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Bug/Issue Switch - Corrupted save file? Sleep crash bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by Typhoon, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Typhoon

    Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

    "Every time I hit level 90 in the mines, loot obsidian edge, and then try to save by any means, the game crashes and goes back to the switch home screen, and then I'm back to the previous day with no save.

    I have successfully passed many days if I choose not to get the sword, and having this in my inventory appears to be the only cause of the error.

    Very annoying. Anyone had this issue/looted the weapon on switch and managed to save?"

    • Harambe?

      Harambe? Space Hobo


      I played out a couple of days with light farming and raising of animals. I also had Robin upgrade my Big Coop to a Deluxe Coop. It was just a hunch but I thought that might have been the culprit because I had noticed some weird clipping where a tree was growing IN my coop last night. The tree was only visible from outside and I could actually harvest it, but it still seemed weird. All of these days I emptied out every item, including tools, into a chest before bed. No crashes.

      Wake up the next day and take just the pickaxe and 5 gold bars to Clint to upgrade. Go straight home and run around in a circle for 10 in game minutes (yeah I know that's random and weird but I was contemplating taking something from my chest and then putting it back in an attempt to clear my inventory again/overwrite any weird remaining stuff from the pickaxe, but I decided against it) and then went to bed. No crash.

      Played out the next day and no crash. Next day went and picked up the pickaxe and harvested/sold crops. No crash.

      Repeated this with the Iridium upgrade the next day. No crash.

      So while I have no clue if this was the culprit, perhaps the Big Coop is playing some role in crashes? Does everyone experiencing crashes by some chance have a Big Coop? Will update once more if I run into another crash.
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      • darkaysahead

        darkaysahead Space Hobo

        I had the game crash on me again after going to sleep during my first year (in Winter) after the Festival of Ice. I won the fishing competition and had all the rewards in my inventory when I went to sleep. The game crashed before the gold screen came up. I'm probably going to hold off playing anymore until a patch is release because this is getting pretty annoying and I hate being afraid of a crash every time I go to bed.
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        • LordBlumiere

          LordBlumiere Big Damn Hero

          Posting here about my experience. It was a while ago so forgive anything I might not remember 100%.

          Crash happened in handheld mode, Summer of Year 1, though I can't remember the exact date. Farmer name is Ash, farm name is Sylvan, and at the time I only had a cat named Ginger--no coop or barn whatsoever.

          I remember that I did all my normal farm duties (watering crops, etc), went to talk to Leah, did a bit of fishing, then went to the Adventurer's Guild and bought the Cutlass, selling my old sword in the progress. I went into the mines, got from level 40 to level 50, and went home at about 1 AM to save. When I tried to save, game crashed right after I clicked Yes to save.

          Second try, I repeated the exact same sequence. Game crash right after I clicked Yes to save.

          I fully shut off my Switch and left it in the charging dock overnight before trying again. The next day, I pulled it out of the dock, turned it on, and decided to try again. I put it back in the dock after doing a couple things. Went and did all my farming duties, talked to Leah, fished, and then only went to the Adventurer's Guild and bought the Cutlass, not selling my old sword. I went to bed almost immediately afterwards, being careful not to stay up late or do anything else. No crash, and on the next day Demetrius came and asked me about the mushroom/bat cave.

          I had no tools at Clint's, all my tools were copper level at the time. I am now in Winter and have not crashed since, save for one odd time when I hit R in Journey of the Prairie King and immediately crashed. I have a suspicion my crash had something to do with progressing in the mines before a next-day event, though I can't be sure given the other variables.

          Hope this helps.
          • fiskstillman

            fiskstillman Orbital Explorer

            I didn't crash most of yesterday (staying on a strict regime) but wanted to make miner treats but then I sleep-crashed after that. So I did some testing. Note: the cave carrots I have in my fridge were from the mines.
            -I cooked miner's treat (all ingredients in fridge) after doing farm check, and went to sleep. Game crashed.
            -I woke up and immediately made miner's treat (moved to my inventory) and went to sleep. Crashed. I did this two more times this way and crashed.
            -spent 2 days cooking pancakes and fried eggs. No sleep-crash.
            -did a normal farm check no cooking. Also managed to buy a cave carrot from the traveling lady. No crashes when I slept.
            -did not remove the foraged cave carrots from my fridge, but did remove the milk and sugar to my inventory. Made a miner's treat and checked to see if the carrot was used my my inventory. (Yes it was) went to sleep. No crash.
            -immediately moved sugar and milk back to the fridge and made a miner's treat from the foraged cave carrot. No crash.
            Had to spend a day doing normal things (season changed to winter) but I tried again.
            -placed all ingredients in my fridge and made a treat after waking up. Game crashed.
            -took all items from fridge and made it. No crash.

