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Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by SkelV, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. SkelV

    SkelV Space Hobo

    Hey everyone. I've been wanting to play Stardew alot lately, but keep turning out bored playing it. I've played for a long time, and want to know if anyone wants to start a new farm with me. I play on Nintendo Switch, just reply with your friend code and I'll add you. My Switch User is "Skel."
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    • SkelV

      SkelV Space Hobo

      Still looking for people. Anyone, with any experience with the game would be nice. I'd like them to at least know how to play.
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      • Maxandsuch

        Maxandsuch Space Hobo

        I’ve been looking for someone to play with, so if you wanna play I’m down, and I already know how
        • Ndrewz

          Ndrewz Space Hobo

          SW 0784 2091 9424

          I'm here to play if you Want
          • kaitybugm119

            kaitybugm119 Space Hobo

            SW 6925 7132 1612
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            • Askew Designs

              Askew Designs Space Hobo

              SW-4699-9910-5973 is my friend code! Ill be active a few hours out of everyday except not sure on weekends! Add me!
              • Spelleater

                Spelleater Space Hobo

                Hopefully I'm not too late but I play every day, shoot me a message and add me! SW 7275-6892-5015
                • gail33

                  gail33 Orbital Explorer

                  I'd be interested. M y fc is sw 5595-9558-0297.
                  • Age the Sage

                    Age the Sage Orbital Explorer

                    Still playing?
                    • Switchgamer

                      Switchgamer Space Hobo

                      We could play
                      • Age the Sage

                        Age the Sage Orbital Explorer

                        Im down
                        • Candyfood299

                          Candyfood299 Space Hobo

                          I'm down to play with any one 6957-21000-4711
                          • Age the Sage

                            Age the Sage Orbital Explorer

                            Are you over 18?
                            • Candyfood299

                              Candyfood299 Space Hobo

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