out two faces.

    “Yorn… Nadya… What is going on?” Then he looks at them. He jumps up and hugs them.

    “I’m so glad you’re safe.” Nadya hugs him back, then she backs up and looks at him.

    “We’re all safe, there is nothing to worry about.” Roryn hugs her, and cries.

    “It…. it was…… terrible. You…… died…” Roryn sobs out. Yorn helps Nadya laying Roryn down. Nadya places his head on the pillow and whispers

    “You are safe Roryn, calm down. We will keep you safe.”

    Yorn is thinking hard.

    (Did he have nightmares? I will have to ask him about what happened in the morning.) Nadya curls up next to Roryn, and they both fall asleep. Yorn stays awake. He connects to the nexus.

    (I have a message for Therin, tell him that Rorn has had another nightmare. I will ask him about it tomorrow.) After message is sent. Yorn grabs a bottle, and starts sipping on it. He sits watching Roryn, and thinking for hours, until he notice the outside lights up.

    When Roryn wakes up, he opens his eyes and looks around. He sees Nadya curled up beside him, and Yorn is sitting relaxed by the table, looking into the air. Roryn guesses he is on the nexus reading a book or playing a game or something. He decides to not move, and just lay there, next Nadya and the eggs. He begins to think about what happened last night. About the nightmare he had.

    After a while he hear Nadya yawning. He turns his head and looks at her.

    “Good morning Roryn! Good morning Yorn!” She says. Yorn, who now perceive that the others are awake, disconnects from the Nexus, and looks at them.

    “Good morning Nadya.” Then he looks at Roryn.

    “How are you feeling bud?”

    Roryn gets up and shakes his feathers. He looks at Yorn and says.

    “Except for the nightmare, and a really bad feeling all over my body, I think I’m fine.”

    Yorn walks over to him and sits down next to him. Nadya grabs his hand.

    “What do you remember from your dream?” As soon as Yorn asks the question Roryn feels panic spreading through his body, and he begins to shake. Nadya hugs him, and does not release until he calms down.

    “Take it slow, and tell us.” Roryn breathes in deep, and slowly begins to tell about what happened in the dream. About the calm camp, the ship, the creatures attacking, the dead avali’s, Yorn getting shot, him pushing Nadya into the tent, and him dying, He doesn’t tell them about the kit he saw inside, nor what he said to it. They sit there for a while, just staying close, and thinking about Roryn’s dream. After a while, Yorn gets up.

    “Where are you going Yorn?” Nadya asks and looks at him.

    “To my packs tent. I have been awake most of the night, and I could use some sleep.” Nadya gets up and looks at Roryn.

    “I’m going to get us some breakfast, just stay here and I will be back soon.” As soon as they are outside, Nadya walks over to Yorn and ask.

    “What are we going to do? If he had a future-vision dream, we have to tell someone!” Yorn looks at her.

    “I will go to the tribe council, and talk to them. If he had a vision dream, we must prepare. It might just have been a warning of what might happen. Also, we don’t know when the dream takes place. It could be days, weeks until what he saw happens. But I must still go and tell them, so we can be extra alert.” Nadya nods, and heads for the dining-tent.

    Yorn walks off, heading for the council tent. What neither thought about, was Roryn inside the tent, who heard them talking.

    After Nadya and Yorn left, Roryn just sit there by the eggs. He looks at the one he and Nadya made. He holds around it, thinking about the kit in the dream.

    “Hi there boy” he says to the egg. “What do you want to be called when you come out?” The egg sways back and forth slowly. “What do you think about, Yorn?” The egg doesn’t move. “Herion?” Still nothing. “Kero? Ret? Ferir?” No movement. He sighs, “What about Ryos?” The egg leans over to him. “Ryos?” The egg makes a small jump and spins a little.

    “I guess you want to be Ryos then...” The egg leans onto him, like its hugging him. “I guess that is settled then.” Roryn says and puts the egg down with the others.

    Roryn sits by the eggs for a while. Later Nadya comes in, carrying a plate with food.

    “Hey Roryn, how are you doing?” Roryn looks at Nadya.

    “Hi Nadya, I’m fine.” He says and takes the plate. He puts the plate on the floor, and looks at the food. It is one piru loaf and a piece of meat. He picks up the piru loaf, and chews on it slowly, while looking down.

    Nadya, who understands that he is is thinking about something, asks;

    “What is the matter Roryn? anything I can help with?” Roryn looks up at her and says;

    “I’ve just been thinking. Since the egg is hatching soon, maybe we should think of a name for the kit?” Nadya just looks at him for a second, then she smiles.

    “Good idea! We haven’t thought of a name for the kit yet! Ok, so I thought about maybe Oryon, because he is such a good warrior, or maybe Yrer? Maybe Rorynir? Oh, it is so hard to decide!” Nadya continues to suggest different names. While she talks , Roryn picks up their egg. Nadya notices it, stops talking and looks at him. “Do you have any suggestions Roryn?” She asks. He holds the egg tight, looks at Nadya and says.

    “I thought maybe, Ryos?” The egg moves a little. Nadya blinks a few times. Roryn gives her the egg

    “Ryos? Not a bad name.” She says. And to her surprise, the egg moves a little when she talks. “Ryos?” She says again, and the egg moves again. She smiles. “I think the egg wants to be called Ryos.” She looks at Roryn.

    “Do we agree then?” He asks. Nadya smiles, and looks at the egg.

    “Ryos” She mumbles. “Ryos, little Ryos.” And the egg spins in tiny circles, like it likes the name. Roryn lays his arm around Nadya.

    “Is it settled then?” He asks. Nadya smiles at him and gives him a kiss, before she sits down, repeating the name for the egg, and the egg moving to the sound of its new name. Roryn sits down next to her and continues on with his breakfast.

    Yorn is on way to the tribe-council tent. The council is basically a group of avalis from different packs, chosen to work and decide what the tribe should do and bring forward reports, opinions and suggestions from.their packs. Not all the packs have council members. It is mainly the pack that travels with this tribe for periods of months or years at the time that has a seat in the council. Packs only traveling with the tribe for a few days or weeks can have a seat too, but usually don’t care much because they won’t stay so long. They still follow the rules and decisions made by the council.

    Yorn is meeting with council-member Sjerin, a white-fluffed avali with red feathers and orange spots. Inside the tent, Sjerin greets him.

    “Good day Yorn. I heard the eggs might hatch soon. That is great news! So what can I help you with today?” Sjerin sits down on a cushion, and Yorn sits down on a cushion opposite her. Yorn looks at her.

    “From your look I guess it is not very good news.” Sjerin says.

    “You are right. These news are not very good.” Yorn breathes in, and speaks; “Roryn has been having nightmares.” Sjerin looks at him with a confused look.

    “So what? We all have nightmares sometimes.” Yorn looks at him.

