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Bug/Issue Switch - Corrupted save file? Sleep crash bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by Typhoon, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Typhoon

    Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

    "Going to copy Karilyn_Kare's format, as it is very easy to follow for me:

    1. The crash occurred before the tally screen.
    2. The crash occurred after clicking yes in bed, and not instantaneously, so at least somewhat into the fading.
    3. I have the 36 slot bag.
    4. The date is around 25th of fall, year 1.
    5. My pickaxe is at Clint's being upgraded to gold. Additionally, there was an event on either the day he was working on it, or the day I was supposed to pick it up.
    6. I THINK I cooked some sashimi, but I am not 100% sure.
    7. I don't think I shipped any mining goods, but I am unsure. I was in the mine that day, forgetting I didn't have my pickaxe, intending to do some digging for cave carrots - I left the mine pretty quickly.
    8. I have a chest placed directly below my bed, in which I placed EVERY item in my inventory, as I had read someone suggesting that would prevent crashing.
    9. Crash occurred in handheld mode.
    10. I have Stardew Valley downloaded to system memory.

    One additional note: This is not my first crash, but unfortunately I do not remember the details for the first one. I believe it occurred fairly shortly before this one, but I can't remember the date.

    I hope this helps and that a fix is found soon. I can't bring myself to play the game on switch before it is fixed
    EDIT: One additional piece of info - I've been to the bottom of the regular mine, but have yet to repair the bus.

    • Typhoon

      Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

      "Game crashes before the tally screen. Interestingly, it actually crashes before the screen goes completely dark.

      The game does not crash when used with the dock on a monitor or TV. I have not tried using the console standalone without the joycons attached to the console yet. I actually noticed that the screen doesnt go completely dark when i realised the screen goes a lot darker when it saves properly."

      • scssquatch

        scssquatch Space Hobo

        I'll update my crashes with some info:

        1. The crash occurred before the tally screen, I shipped things all days when it crashed
        2. The crash occurred after clicking yes in bed, and not instantaneously, so at least somewhat into the fading.
        3. I have the 36 slot bag.
        4. It started on Winter 10, I did not do anything significantly different on this day. Very similar to other winter days.
        5. Some of the crashes occurred after handing Clint my gold pickaxe to upgrade to Iridum, but not all of them
        6. Some have occurred after cooking/eating sashimi, but most recently one occurred where I did not cook any, but I did eat a lot at the skull caves
        7. Sashimi seems to be a big part of this, either eating/cooking/shipping it. I managed to get through a few full days without crashing by completely avoiding sashimi
        8. Some I did ship mining goods, others I spent 0 time at the mine
        9. I've tried putting all my things into a chest, it does nothing
        10. I have a level 2 chicken coop with 7 animals: 5 chickens and 2 ducks
        11. I've completed the mines to level 120 since early Fall
        12. My community center is almost complete, outside of bulletin board and pantry
        13. I'm growing around 100 winter seeds
        14. Crashes have occurred in handheld AND docked mode
        15. I have SDV installed on my SD card
        16. sashimi
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        • Typhoon

          Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

        • Typhoon

          Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

        • Typhoon

          Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

          "Summer of year 2 here. I have had this crash happen 3 times since fall of year 1. I have the final backpack and most of my stuff is upgraded fully. I have seen some people say they get this crash when they try to upgrade an item, well for me none of my 3 crashes happened after visiting Clint. When I had to go back and play each day, i did relatively the same thing (but more efficient) each time, without the game ever crashing twice in a row.
          Hope some of that can help."

          Note: player states that this is happening BEFORE the tally screen.

          • hope850610

            hope850610 Space Hobo

            Hello I'm chinese player.
            Just now I also had a sleep crash.
            I made a few attempts to find out
            As long as I upgrade the iridium tool and then sleep
            My game will crash
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            • Typhoon

              Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

              "I’m pretty sure it has to do with mining stuff so like people upgrading with Clint, certain gems in the shipping box, reaching certain levels in the mines, all seem to be common causes. The crash always appears before the tally screen right after you select yes to go to sleep and the screen goes black and is about to show the tally screen but it’s just black and crashes fast. I had this happen to me twice when I replicated the same scenario of reaching 100 in the mines, selling helvite in the shipping box, and having diamonds in my inventory. After not going to the mines and sticking with fishing as well as selling my gems for cash to Clint, I was able to save properly without crashing."

