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    I want to know how exactly the stats and rules work. I would not care if I didn't like the game so much but I want to know how it all works.

    How exactly do you convert agility to movement distance?

    What does armor % do exactly?

    How is chance to hit, cover, damage, critical calculated?
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      Yes. Me also, i want numbers.
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        I could be wrong but Agility is pretty close to 1:1 squares movable.

        Armor % seems to reduce the damage taken. So if one of their melee brute hits for 12 normally and you are wearing heavy armor 25%, then you would only take 9 damage. If you have any shield up the damage always hits your shield first. So you will see armor with low shield value and high armor % or high shield value with low armor %.

        I saw one of the Robotality guys write something like the following
        short range weapons have a range of 1-5 (about 4 or 5) I'm guess for each square further from 1 away from you the % drops significantly to where at 5 squares away the guy has to be behind no cover or you can't hit him.
        Medium range starts to lose significant % on hit after 5
        long range weapons start to lose significant % after 13 squares
        From what i have seen it appears that your Aim stat adds +5% to your roll

        not exact, but generalities there sorry
        • Bach

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          Hey guys,

          Agility: Determines how far you can walk and also provides a slight bonus to hit-chance reduction when in cover. Roughly every 2 points gives you an additional tile distance.
          Armor: As mentioned above it reduces damage after shield by a %
          Hit-chance: This one is a bit tricky. Your chance to hit a target is determined by the accuracy of your weapon, your aiming skill, distance to the target and the targets cover bonus. Every weapon behaves slightly different and as mentioned above there are 3 main categories (short, medium, long range), but within those the weapons vary and behave differently. Critical hit-chance is unique to each weapon but also improved by your aim skill.

          Hope this helps clear up a few things :) Feel free to poke for more.


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