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    Hello everyone!

    I have been experiencing a rather pesky bug within Stardew Valley that drove me to insanity, after a long time I pushed myself to fix it for once. The description of that is written below in case it can be of any use to prevent this from happening again to me or others. Or so that it can be fixed within the game itself.

    System: Nintendo Switch (8.1.0)

    Game: Stardew Valley (ver 1.3.33)

    My game kept crashing as soon as I entered my bed, I tried everything to no avail. Until I decided to do something about the one obvious event that was happening each time. Every time I would sleep I would get the witch cutscene during the night, so I removed the barn the witch was targeting within that cutscene and it finally successfully saved without crashing the entire game, having me stuck in a loop. I myself think this worked because the barn only contained dinosaurs, rabbits and void chickens. It was my special animal barn, but after selling them all and demolishing the barn, the witch targeted my other barn and the game finally saved and did not crash on me. I wanted you to take note of this bug as it had kept me from playing the game, it crashed every time until I started to rule out certain factors after also reading forum posts about the game crashing during saving. The fix where chests, fridges etc had to be organised did not work for me. The one thing that finally worked was the aforementioned removal of the special animals (dinosaurs, void chickens and rabbits) and the demolition of said barn. The witch cutscene then moved onto my other barn as it had targeted the special barn every time I tried to save the game. I hope this was somewhat helpful to you, and if you need any more information regarding my case, please let me know as I am happy to support my favourite game.

    Thank you and kind regards,


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