            I'm not sure if this is even remotely useful, but my save woes began when I updated the house. So far, as long as I'm not cooking items using cave carrots, I've had stable saving.
            • Addeh

              Addeh Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              I had this crash for the first time on Winter day 1 year 1. That day my first house upgrade was done so I cooked Maki roll and fried egg)(using ingredients from the fridge and my inventory) , then I pet my animals and went to deliver the food to the community center before picking up my upgraded gold pickaxe. (I only had the first upgrade to my backpack)
              When I went to my bed and clicked yes to sleep, it immediately went black and gave the error.
              I restarted the day and did everything the same except I didn't ship anything and put away literally everything from my inventory but I had the same crash.
              I restarted but didn't pickup my pickaxe, didn't cook the food and didn't take anything to the community center. I also didn't ship anything and put everything away before sleeping . It finally worked!
              Then, on the second day of winter, I was afraid it would crash again so I took the same precautions as before, but the only difference is that I went to pickup my pickaxe and cooked the Maki roll and fried egg using only ingredients in my fridge(I put them in a chest and didn't take them to the community center) . The game crashed!
              So I tried again, without making the food as I didn't want to go through the trouble again, but I decided to try to get my pickaxe after tending to my animals, and this time when I went to sleep, it worked!
              The following days went fine, but then on winter day 16 year 1 I realized I hadn't delivered the Maki roll and fried egg to the community center and saw that the game had crashed each day I had cooked them so I went to cook them (from ingredients in the fridge directly) and then put them in a chest so I could go to the mines. I was in levels 80-84 where I found purple mushrooms so I rushed back home and didn't ship anything because it was late but still put everything away from my inventory... Same crash!
              This is when I realized the problem might be the cooking, so I did everything the same as the previous day (and fished at night on the river) but didn't cook the food. The day was saved perfectly!

              The next day, I woke up, cooked the two dishes, went outside to check the mail (quest from Clint trying out his hammer), took two gold bars from my furnace, three pale ale from kegs, added hops to them, went to my big barn and deluxe coop(pet, fed, milked, picked up eggs). Went to my greenhouse to harvest two crops, checked bat cave, put everything away in a chest, then went directly to sleep (at 9:30am)
              And....it crashed!!!
              So to me, it looks like the problem is either THE MAKI ROLL OR THE FRIED EGG(or cooking from the fridge in general :3 because those are the only two things I have cooked.
              My husband has cooked food with ingredients in his inventory and has had no crash
              Since that's the only thing I did on those days when it crashed that I didn't do on other days.
              Hopefully this helps, but let me know if there's another test I should try or more information I should give.

              I just did the exact same thing I just did but made the Maki roll and fried egg with ingredients ONLY from my inventory... And no crash!
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              • MoeHimself

                MoeHimself Intergalactic Tourist

                I think you might be on to something with the cooking from the fridge idea. I have had all the same issues as you, and when I think about it, it's always when I make Maki Rolls from the fridge. I have never had this issue when upgrading a tool or mining though. I will have to test this out a bit more. I am at spring 15 year 2.
                • howwie

                  howwie Space Hobo

                  I am on day 9 of Fall in my first year, and have done the day about 6 different times, trying to do/not do different things each time, and have had a crash each time I try to go to bed at night.

                  The crash happens after I select "Yes" to sleep, but before the tally screen comes up. I am playing the game docked (haven't actually tried the day in handheld mode yet, but that's just because the Switch is not that comfortable in my giant hands).

                  I will try and remember what I did on the day, as it was a super productive one that I'd really like to be able to finish with doing everything, which is why I am hoping and waiting it gets patched soon, as I am having trouble staying away from the game. Though, of all the things involved with my day, cooking was not one of them. As far as I can recall, I did not cook anything on any of the attempts to make it through the day without the Groundhog Day effect.

                  The night before (Day 8 after I had gone to bed), my farm was visited by a crop fairy, who targeted a single corn crop. Not sure if that's important, but figured it was worth mentioning.

                  Each time I would wake up, I would go out and harvest/water my crops. I placed any starred items in a chest with my minerals, and the first few times, dumping the rest in the shipping container. Then, I went to Clint, and had him break open some geodes, and left my watering can (bronze) to be upgraded (silver). I donated an item to the museum, and put the other in the shipping crate.After that, I turned in the quest to deliver amaranth to Marnie, and a single silver bar to Robin. After that, I foraged blackberries for the rest of the day, and sold most of what I had picked. Several times I also put various fruits I had into the preserves jar. I have the level 3 backpack upgrade (the 10,000g one).