    “He has been having the same nightmare, every night for almost two weeks. Some nights parts of it, other times the parts are connected into a longer nightmare.” Then Yorn tells him about the nights, Roryn suddenly waking up at night, the nightmares he told Yorn about, and the nightmare Roryn had this night. Sjerin sits there for a few minutes thinking, then she says;

    “So you think something is going to happen?”

    “Yes, more than once Roryn has had visions of the future through his dreams. Like the time we found the stranded avali, the blizzard, the earthquake, and the time he found ammonia when our reserves were almost empty.” Sjerin looks at him, sighs and says.

    “Ok, it might be something we should worry about, but do you know when it will happen?” Yorn activates his nexus, and creates a hologram.

    “According to Roryn, There was a mountain close by, so we have to be careful when we get close to mountains. Also the sky was bright, but the dream happened during night time. He saw no sun or moon, so I ran some tests.” A hologram of the planet appears, with the moon circling around, and the star a bit away.

    “The time that matches his descriptions is during a midnight sun, while the moon is on the other side of the planet, that is why there is no moon.” The moon on the hologram moves to the side of the planet furthest away. “And the light without any sun at night time, might because of solar flares that happens randomly, usually with ten years between.” The sun appears, and a small explosion appears on the star. A wave of light travels toward the planet and lights up part of it.

    “According to our databanks the last flare happened about 7 years ago, some time before you arrived, so the next flare will probably happen within five years or so.”

    Sjenir leaves the hologram room, and sits quietly for a while, thinking. Suddenly she asks.

    “So in about two years time, we will get attacked by something or someone, and many of us will die in battle, but will we win? Will the tribe survive?” She opens her eyes and stares hard on Yorn.

    “I don’t know. it is possible that we will survive the battle, maybe not. In the dream Roryn died before the battle was over,so I can’t say Im sure.”

    “So what do you think we should do then Yorn?” Sjerin asks.

    “I think we should keep an extra ear open to satellite scans and reports from different parts of the solar system, as well as planetary reports and sightings. We know something will come, but we do not know who or, what, and about 80% sure about when they come. We should also increase patrols and security when we are close to areas with mountains in them.” Sjerin raises up, and looks at him.

    “I will have to talk to the other council members about this. Do not expect to be believed, but it is worth a try, especially if this is one of Roryns Vision dreams.” Yorn raises up, and bows.

    “Thank you Sjerin.” Yorn walks leaves the tent, but as he do, he hears

    “Take care Yorn, and thank you.”

    Yorn heads for his pack tent, and walks past the egg tent. He looks inside, only to see Nadya alone. He looks around the tent, but he can’t see Roryn. Nadya sees him, and waves to him. He walks in.

    “Where is Roryn? I thought he would be resting?”

    “He went to his packs tent to explain he not being there last night, and to do some work. He said he thought it might help him relax.” Nadya answers, as she continues to work. Yorn notices she seems more happy than usual, and asks her. Nadya looks at him and smiles, holding her egg up.

    “Roryn and I have decided the name for the kit!” She smiles at him.

    “You have? Then what is it?”

    “We decide Ryos!” Yorn catches a glimpse of movement from the egg.

    “Ryos you say? That is a great name!” The egg moves again.

    “And he likes it too.” Nadya says, and whispers Ryos name again and again, and the egg moves around, seemingly enjoying it.

    Yorn tells Nadya he’ll be sleeping with his pack tonight, then he leaves.

    Roryn has been out working with his pack on the farm, and after a lunch break, he is heading for the egg tent, with some lunch for Nadya. When he enters the tent, Nadya is being visited by some of the other parents. They are discussing names. Roryn makes a whistle sound that he knows Nadya will recognize, and gets her attention. She looks at him, and waves. He walks over to the table, and places the plate there. He sits down, and waits for Nadya to come and sit down next to him.

    “So, busy day?” he asks.

    “Yes, after the news about Ryos getting his name, a lot of parents have been here discussing names.” She looks at the plate. “I see you brought some food too, for who?” Roryn smiles and shoves the plate to her.

    “I brought it for you, in case you were hungry. You have after all brought me food quite a few times the last few days, so I thought I would repay the favour.” Nadya smiles and grabs a piece of loaf, and starts smiling.

    “Thank you.” She manages to say through the mouthful.

    The rest of the day goes without much happening. Avali enter and leave. Names are suggested, discussed and placed. By sundown only Roryn and Nadya are left in the tent. They talk for a while, discussing different names, rumours and stories they’ve heard the last days. Even though they are in the egg tent most of the time, the tribe has many more avali working around. About 28 avali divided into 5 packs creates the main tribe, traveling around the continent on a long term basis. Other avali-packs, sometimes other species travels with them. Depending on the time and current travel route, the tribe’s size varies from about 40, to rare occasions with almost a hundred. Currently there is about 60 travelling in the tribe. Mainly avali with some apex and a few humans.

    The main reason for travelling in tribes is not because they like it, but because of mutual protection. This planet has many different types of creatures, most of them are dangerous. And bandits are a common problem.

    Inside the egg tent, almost in the middle of the camp, Roryn and Nadya sit together. Resting after a long day of work. They are both tired, and wants to sleep. They had a five minute discussion to decide who to take first watch and how long each should sleep. They finally agreed that Roryn should take first watch, and Nadya sleeps for about an hour, then they switch.

    The night goes on, without anything big happening. Roryn has had two sleep breaks, and is about halfway through his third watch, when he hears something. He focuses his direction of hearing to where the sound came from, and he hears it again. Scratching, not unlike the eggs did earlier, but it sounds a little bit different. He slowly raises up, lifting Nadya own on the bench they were sitting on. He walks over to the eggs. As he gets closer, he notices one of the eggs moving. When he gets closer, he sees that it is his egg that moves, and makes the scratching noises. He sits down next to it, curious about what is happening, when he suddenly gets a feeling. An odd feeling, possibly some instinct, telling him something about the egg, that it is going to hatch, now.

    He quickly sends a message to Nadya. After a few seconds, her eyes blinks and she yawns.

    “Is it my turn alrea...” She stops when she notices Roryn not is there, and gets up. Roryn waves her over to him. She walks over and sit down,

    “What is it.” She asks, when she suddenly stiffens. Roryn guesses she is getting the feeling too. “Can you feel that? I feel like I know when the egg is going to hatch, and it is now.” Roryn nods slowly.

    “I have the same feeling.” He says. Nadya looks at him, and asks.

    “Should we tell Yorn about this?” Roryn nods again.

    “I bet he would kill us if we didn’t tell him that the eggs are hatch.” He says. Nadya silently agrees, and sends a message to Yorn over the Nexus. The scratching intesifyes, making both avali look at only that egg. Suddenly the scratching stops. Another sound is heard, like someone tearing clothes. Suddenly a small rip appears on the eggs shell. The rip grows, creating a black line on the egg. Both avali are feeling their bodies filled with excitement, and the black line grows wider.

    The egg falls down, and a weak, whistle like noise is heard.




