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Bug/Issue (Switch) Baby Born Inside Wall Glitch

Discussion in 'Support' started by Starryem, May 30, 2018.

  1. Starryem

    Starryem Space Hobo

    Hi all. Please tell me if this is already well known in the forums here, because I found mention of this glitch elsewhere online.

    I am in Summer Y3 and my character is married to Sebastian. He asked whether ā€œIā€ wanted to have a child with him once, I said yes. A couple weeks later the game announced my character had had a baby. The baby was not in the cot/crib, and after googling the issue, I discovered it was in the wall in the top lefthand corner!

    I tried restarting the game, but as it saves before you go to bed, this did not help. I saved and started a new day, and the baby was crawling, skipping all of its growth stages. I have read online that after this phase, the baby may return to the cot for its second growth phase.

    Its such a shame, and is the first real glitch I have encountered that I felt impacted my game!

    My character did faint in the mines during pregnancy, could this affect it?

    Edit: Nintendo Switch platform, uptodate

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