Tutorial switch that needs activated twice (or more)

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    I cooked this up while working on a mission that I am not sure I will get done, but here it is:
    I made a mistake and forgot a wire and added it in GIMP, but otherwise that is the wiring for it.

    It will let some one pass by the proximity sensor once, but if they pass by it a second time the door will shut.

    This could have other uses but I plan to use it to keep people from finishing a mission if they die and come back before they reset it. Thus using death as a cheat. But it could be used for a lot of other things

    The first set of four wire panels can be duplicated over and over to give more times you can pass over it with out closing the door, and taking away the last NOR switch will hold the door shut so if some one passes by it more than once it will open the door and let something nasty out.

    Combining more than one of these and some AND switches can create a combination lock wich I think I will make
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