    The little creature looked up at two feathery faces, both faces had two big eyes. He noticed that they are very alike, but their feathers has different colors. “Ryos?” He asks. It is the only thing he can think of. The avali with spotted feathers says something;

    “Hey Ryos! Welcome to the world!” and he recognizes the voice. She is mommy! He jumps at her, and she catches him.

    “M… mo… momy!” He manage to say, as he hugs her. The other avali says something too.

    “Hey Ryos, what about me?” That sounds familiar too, the voice sounds like daddy! He crawls out of mommy's arms, and falls to the floor. He tries to reach daddy, but he is far away, and his body feels a little weird. He tries to crawl over to daddy, and eventually gets there. He grabs daddys leg, and climbs up. When he is right below daddys head, he feels tired. He loses his grip, and on the way down, he lands on something soft, and after a second he is asleep.

    Roryn and Nadya stands there, looking at the little kit, with white fluff, black feathers and red stripes, sleeping in Roryn’s arms. They hug each other and cries happy tears, because their kit is finally here. They sit down next to each other, just enjoying the moment.

    “He is beautiful.” Nadya says. “Our little kit.” Roryn strokes his hand over the little kits black feathers.

    “Should we tell anyone, or let them sleep?” Nadya asks.

    “If Yorn got the message, he’ll be here any second. And none of the other eggs has shown any sign of hatching now, so we should warn their parents.” Roryn looks out the door, “The sun is on the way up, we can tell them then.” He looks back on the kit, and lays his arm around Nadya. “Lets just enjoy the moment while we can.”

    They sat there for an hour or so, then they heard steps outside. Yorn came in.

    “What is happ...” Nadya hushes him, and looks down at Roryn. It takes Yorn a second to notice the little thing in Roryn’s arms, then he sees the open leather bag by the eggs. He smiles, and hugs Nadya. He whispers

    “Congratulations Nadya!” Then they hear Roryn.

    “I think he is waking up!” They both sit down next to him. The little white and black kit is curled up in daddy's arms. The little thing wriggles around a little, before slowly opening his eyes. He sees the kit open his mouth.

    “Daddy?” It asks.

    Ryos don’t know what happened. He was climbing up to daddy’s head, when he suddenly felt tired, and everything went dark. Now the place he’s in is much more lighted. He looks around, and sees another thing, like mommy and daddy, but very dark. He looks confused at daddy.

    “Daddy?” Daddy lifts him up, so he can look at the black thing.

    “Ryos this is Yorn. He is a friend.” He looks at the black thing.

    “Yorn? Friend?” The black thing comes closer.

    “That is right bud, My name is Yorn, and I’m a friend.”

    Ryos sits on daddy’s arm while mommy, daddy and Yorn Friend tells him about things. They are avali. They have feathers, and have different colors.

    Ryos decides to climb some more on daddy, to see if he can reach the top, Which he does. Then he hears a rumbling noise. He panics and half climb, half falls down from Roryns head. He clings to daddy’s arm.

    “Scary noise.” He says. Then he hears the rumbling sound again, and his belly feels weird.

    “That is your belly. When it makes that sound, it means its hungry.”

    “Hungry?” Ryos looks at him. Roryn looks at Nadya.

    “Is it anything left from the food i brought?” Nadya walks over to the table.

    “No, nothing left. I’ll go to the dining-tent, maybe Erikin or someone is there preparing breakfast.” Nadya leaves the tent.

    Ryos, who sees mommy disappear, begins to look around.

    “Daddy? where did mommy go?” He climbs down to the floor. Roryn catches him before he reaches down.

    “Mommy went to get some food for your belly, so it will stop making the scary noises.” Another scary noise is heard, a little louder.

    “I guess I have to ask her to bring some for me too.” Roryn says.

    Yorn laughs. Ryos tries to raise up and stand in daddy’s arms. And he somewhat manages to do it, by holding onto daddy’s fluff.

    “Have a look at that, he has already learned to stand up! Soon he will be running around the camp!” Then they hear a odd scratching noise behind them. Roryn and Yorn turns around to the eggs, and one of the eggs has begun moving. Roryn looks at Yorn.

    “Yorn, can you message Chermin and Poulin that their egg is hatching.”

    More scratching noises. “Also message Humorn and Theri.”

    Yorn connects to the Nexus, and sends the messages.

    “Looks like were getting busy today.” He says.

    Nadya has arrived at the dining-tent. She can only see Erikin by the cookers, and one or two avali are sitting by the tables.

    She walks over to Erikin. He sees her and comes over.

    “Hello Nadya! How are you doing? Looking at your face I guess you need something to eat.” Nadya nods.

    “Not just me, but Roryn,” she whispers to him “and our new member too.” Erikin looks at her with big eyes.

    “Has one of them hatch...” She hush him.

    “Yes, one egg has hatch, please keep it secret for a while.” she whispers “And more will hatch soon, so if we could get something a little sweet today, maybe in small pieces?”

    Erikin nods.

    “Right away!” and walks over to the cooker. After about five minutes, he comes over with two plates. One with small bits with kiri-jelly on, and one plate with some loaves. “Here you go! And tell me if you need more, I’ll be happy to deliver.” Nadya thanks him, and leaves the tent.

    On the way back, she sees some avali enter the egg tent. She wonders what is going on. Have Roryn told them about Ryos already? She gets her answer when she enters the tent. Another egg has hatched, and another one is hatching as she watches. Yorn is busy checking the eggs, sending messages to parents she guesses. Roryn is sitting by the table with Ryos, who is standing on his lap, looking at everything happening. Then he sees her. “Mommy!” He shouts!

    He can see mommy, she is back! And she is carrying something. She puts the two flat things on the table. She pushes one close to Ryos, and sits down. “What is that mommy?” He asks, and looks on the little, pink things on the flat thing. She picks one up, and holds it in front of Ryos.

    “This is a Kiri-bit. This is food. It makes the scary noise go away.” Ryos looks at her. He reaches out his hand, but the kiri thing feels weird to touch.

    “It feels weird! I don’t want to!” Mommy sighs. He is not sure why.

    “Okay, lets play a game then.” Ryos jumps up and down. “In this game, you have to catch the kiri-bit with your mouth, okay?” She begins to move her hand in circles in front of him. He leans over with open mouth, and closes it on the bit. He taste, he chews, he swallows. He jumps up and down.

    “That was yummy! More mommy!” He says as he leans over to take the next bit.

    Nadya laughs a little as she watches her kit chew down the bits. After the fourth bit he sits down. She looks at him.

    “Don’t you want any more?” Ryos shakes his head.

    “Belly is full, it doesn’t want more bits.” Nadya nods, and puts the bit on the table.

    “Okay then.” She looks at Roryn, who is busy chewing on a piru-loaf, and Yorn, who is busy helping the new parents.

