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Bug/Issue Switch: Unable to proceed after un-docking while in choose profession screen

Discussion in 'Support' started by kohlingen, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. kohlingen

    kohlingen Space Hobo

    I just started playing recently and ran into this, sorry if I don't have all the detail, I'll try to reproduce it again on my next level up and add more details when I can. Here is the gist:

    Repro steps:
    1. Nintendo Switch is docked and I'm playing on my TV. Also important to note: I'm using the controller style menu selection system where the cursor snaps to each option.
    2. I got to level 5 on some skill and was able to choose between two professions for that skill.
    3. I started googling pros and cons of the two options to get a better idea before choosing the profession for my level up and then my wife wanted to use the TV so I un-docked the Switch.
    4. After I un-docked the Switch I was no longer able to select a profession, it looked like the cursor went below the profession selection menu. I believe I attempted re-docking the Switch too but I was still unable to select anything. I'll definitely test this further on my next chance to choose a profession.
    5. Since you need to select a profession in order to proceed on this screen and I was unable to, I had to hard reset my switch so I lost all of that days progress and had to replay that day.

    A possible fix for this might be to just force the free cursor style menu system for the selecting professions screen. I don't believe I would've had a problem had I been able to use the free cursor menu style but I was in the controller style menu where the cursor snaps to the available options and the cursor got out of sync with the menu so I wasn't able to do anything about it.

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