                  I have tried to empty out my inventory into chests, first of everything but my tools, and then of absolutely everything, and it crashed both times. I tried once without turning in the two quests, once without upgrading the watering can, once without making any donations, and I cannot recall if I had tried without busting open the geodes or not. I have also had runs where I check garbage cans, and others where I didn't, but I wasn't keeping consistent. Part of me had hoped the crash was a fluke until the third time through the day.

                  EDIT: Had Autumn's Bounty, Roots Platter, and a fried egg in the fridge. Removed them from there and put them in a chest outside and I was able to successfully save while doing everything else that I wanted to do.
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                  • Ap0c4lyptyc

                    Ap0c4lyptyc Big Damn Hero

                    I think you might be on to something here!! I have went a few days now without cooking anything from the fridge and it hasn't crashed. As soon as I cook something from the fridge and sleep, it crashes. Not cooking directly from the fridge seems to have fixed it for me? More testing is required though.
                    • Fizz11

                      Fizz11 Void-Bound Voyager

                      I took a video of the bug occurring, as well as some troubleshooting steps i took.

                      my issue seemed to be the water can upgrade as you can see in the video.

                      But after reading here a bit i took all my food out of the fridge, and out of my inventory, shoved it all into a chest, and was finally able to save properly after handing over the water can for upgrade.

                      I'm curious if other people who are experiencing the issue also have food in their fridge/inventory?
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                      • FireproM2K

                        FireproM2K Space Hobo

                        I cooked from my fridge and handed my watering can over to Clint to upgrade to steel from copper and that started the crashing.

                        Unfortunately nothing I do outside of just sleeping again causes a crash now.
                        • Speederino

                          Speederino Intergalactic Tourist

                          I encountered the issue today. I don't know if I have anything new to report, but I figured I'd share my experience on the off chance it might help.

                          I'm on Winter 14 (Year 1), Robin is currently building a stable on my farm. I took care of my animals, cooked some fried mushrooms (from the fridge), made a spout, stuck said spout on an oak tree in the woods south of the farm (like near Marnie's house), and then spent the entire rest of the day mining (like from 10am-9pm). I went home, put my ores and jewels in my chests and shipping bin, and went to bed. The game crashed as soon as I said "yes" to going to sleep. Not realizing I had encountered a major bug, I simply repeated the day exactly as before and, surprise surprise, the game crashed when I went to bed again.

                          Obviously I now realized there was a bigger issue going on, so on the third attempt, I simply fed my animals and went to bed. That seemed to work. The shipping screen loaded, and I immediately quit out because I didn't actually want to save that, but I have no reason to think it would have crashed again. So on the fourth repeat day, I mixed it up a bit. I started the same as the first two days (I could be wrong but I don't believe I cooked anything this time), except I only mined for a few hours. I left the caves by mid-afternoon and spent the rest of the day talking with villagers. When I went to bed, everything worked fine.

                          So....yeah, who knows? Was it the cooking that did it? The long days spent in the mine? The fact that I'm in winter? It feels like I'm seeing these factors pop-up a lot.
                          • Typhoon

                            Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                            Thank you for posting a video, I was hoping that one would pop up at some stage. This should be useful for the devs.

                            Also great to hear that after recording the video you managed to save your progress (as well as hand over your watering can for an upgrade) by taking all of the food out of the fridge and your inventory and placing the items into a chest.
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                            • Typhoon

                              Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                              "I've had my game crash around 10 times now, maybe more. First started in year 1 fall and I think I just got a gold axe; never had a crash before that. First backpack upgrade but had it for quite a while. Always crashes before the talley screen. The various crashes I've experienced never seem to have anything particular in common. They're always fixable by avoiding various activities that day but never 100% the same activity.

                              My first crash was fixed by putting my tools away and selling my frozen tears I had.

                              Some days I'll mine all day and have no problems. Other days I'll farm, fish, and quest. Then randomly it just crashes. I'm into spring day 4 year 2 and it's still crashing randomly. I have the second backpack upgrade now and both golden axe and pick.

                              I had a crash right now actually. I just fixed it by eliminating various variables.

                              I had done a number of activities that day which included:

                              Taking care of animals

                              Crafting: mayonnaise, cheese, miners treat



                              Gathering wood, hay, and rocks

                              Completing daily quest for Robin

                              Sold in box: cheese, mayonnaise, foraged items, geode from gathering around farm in the previous day

                              I did all of these over and over but removing only one at a time. Finally I found what was potentially causing it.