    “Hey Ryos, why don’t you sit with mommy, and tell her what you have learned today, and I will go and help Yorn.” Roryn says, and puts Ryos on Nadya’s lap. Roryn raises up, and walks over to Yorn, who is currently helping an avali cleaning their kit. She looks down at Ryos.

    “Okay then Ryos, what have you learned today?”

    The most of the morning is spent helping the parents with their kits. With kits, parents, packs and others wanting to see the kits, the egg tent gets rather full, so they send everyone except for the kits and the parents out. Some pack-members can stay, if the parents really wants them too. Ryos learns how to walk, is all over the place, looking at the other kits, the other avali’s, and everything happening. He notices a lot of avali coming in and out of a part of the wall, and walks over to check it out. Outside there are lots of tents, and white, soft things all over the place. He picks some up, and tastes on it. No taste. He leaves it, and walks inside again, to find mommy. He can’t find her by the table, so he jumps up on the bench, then up on the table, and rises as high up as he can. Then he sees mommy, talking with another avali that has a small thing on its lap. He runs over to mommy, and climbs up.

    “Hey Ryos, where have you been?” He gives her some of the white things he found outside.

    “I found something behind the wall. There is a lot of it. And it doesn’t taste anything. What is it?” mommy picks it up, and looks at it.

    “This is snow Ryos. It is everywhere outside.” Ryos looks a little confused.

    Outside? what is that? before he can ask, the other avali talks.

    “So this is Ryos, huh?” He looks at the other avali, it is white and has green feathers and yellow dots. Daddy has taught him that if the feathers has dots, it is a girl, and stripes, is a boy. “Nice to meet you Ryos, I am Poulin. And this is my kit, Chirry.

    Ryos looks at the little thing on Poulin’s lap. It looks like Poulin, but is very small, and has brown feathers and red dots. Ryos walks over to Chirry. He looks at mommy she tells him to say hi. He walks closer and lays down next to Chirry.

    “Hi Chirry.” He says. Chirry raises her head. “Hi.” Then a rumbling noise is heard. It comes from Chirry. She looks around scared. (Belly hungry noise.) Ryos thinks. He jumps down and runs over to the table. He picks up some bits, and jumps down on the bench, then the floor, and runs back to mommy. He manages to jump up onto mommy’s lap, and walks over to Chirry. He hands her a kiri-bit. She looks at it.

    “What is that?” She asks.

    “this is a kiri-bit. If you eat it, your belly stops making the scary noise.”

    Chirry looks at it. “It is yummy!” Ryos says and puts it in front of her mouth. She eats it. She smiles.

    “Yummy! Can i have more?” She looks at Ryos. He gives her another bit, and she eats it. Then he gives her another one. He gives her the last one too.

    “Aren’t they cute?” He hears mommy say. He looks at her, and says.

    “Her belly wanted food.”

    “I guess we all want some food now, don’t you think?” A voice says. Ryos turns around. “Daddy!” he shouts, and jumps at him. He climbs up to his shoulders and sits down. He scratches Ryos on the back of the head, and Ryos likes it.

    “Maybe we should go to the dining-tent? We are out of bits, and we got at least ten other kits here.” Nadya nods. Roryn stands up as tall as he can, and says out loud.

    “Can parents with kits go to the dining-tent? We all need some breakfast”

    The parents picks up their kits.

    “Where are we going mom?” Chirry asks.

    “We are going to get some more bits for everyone.” Poulin answers.

    “Ok everyone, I have messaged Erikin, and he has started preparing some breakfast!”

    Roryn leads on out of the tent. Nadya and Yorn walks with the parents in the back to help with the kits. Outside, packmembers and other avali has gathered. They join the parents to the dining-tent.

    When they get there, Erikin is busy making food, getting help from two others. When he sees the avali entering, he shouts.

    “The kits are here!” And the avali helping out with the cooking, and the few avali already in the tent, looks at them. They quickly pushes some tables together to form a large table, and the parents sits down with their kits. Erikin walks over with plates piled up with kiri-bits. He puts the plates down around the table. Kits walks over, and tastes on the bits. And those kits who can’t walk over, their parents help.

    Ryos sees a kit who doesn’t want to eat. He picks up a bit and walks over. He sees that the kit is grey and has light blue feathers, and orange stripes.

    “I don’t want to eat it! it feels weird.” The kit says. His daddy sighs. Ryos sits down in front of him. “Why don’t you want to eat the bit?” He asks. The kit looks at him.

    “They feel weird to touch! I don’t want to!” Ryos holds out the bit.

    “Do you want to play a game? You have to catch this bit with your mouth. It is very yummy!” The kit looks at Ryos moving the bit around in front of him. At first he ignores him, but after a few seconds, he looks at the movement, and focuses on the bit. His head moves closer, and closer, and then he chomps it down. He chews, and chews, and swallows, and then he smiles. “This is yummy! I want more!” Ryos walks over to a plate, and picks up some bits. He then puts them down in front of the other kit. He chomps them down. And walks over to the pile to get more. The avali smiles to Ryos.

    “Thank you for helping Ferer.” Ryos looks at him.

    “Who is Ferer?” he asks. The avali points at the kit, currently sitting by a pile, eating bits. Ryos nods, and walks over to some other kits who doesn’t want to eat.

    “That kit of yours is really helpful.” Almex says to Roryn. “Just look at him, helping the others kits, even fetching bits for them!” Roryn nods.

    “Hes nice, isn’t he?” He says, and looks at Ryos walking between the kits.

    After breakfast the kits learns to play different games. They learn to throw ball, play tag, hide and seek, make snowballs, digging holes in the snow and building snow creatures.

    Ryos thinks making snowballs is fun. He can make lots of snowballs, then throw them at daddy, or Ferer, or someone else. He and Ferer plays a lot in the snow. They chase each other around, throws snowballs at each other, and digs holes. Then Ryos sees Chirry hiding by her mom. He walks over to her.

    “Do you want to come out and play Chirry?” She shakes her head and hides under Poulin.

    “The snow gets stuck in my feathers, it makes it hard to move.”

    Ryos thinks for a bit, then he runs over to the egg tent. He finds some pieces of cloth, and runs back out. He gives them to Chirry and says.

    “You can put these over your feathers, so the snow doesn’t stick to them.” And Chirry, with some help from her mom, manages to tie the cloth around her feathers. She picks up some snow, and puts it on the cloth, then she shakes a little, and the snow falls off. She smiles, and runs out, making snowballs and throwing them around. Ryos joins her, and they play together with the other kits.

    It feels like they have played for an eternity, when they see some avali coming into the camp. They wear metal things and carry long metal sticks. Ryos runs over to his dad, and jumps up.

    “What is that daddy?” He asks. Roryn picks him up, and points.

    “They are guard avali’s. They walk around outside the camp and keeps dangerous creatures away, and they also search for food.”

    Ryos looks at daddy.

    “What creatures outside?”

    “Outside the walls, in the wilderness, there are wild creatures, and they are dangerous. They want to eat us. But the armored avali’s keeps them away with their spears and swords.” They watch the avali disappear behind some tents, then the kits jump down into the snow. He runs over to Chirry and Ferer.