              • 8bit.jay

                8bit.jay Space Hobo

                Yes, I dont sell anything on the day so I dont think the tally screen comes up, the only thing I do in the day is upgrade my tools and then go back to sleep and it crashes.
                • Tracks30

                  Tracks30 Aquatic Astronaut

                  A summary to update my earlier post in this thread, using the list format:
                  1. The crash occurred before the tally screen.
                  2. The crash occurred after clicking yes in bed. The first two times weren't instantaneous, but the third time felt like it was.
                  3. I have the 24 slot bag and had upgraded to that early summer, maybe?
                  4. The first and second crash were Fall 3, the third was on Fall 4. I haven't played since.
                  5. None of my tools are with Clint. Copper watering can, beginner how, and iron everything else.
                  6. I don't have a kitchen yet, so no cooking anything.
                  7. I did extensive mining with and without the crash, and shipped mined goods with and without the crash (crashed my first time through the day when I shipped stuff and when I did the exact same thing in my second time through, then I didn't ship anything and it didn't crash, but then I'm pretty sure I didn't ship stuff the next day either and it crashed again).
                  8. The first time it crashed I had mined stuff in my inventory; the second time as well, I think. Then when it didn't crash I had emptied my inventory (except tools), but then the next day I had also emptied my inventory and it crashed again.
                  9. All 3 times that it crashed I had added to my community bundles and picked up red quartz in the mines, and I did neither of those two when it didn't crash. It was also my first time picking up red quartz, as I've only just passed floor 80 in the mines.
                  10. Crashes occurred in handheld mode.
                  11. I have Stardew Valley downloaded to SD card.
                  12. Another note: my game language is set to German.
                  • FireproM2K

                    FireproM2K Space Hobo

                    Same issue for me.

                    Winter year one day 1.

                    Turned in Cooper watering can for a steel one.

                    Got eggs and milk

                    Made mayo, cheese, harvested jam, beer and foraged mushrooms.

                    Spent day in mine

                    Game crashed. Now any action taken before a save causes a crash. Was able to get to day 2 but doing nothing but sleeping but now day 2 crashes when I take any action.
                    • Typhoon

                      Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                      Did the game crash before or after the end of day's gold tally screen?
                      • Typhoon

                        Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                        "Maybe it's a coincidence, but I had 3 crashes yesterday, and today I've not had yet one. The only thing that I think I'm doing different is that I changed my language in the game from spanish to english. I don't know, maybe language could be a factor?"

                        "Always before that gold tally. And after less than a second after going to sleep."

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                        • Typhoon

                          Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                          "The crash happens in handheld and on TV.

                          It happens in bed after clicking Yes but before the shipping screen. Unsure about fading out.

                          I managed to avoid any crashes by (1) not taking anything except basic tools with me to sleep, (2) not putting anything from the mine or anything I cooked or processed in any way in the shipping box.

                          I thought it was just the mine stuff in the box or inventory so I avoided that. Just a few minutes ago it crashed when I sold spaghetti I cooked. So I relived the day and did everything the same more or less except the spaghetti and it didnt crash this time."

                          • id_kai

                            id_kai Void-Bound Voyager

                            Crash happens on handheld and TV.

                            Happens after clicking yes to go to bed, but before tally screen.

                            Avoids crashing by not making a Maki Roll.
                            • electronsonmars

                              electronsonmars Space Hobo

                              My crash happens in bed after clicking Yes but before the shipping screen. The screen fades out, pauses for a second, and then crashes. I am on Fall day 1 of year 1 with a copper pickaxe.

                              I did seem to trace my crash to the frozen tear. If I sleep with the frozen tear in my inventory or my shipping box, the game crashes. If I pick up the frozen tear but delete it before sleeping, I do not crash. I do not remember if the times that I crashed with the frozen tear still in my inventory if I had shipped other items or not.
                              • playultm8

                                playultm8 Space Hobo

                                I've hit the save bug once or twice in the Winter of year one, but it didn't reoccur upon replaying the day. I'm on Winter 27th now, and I've hit the bug 3 times in a row.