                              I threw out the geode I had from the previous day that was in my inventory from the last save. If I had it in my box or in my bag the game crashed before the talley screen.

                              Again, this was a geode I gathered around my farm, from the previous day, that I left in my bag over night. Upon the next day, if tried to save with it in my bag or in my storage the game crashed. But when I put it in the trash, and then did virtually everything the same that day the game saved fine and I can now continue to progress in the game without issue."

                              • Typhoon

                                Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                                "It seems I can reliably crash my game by cooking plum pudding. I've had the game crash 4 times and they were all on days I cooked plum pudding and went to bed with it in my inventory.

                                24 slot backpack, day 26 of winter year 1. Crash happens after selecting yes to sleep and before the shipping page comes up.

                                After 3 crashes I became suspicious of the plum pudding because I hadn't ever cooked it before. Also, I had 2 successful saves between the 2nd and 3rd crashes; I did not cook plum pudding on those successfully saved days. I ran a test to see if it was a significant factor.

                                Test 1: I woke up, put 1 winter yam in the shipping box, cooked plum pudding, and went to bed. The game crashed before reaching the shipping page.

                                Test 2: I woke up, put 1 winter yam in the shipping box, cooked pancakes, and went to bed. The game reached the shipping page successfully."

                                • eXaminator

                                  eXaminator Guest

                                  Yes, I'm absolutely sure as I always had to wait for the rather long saving time just to get the crash instead of the success message.
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                                  • Typhoon

                                    Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                                    "I’ve had around 4 or 5 crashes (maybe 6?) total

                                    -first crash happened winter day 24 year 1

                                    -every time I crash it always happens as soon as I press yes to go to sleep (before the shipping tally)

                                    -I have upgraded my axe and pickaxe both to steel, I have the 36 slot backpack, the kitchen, and I am at level 50 in the mines (not 100% on that one bc of the crashes)

                                    -as of right now I am on winter day 27 year 1 and I was only able to progress when I did as little as possible ex: wake up, tend to animals/dog, sell two eggs and one milk, go back to sleep

                                    -my most recent crash as of 10 minutes ago: woke up, tend to animals/dog, place animal products in shipping box, go process 3 frozen geodes, donate 2 scrolls to museum, clear out quarry, sell glow ring to the adventure guild, hit a few artifact spots on the way home, place contents of geodes into the shipping box (fairy stone, ghost crystal, geminite), go inside and place lg futan bear, go to sleep, crash"

                                    • Typhoon

                                      Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                                      Thank you for the confirmation. Hopefully this will help the devs.
                                      • Typhoon

                                        Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                                        "I had the sleep crash on the same day 3 times already. It occurs before the shipping tally screen. Also, I have the 36 slot backpack.

                                        Here are the details of what I did that day:

                                        -It is Summer 28, Year 1

                                        -Shipped blueberries

                                        -Picked up a steel watering can from clint

                                        -Left the steel pickax for upgrade to gold pickax

                                        -Delivered a Carp to Shane for a quest

                                        -Bought a rare seed from the travelling merchant

                                        -Attended the Dance of the Jellyfish

                                        -Went to sleep and game crashed after I said yes"

                                        • Typhoon

                                          Typhoon Spaceman Spiff

                                          "Hopefully the upcoming patch will make this post redundant, but in the meantime, I was experiencing a crash whenever I went to bed, while my watering can was in the shop for an upgrade.

                                          I have been following the bugs megathread on Reddit and read every single post on there, as well as Stardew Valley's main forum. After a while, one thing stood out to me most, the kitchen, and namely the fridge.

                                          Some people have said that cooking from the fridge might cause the issue, other said theirs was fine.

                                          I put a chest beside my fridge, then moved every item out of my fridge and into the box. After this, I went about my day as usual. I didn't cook anything that day, so I don't know if that is a factor, but after moving things out of my fridge, then going to upgrade my watering can, I slept. And it saved.

                                          I had experienced the crash about 4 times, trying different things to avoid the crash, emptying the watering can before upgrading, filling it, emptying my personal inventory, and even intentionally passing out instead of sleeping in the bed. All those ways didn't work, I still crashed.

                                          But, since emptying my fridge into the chest beside it, my saving has been stable.

                                          If you have any solutions of your own (I feel this crash on sleep bug could very well be triggered different ways for different people) please post your solution below.

                                          TLDR: empty your fridge inventory into a chest beside your fridge. Additionally, don't cook meals from your fridge, though I don't know if cooking in general triggers crashes at this point in the game."


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