    “Did you see the guards Ryos? my dad says they fight monsters, I want to fight monsters!” Ferer says and jumps at a small snowpile, and fighting it, throwing snow all over the place. Chirry does not seem as fond of it. “I don’t want to fight monsters they seem scary.” Ryos picks up a stick.

    “Don’t worry Chirry, I will fight the monsters for you!” And stabs a snowball. Ferer runs over.

    “I will fight the monster too!” He says and begins jumping at the snow, slashing at it with his tiny hands. They both mess around in the snow, and Chirry, who thinks it looks funny, joins them.

    Roryn looks at Ryos and his friends playing in the snow. Ryos is stabbing with the stick, and swinging it, like he already knows how to use spears.

    Roryn begins to think of the last part of the dream, but pushes it away.

    “See there Roryn, it seems like he was born a warrior, don’t you think?” Almex says to him. Roryn can’t stop thinking how right he is.

    “Guess we will have to show them how to use weapons soon then?” Yorn says, standing behind them. Roryn thinks about Ryos, the dream, and his own weapon skills.

    “That is for later, let them play for now.” He says to them.

    After playing for hours, the avali takes the tired kits back to the egg tent.

    “I don’t understand why we can’t take our kit back to our tent” an avali parent asks. Roryn hear this, and walks over.

    “The reason we want the kits to stay together in the beginning is to help them form their pack bonds. Packs are bonded early, so they have to stay together in the beginning. If they don’t stay to bond with their pack when they are young, it will be harder for them to bond later, when they have grown up.” The other avali nods. And looks sad.

    “but you can stay with your kit if you want to, help being an kit-watcher. It is voluntary.” The other avali nods.

    That night the egg-tent was almost full of avali sleeping together. Some avali had to stay in their packs tent, so the kits get some space.



    Ryos opens his eyes, and looks at mommy’s feathers. He remember everyone playing so much yesterday, having so much fun. He can’t wait to play more with Chirry and Ferer. He climbs up on mom, and stretches up, to look for Chirry and Ferer. He can’t see any of them, so he decides to wake up mommy so she can help find them. He jumps down on the floor, and walks around her, trying to find her head. He remembers that the head has two big eyes on, but because they sleep with their eyes closed, it took some time for him to find the head. When he find the head, he sits down next to it and whisper;

    “Mommy, wake up. You have to help me find Chirry and Ferer.”

    Mommy doesn’t wake up. “Mommy, wake up please, I want to play with Chirry and Ferer outside!” Mom still won’t wake up. “MOMMY!” he whispers a little louder. “WAKE UP!” Now mommy opens her eyes.

    “What… oh… good morning Ryos, what is the matter?” She yawns.

    “I want to go outside and play more with Chirry and Ferer!” She looks to the door, and shakes her head.

    “The sun has just started rising Ryos, you will have to wait a little longer.”

    Ryos is getting angry.

    “I don’t want to wait! I want to play now!” Mommy shakes her head.

    “Chirry and Ferer is sleeping. And it is dark outside.” She lays her arm around the agitated kit, and drags him close. “If you just lay down and close your eyes, and rest for awhile, I will wake you up when you can play, ok?” Ryos yawns, and curls up.

    “Ok, mommy.” He says, and closes his eyes. Then he falls asleep.

    Roryn is in the tent with his pack. He awoke some time ago, and have been thinking about Ryos, and Nadya, and the nightmare he had a few days ago. He is worried if it will happen, but there is no mountains nearby, and the thought of that calms him a little. He is resting next to Joni and Merian. Kerion is out on guard-duty, but he will be back soon.

    Roryn can feel that his stomach is empty, so he decides to get up and go for some breakfast. He slowly gets up, trying to not make a sound. When he is by the door, he hears a noise behind him.

    “Where are you going Roryn?” He turns around and sees a half-awake Joni.

    “I’m just going to the dining-tent for some breakfast, do you want some?”

    Joni yawns and lays down again.

    “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

    Ryos is awake. Mommy woke him up some time ago. She carried him to the tent with a lot of huge tables. Mommy called it the ‘dining-tent’. There they found daddy. After eating some kiri-bits, he went to look for Chirry and Ferer. He find Ferer at a table, playing with some adult avalis. After convincing him to come out and play, he runs around, looking for Chirry. He can’t find her, but he did find Chirrys mommy, Poulin.

    “Poulin, where is Chirry?”. Poulin looks down at him and says.

    “She is with her daddy in the medical tent.” Ryos hasn’t heard about the medical tent before, so he decides to go and ask mommy about it. On the way he meets up with Ferer. He tells him about what Poulin said, so they decide to go and ask mommy what the medical tent is. He find mommy and daddy sitting by a table talking about something. They wave to him when they see him coming. He climbs up daddy and jumps onto the table.

    “Hey Ryos, did you find your friends? I see you found one of them.”

    “Chirry’s mommy says Chirry is at the medical tent, What is the medical tent daddy? Roryn looks a little suprised. He looks at Nadya, who nods.

    “The medical tent is where we go if we get sick or if we need help with our body. If we get wounded or something hurts, we go there to get help. I guess Chirry is their to get her nanites .” Nanites? Sounds odd. Ryos looks confused at him.

    “What is nanites dad?”

    “Nanites is super-small robots that live in our bodies. They keep us healthy, and helps us heal faster from wounds and sickness. You will get nanites too Ryos, i don’t know about you Ferer, you will have to ask your parents.” Nadya looks at Ryos.

    “All the kits will get nanites today. After getting their nanites the kits rests for most of the day so the nanites can get to know your bodies. And while that is happening, we usually teach the kits how to study things.”

    Ryos looks even more confused. Studying? Medicine?

    Nadya sees how confused her kit looks, and explains.

    “Studying means to learn more about things, like how to make tents, food, clothes, weapons, ships, the universe and the tribe. But until you get your first neural augments, we will start by simply exploring the tribe, and learning about the different places, jobs and rules.”

    Ryos feels a little confused about all the things he will learn about, but felt excitement about going to explore the tribe.

    “Can Ferer come with us?” He asks. Nadya nods.

    “If it is okay for Poulin he can.” Ryos and Ferer ran off to ask Poulin.

    Some time later, Ryos and Ferer is standing outside the dining-tent, ready to explore. Ryos dad, Roryn gives them something.


    “This is a map of the tribe I have drawn. The different colors shows different tents, and I have written words on the different tents too for when you learn to read. If you get lost sometime later, you can go to the light blue, my packs tent, or the light green tent, which is mommy’s packs tent. Now, where do you want to go first?”

    Ryos and Ferer looks at each other. Then Ryos asks.

    “Where are we right now?” Roryn points at the map.

    “We are outside the yellow tent, or the dining-tent.”

    Now Ferer is curious. He points at one of the green circles.

    “What are all these circles?”