                                Days activities (roughly)
                                Check TV
                                Collect beer and swap in new hops for keg by front porch.
                                Go to coop, collect 1 brown, 1 void, and 1 white egg. Pet 3 chickens, duck, and rabbit. Collect void mayo and start new batch.
                                Go to barn, collect goat milk and 2x cow milk. Pet 2x cow, goat, and pig. Collect 2x plain cheese and start goat and plain cheese with collected goods.
                                Go to greenhouse and water 1 row not covered by sprinklers (growing fruit trees prevent edge sprinklers for now)
                                Water and pet dog
                                Sell collected animal goods and artisan goods in bin.
                                Empty inventory except sword, pick, hoe, axe, 5 gold bars, 2 feat of the sea, and an albacore.
                                Go to Clint's to drop off axe and 5 gold bars for upgrade.
                                Go to mine level 80 and grind for gold ore as long as possible, eating feasts if necessary.
                                Swing by Saloon before midnight to turn in albacore quest to gus.
                                Sell most monster drops in bin at home.
                                Put mining drops in chests at home, except for geodes.
                                Pick back up other tools from chest.
                                Go to sleep with all tools and geodes in inventory.

                                I repeated this rough day twice and got the crash. Crash occurs as soon as I click yes to confirm sleep, before overnight tally screen. Not sure about fade-out.

                                For the third attempt, I skipped going to Clint's to upgrade the Axe to gold, since many people are suggesting that's the problem. I did everything else mostly the same. I still got the crash in the exact same way. Will try to eliminate something else in my next run through.

                                I will say this is incredibly frustrating and completely game breaking. I've played a long time on this save already, and am very close to completing the Community Center for the first time. Now I may be stuck permanently, or just have to often waste time replaying days until I can work around the issue. This bug needs to get fixed fast.
                                • Sagz18

                                  Sagz18 Master Chief

                                  1. The crash occurred before the tally screen.
                                  2. The crash occurred after clicking yes in bed, and not instantaneously, so at least somewhat into the fading.
                                  3. I have the 24 slot bag.
                                  4. The date is the 1st of winter, year 1.
                                  5. My pickaxe is at Clint's being upgraded to iron. I had just given it to him that day.
                                  6. I completed the bundle with all the foraging items to fix the bridge this day and put a few other items in as well.
                                  7. I completed my normal daily tasks around the town and farm.
                                  8. I did cook some food before bed, 2 meals.
                                  9. I shipped 1 amethyst, no other mining items.
                                  10. Went to sleep with all my tools and a couple various items..wood, sap, and a rusty spoon I think.
                                  11. Crash occurred in handheld mode.
                                  12. I have Stardew Valley downloaded to system memory.
                                  I redid the day just like I had before EXCEPT I didn't cook and I didn't give my tool to Clint. I had no issues and was able to save.

                                  On day 2 I did the basic farm tasks and then gave my pickaxe to Clint to upgrade. I was worried so I did nothing else but go to sleep. Game saved fine, so crash. So it is not something specific but some combination of things it seems.
                                  • Harambe?

                                    Harambe? Space Hobo

                                    Encountered my first crashes tonight after 52 hours with no issues. Summer of year 2.

                                    First crash happened after a day spent in Skull Cavern. I got back to the house at 1:30am, deposited 90% of my items in a chest, and went straight to bed. Crash before the ship screen.

                                    After this I decided I would avoid the cavern for a little while so I went about a day harvesting crops and planting, then went to upgrade my pickaxe to gold. Came home, went to sleep, and crash before the ship screen.

                                    I slowly did less and less but ended each day with trying to upgrade my pickaxe. Crashes every time, before the ship screen.

                                    Woke up, went to sleep, no issue.

                                    Then I tried waking up, going to upgrade the pickaxe, and going straight to sleep. Crash before the ship screen. This happened when traveling via mine cart or walking.

                                    Tried waking up, going to upgrade my hoe to gold, and going to sleep. Crash just like with the pickaxe.

                                    Seems to be crashing for multiple reasons when saving, but upgrading tools past a certain point, or event, is a reproducible crash.
                                    • FireproM2K

                                      FireproM2K Space Hobo

                                      Before the tally. As soon as I hit go to bed as screen is going black the game crashes.
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