    “The green figures are other packs tents. The pink tent is the medical-tent, where you will get your nanites. The large brown figure is the farm, where we grow food. The small red figures are the towers watching the gates, and the big red is the workshop, where we build drones or larger things, and repair large things. The grey line around the figures is the wall, do NOT go outside the wall.” Roryn points and explains.

    “These two blue figures is the comm tent and the council tent. In the comm tent we get messages from other tribes and cities. In the council tent one avali from each pack can come and discuss things, like plans ahead, tent placement, food, or other things.”

    Ryos and Ferer spends most of the morning exploring the tribe along with Roryn. Roryn said that Nadya is in the medical tent, helping out some other kits getting their nanites. Ryos is a bit unsure about the nanites, but forgets all about it during the tour.

    They visit the farm, where they help out planting and harvesting. They also visit the workshop, where they get to play with drones. Then they go to the comm tent where they get to see a video transmission from a ship in space. At the end of the tour they climb up one of the towers.

    Ryos has never been this high before. The tower is really quite low, but for the little kits, standing on the little platform, looking at the lands around the tribe.

    “I want to go there!” Ryos says and points to a mountain in the distance.

    “Why do you want to go there Ryos?” Roryn asks. Ryos looks at him.

    “I want to see what that is! and it looks really tall, and I want to see how far i can see from the top!” Roryn pats him on the head.

    “One day buddy, one day you will be strong enough to climb to the top,”



    After exploring the tribe, Ryos, his dad Roryn and Ferer heads to the dining-tent for lunch. After that Roryn takes them to the medic-tent, where they will get their nanites. They meet up with Nadya there, and she shows them the things in the medic-tent. Special chairs for them to sit in, and a plate with some small things on. She explains that they are syringes, and the nanites inside, and how it works. Instinctively, both kits dislikes the idea of getting stung by something. Nadya gives both of them a small cup with a weird, sweet taste, that makes them dizzy. In a few minutes, both kits are have gotten their nanites, and are carried back to the egg-tent.

    In the egg tent, They are put down on pillows and told to relax, but, being kits, they want to go out and play. It takes some time for Roryn and Nadya to explain to them that resting is the best thing, since that makes the nanites adapt to their body faster. The resting period also gives them time to teach them the basic rules of the tribe. Nadya starts;

    “There is five basic rules you have to know,” she explains;

    “Rule one, Never go outside the wall alone. Rule two, do not take things from others without permission. Rule three, don’t disturb the guards or anyone else that is working. Rule four, don't walk into someone else tent without permission. Rule five is to never say something that not is true.”

    Ryos and Ferer, getting more active with the effect of the calming medicine fading, wants to run around. Nadya tries to explain again that they have to rest their bodies. Roryn seeing this attempt as futile, steps in.

    “Why don’t you two come over here and I will show you something.” He says and sits down on the bench by the table. The two kits jumps up next to him. Roryn waves his arms a little, and a orange picture pops out of the air. Both kits suprised and amazed, looks at the orange thing in front of them.

    “What is that daddy?” Ryos asks.

    “That Ryos, is a hologram.” Roryn answers. Ferer jumps at it, passing through it. Roryn catches him and puts him down next to Ryos.

    “Calm down, and sit still and I will show you something cool.” Roryn says, and waves more with his arms, and the hologram changes, showing strange looking, colorful creature, dancing around on the screen.

    “What is that daddy?” Ryos asks.

    “That Ryos, is a cartoon. This cartoon is about some caketops dancing and baking cakes. They live in a small village on a planet far away. There are no monsters on that planet. The only thing they have to fear, is an evil caketop called Darktop. He always tries to stop them from dancing and baking cakes, and make everything dark, and another caketop, named Muffin that works hard to stop Darktop, and helping the other caketops.” Ryos looks at daddy.

    “Why does the darktop want to make everything dark?”

    “I don’t know Ryos, maybe he likes the dark, but now watch the cartoon.”

    Both kits sit still and watches the cartoon. Nadya smiles and looks at Roryn, and he winks. Nadya walks over, and sit down to watch the cartoon too.




    Ryos, Ferer, Chirry and Ejlan is playing in the forest by the camp. They are playing hunters. They pretends that some snowmen they made earlier are the prey they hunt, and they sneak around trees, climbs them and jumps from branch to branch, and works together to get in position, before they pounce on the prey. They attack the “prey” with weapons they made out of sticks and aerogel. They stab, slash and cut the snowmen, and jumps out of “reach” of the prey. They attack two at the time, two climbing the trees, preparing to jump down, the two others fighting or “distracting” the prey. After doing hunting down a dozen snowmen, they see the gathering teams and the hunter returning to camp. They run in after them, eager to see what the hunters have caught today.

    Inside the camp, the teams deliver the ore to the storage to be processed later, and the hunter deliver their prey to the kitchen tent, where the chefs will skin the animals and take meat and whatever could be used for food, and sends the leather, some bones and other materials to storage. What's left, they bury under a the snow a distance away from the camp.

    Ryos and his pack wants to see the creatures before they are delivered to the chefs. When they get to the hunters, they see that a small group has gathered around the hunt. They first try to walk through, which wasnt possible because of the amount of legs and tails. Then they tried to jump up to look at the prey, but they couldn't jump high enough.

    “What are we going to do? There are too many of them.” Ferer says.

    “We could try to climb them” Ejlan says. Ryos is looking around the camp and thinks. If we cant go through, we will have to go over. He sees the glide tower built next to the egg tent, and gets an idea.

    “Follow me!” He says to the others “I have an idea!” and runs of to the glide tower.

    “Why do I not like where this is going” Ejlan mumbles.

    At the top of the tower Ryos explains his plan.

    “We can’t get through so we go over! We can glide over them and look at the prey from above!” Ejlan, who still isn’t too comfortable with gliding, immediately dislikes the idea, but Ferer and Chirry likes the plan and agree with Ryos. Ryos seeing how Ejlan dislikes it, tries to support him.

    “It’s easy Ejlan, we've been doing it all day in the forest! it's just a bit higher jump and more gliding less climbing”. Ejlan still uncomfortable about this, but the need to see the prey is higher that his fear of high heights, makes him prepare to glide too. They split into pairs. Ryos and Ferer first, because they are the most eager. Chirry being the best glider, will fly with Ejlan to help him if he gets problems. Ryos and Ferer run towards the edge of the platform and jumps.

    In the air they quickly position their wings and tail the way they do in the forest. Arms out and stretched, legs close and tail straight behind. When the wind catches them, they turn their tails slightly to move over to the prey. Ryos throws a look behind, and see Ejlan and Chirry jumping of the platform. Ryos and Ferer glides over the crowd, some look up and gets suprised by what they see. Ryos and Ferer gets to the area where the prey is, and from what they can see, it's big.

    “Look at the size of that thing!” Ferer says.

    Ryos is amazed at the size of it. He also notice some horn on one end, and some thick plates on the other. The body of the beast seems to be covered in small stones, but it isn’t easy to see from up here.

    “I can’t see so good up here, I need to get closer”.

    “We can’t get much closer to it unless we land,” Ferer says, and then he notice Ryos not being next to him, and sees him below him.

    When the crowd saw a kit suddenly falling down onto the prey they get suprised. So are the hunters. and then a second kit falls down.

    Ryos realising that the stones on it’s back is small spikes, and how huge the thing is, slows down and lands on top of it. He looks around on the big creature.

    “Wow! this prey is really huge!” He says. Ferer just avoids the spikes, and lands next to him.

    “And look at the horns! They’re giant!” And runs over to the head, with Ryos after him.

    Ejlan and Chirry decides to land too. Chirry lands the back of the beast where there's less spikes, while Ejlan just avoids getting his rear stabbed.

    “Look at all the spikes!” Chirry says. Ejlan looks at the prey.

    “So big it it! I’ve never seen prey this big!”

    The hunters getting a little annoyed at the two month old kits climbing all over their hard earned prize, walks over to Ryos and Ferer.

    “Yes it's big isn’t it, and it was very dangerous to fight and very hard to kill, so please get off it”. One of them says. “How did you even get over it?” Another hunter asks. Ryos points at the training tower about a hundred meters away, hidden behind the tents.

    “We glided” He says. and climbs down to the mouth of the beast. “So many large teeth”. The hunters a little suprised kits this age manage to glide this far, Again tells them to go down, because the chefs are waiting.

    Ryos and the others jumps down and heads over to the dining tent.

    “I'm hungry! let’s go ask Erikin if we can get some lunch!” Ryos says. And runs ahead, with the others behind.

    “I’ll get there first!” Ferer says and runs up to Ryos. They are then passed by Chirry. “See you later boys!” she says as she runs from them. Both annoyed they try to run faster, trying to catch up to her. Ejlan is behind, running after them.



    The next day Ryos dad, Roryn is busy working with something, so they are going to meet up with Chirry’s mom, Poulin, so she can teach them today. Ryos meet up with Ejlan in the dining tent, and find Ferer on the way to the the engineering/garage building. When they get there, they see Poulin standing outside, waiting for them. Other kits has also arrived there, Chirry too. When they arrive, Poulin whistles a sound, which makes all the kits look at her.

    “Okay kits, for those of you who don’t know, I’m Poulin, and I’m going to teach you about our mechanic and engineering group of this tribe. Any questions?” Ferer raises his hand.

    “What does mechanic and engineer mean?” Poulin smiles and nods.

    “Good question, I’ll explain inside.” She opens the door and walks in.

    Inside they see avali, tables, computers, machines, drones and lots of gear spread around in the huge room. She leads the way over to what Ryos thinks is an avali doing something on a cargo drone.

    “Mechanic means machine or vehicle, or robots. When we work with mechanics we repair, build and upgrade vehicles and drones. Here we can see Rhaako, one of our best mechanics, working on a cargo drone. Can you tell the kits what you are doing Rhaako?”

    The avali climbs down from the drone, and takes off a mask.

    “I guess I can try.” He says and looks at the kits. “Ok, so right now I’m trying to fix one of the fuel pipes for this drone. It was damaged in the storm two weeks ago. I’ve been working on this drone for the last four days, repairing damaged sensors, one of the engines, replacing hull plates and wires.” Poulin stops him, seeing some of the kits losing interest.

    “Ok, so does any of you have any questions about robotics or drones that you want to as Rhaako?” Ejlan, Ferer and some other kits raises their hands. Rhaako points at Ejlan.

    “Are all drones large?”

    “No, not all drones are as large as this one” he claps the cargo drone

    “We have many smaller types too, like this one” he says as a drone the size of a ball lands in his hand, “Or the smallest drone we have, in here” he points at his body. “I believe you already have some idea about them, the nanobots. One of the smallest type of drones we avali use.” He looks at the group, and points at Ferer. “And what is your question?”

    “My dad told me that some drones have cannons and large guns on them! Is it true? And does this one have any?” Rhaako thinks for a minute, then says.

    “Yes, some, if not most avali drones have weapons installed.” He looks at the cargo drone “I’m not sure what weapons this one has. I found some parts of a weapon systems when I was switching the wires, so I believe it has something hidden. But the drone is not mine, so I can’t activate them, only the owners can do that.”

    Rhaako answers some more questions, then he says. “Ok, this is the last question, I have to get back to work.” Ryos raises his hand high up.

    Rhaako looks at him “Yes, your question is?”

    “Can you teach me how to make a drone myself?” Rhaako looks a little suprised by the question.

    “I can’t today, I have to finish this. Come back tomorrow and I guess I could try”. Merian takes over.

    “Okay kits, lets leave Rhaako to his work. Now, over to the engineering part, if you can follow me”. She says, and heads off to the other end of the hall. Ryos waves to Rhaako as they leave.

    Poulin stops at by some tables, where a group of avali works with different things. Ryos can see guns, some farming tools, and some armor.

    “This is one of our best engineer packs, say hi to Herliom and Kharaan and…” Poulin looks around. “Kharaan, where are the others?”

    The avali looks at Poulin. “Well, Sjilvyr is off helping someone with a broken holo-computer, and Rhanan are out of camp, helping some of the gatherers getting materials, and it won’t suprise me if he is also collecting for another of his secret projects”. He looks at the group of kits.

    “I guess you are here to learn about what we do?” The kits nod.

    “Ok then, I will try to explain it. We do many different things, we repair broken weapons, computers, tools or other technical things. Sometimes we also help with setting up machines and buildings. Any questions?”

    Ferer raises his hand. “Yes, what is your question?”

    “Do you create guns and bombs? Can you make me a gun that shoots bombs with large explosions?” He sighs.

    “No, we cannot make a gun that shoots bombs for you. We cannot afford it, we don’t have time and we are not allowed too”. He looks at the group. “Yes what is your question” and points at Ryos.

    “Can you help me make a weapon?” “Sure, what type of weapon do you want?” “I want two small spears that can connect at the handle into a large spear.” The adult looks at suprised at him for a few seconds, then say something to the other avali behind him. Then he answer Ryos.

    “I’m a bit busy, I have to repair a few guns, then I have to go and help Sjilvyr with something, but I’m sure Herliom can help you with that”.

    The other avali, Herliom, nods to him.

    “Ok everyone, if you have anymore questions, ask me. If you want help with a weapon or something, ask nicely first if they have time to help you. And don’t bother them if they are busy, ok?” The kits nods, and split up.

    Some of them stays with Poulin, and asks her some more questions. Some walks off to ask for help with something and to learn. Ryos follows Herliom to her table. She clears the table, moving guns and swords and tools over to another table, or to racks on the wall.

    “Ok then, so what type of weapon did you want?” She asks Ryos.

    “I want a spear with spear tips on both ends, and a special handle that can disconnect in the middle, so instead of one large spear I can have two small ones, and put them together into a large spear again”.

    Herliom think for a few minutes. Then she walks off to a stack of drawers.

    “Ok, so we will need something light for handle, tungsten possibly, aerogel for the blades, and some wires and buttons for the connector.”

    She search through some drawers, and picks up some stuff. She walks over to her table, puts everything down on the table, and pushes a button. A holo screen appears. She pushes a few buttons on the screen, and a shaft appears. She looks at the kit.

    “Ok so, a spear tip on both ends”. She pushes some more buttons, and a small triangle appear on both sides of the shaft. “And a lock that enables you to take them apart”. She presses more buttons, and a line appears in the middle of the shaft, and one small dot on each side of it. She presses another button, and the spear splits in two, then reconnects. “Ok, then we are done with the blueprint, now to make the spear”. She reaches up to one of the shelves, and picks up a weird thing. Seeing the curious look of the kit, she explains. “This is a nanolathe. It helps us reshape materials and create items and weapons”. She place it next to the pile of materials, and picks up a chit from the table, puts it in the nanolathe. A holo screen of the spear appears. She puts some tungsten on in the nanolathe, along with some wires, and presses a button. The machine begins to work, and after a while, it has made two sticks, with a button and a hook on one end, and a small slot on the other end. She then puts in the some aerogel plates, which after a few minutes, is changed into two spear tips. She uses a special tool to make the plates duller. She then connects the blade to the slots on each stick. Then she puts the hooks together, checking that they lock, and presses the buttons to make sure it can split.

    After doing a couple more tests to make sure it works fine and won’t break too easily, she gives it to him. “Here you go buddy, a double-tipped spear, just as you asked”. He looks at the spear, it is a bit longer than he is tall, about half a meter. He spins it in his hand, losing it on the floor on the second spin. He quickly picks it up. As he stands up, Herliom grabs his hand.

    “Three rules, do not hit anyone with the spear, do not hit stone or anything harder with the spear, do not hit other avali’s things with the spear”. He nods quickly, thank her for the help, and runs out to find his friends.

    He finds his friends in the dining tent, where they are eating lunch.

    “Hey guys! What are you eating?” Ryos ask them.

    “We are currently eating kiri-loaf with spicy jerky. And beside it we got ammonia”. Chirry answers. She looks at the stick. “What did you make?”

    Ryos shows them his spear.

    “Herliom, one of the weapon builders, helped me make this!” He takes the spear in one hand and spins it around, almost losing it. “And check out this!” He puts both hands on the handle, where the buttons are, and push them. The others gasps as the spear splits apart. Ryos flips the half-spears around, so they point forwards. He then stick them together again. Five of the kits jumps up, wowing at the spear, and asks him to show them again. After splitting the spear apart and reconnecting it a few times, he sits down, and lays the spear in his lap.

    “So, did you guys make anything in the garage?” Ryos asks and looks around. The other kits takes out their things to show them.

    Ferer got some kind of gun.

    “One of the engineers, Khariu, made this one for me. It is a vacuum gun. When i spin this lever” Ferer points at a lever on the side of the gun. “This pipe sucks up air, into this container, and pressurise it. The longer i spin the lever the more air is pressured, and when I press thi s button” Ferer lays his finger on a small button. “The gun shoots out the air, and when the pressured air hits something, it will blow up!” Ferer makes an explosion with his arms. “Show us!” Some kit say. Ferer settles down, and put the gun away.

    “I can’t, Khariu said I can’t use it inside, and not aim at other avali, only use it on snow”. Then some other kits shows off their things. One made a climbing axe, one made a grappling hook, another had made a special plate, with one rough side, and one sleek, curved side. He called it a sledge. Ryos, looks around, and see Ejlan, holding something.

    “What did you make Ejlan?” He asks. Ejlan, get startled for a second, then he stretches out his arms. He is holding a small aerogel ball, that stands on a plate. It looks like it is something inside.

    “It is a nightlight. When I turn it on” He flicks a switch on the side of the plate. “It glows.” The lamps flashes to life, and shadows of what looks like spaceships appears. Ryos is certain he can hear someone say, “Cool”, behind him. The kits stares at the light for a few minutes, before Ejlan turns it off. Ferer leans back, “Anyone else want to show what they made?” More kits start showing their things. A sword, a gun that shoots tiny softballs, another axe, someone made a small remote controlled hover drone with a plate on top, that floats around the table, carrying cookies and jerkys. Ryos liked that one, he thought as it passed in front of him.

    Then he hear Ferer’s voice, “And what about you Chirry, what did you make?” Chirry, who has been silent for most of the time, jumps up and shows off an long, oval thing. She pushes a button on a small remote she has in one hand, and three small holes appear on the lower side of the thing. Light comes out of the holes, she drops it, but the thing doesn’t fall, it floats. She pushes moves a small pin, and the thing flies around over their heads. Ryos can hear multiple “Cool”s and “Wow”s around him.

    She pushes a button, and another hole appears in the bottom of the little drone. A small thing falls out, connected to the drone with a string. She moves the drone over the cookie-plate drone, the thing in the rope dangles above the cookies, then suddenly, a cookie sticks to the thing on the rope. The drone flies back to Chirry, stops over her head, and drops the cookie into her open mouth. The rope winds up, and the drone lands in her hand. Ryos can hears another set of “Cool”s and “Wow”s, but also someone that sounds annoyed. Probably the owner of the cookies. The remaining kits shows off their things.

    After lunch the kits goes back to the garage, where they are going to study and learn more about basic engineering and mechanics.


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    It looks interesting so far. Some advice for structuring your story:
    Every time someone new starts to speak, start a new paragraph. It makes it less cluttered and therefore more understandable.

    What you did:
    “Why is it taking so long? The eggs should have hatched by now.” The red-feathered avali says. “They won’t hatch until they are ready, and you know that.” the blue feathered avali has stopped sorting the bottles and are looking at the impatient avali. “It’s almost three months since they were laid! They are already late!.” The red-feathered avali complaints. The blue avali opens her mouth to speak, but the brown avali starts talking before her “Please don’t start another argument guys, the eggs will watch when they are ready.” the two avalis closes their mouths and continues with their work.
    What you should do:
    "Why is it taking so long? The eggs should have hatched by now," the red-feathered Avali says.
    "They won't hatch until they are ready and you know that." The blue-feathered Avali has stopped sorting the bottles and is looking at the impatient Avali.
    "It's almost three months since they were laid! They are already late!" The red-feathered Avali complains.
    The blue Avali opens her mouth to speak, but the brown Avali stars talking before her: "Please don't start another argument guys, the eggs will hatch when they are ready."
    The two Avali close their mouths and continue with their work.
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  4. DinoExplorer2000

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    Chapter 5 is out, if anyone reads this. I dont know if it is possible to see if anyone visits Your page, so im ot sure if anyone reads this at all.
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