-SWITCH- Anyone wanna play Stardew Valley w/ me?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by LadyIceWolf, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. LadyIceWolf

    LadyIceWolf Void-Bound Voyager

    I've been looking for ppl to play w/ and nobody is ever online so i guess i'll find people here.
    Does anyone wanna play w/ me? Just ask, or feel free to add me, my Switch FC is in my sig.
    • HairyBeast

      HairyBeast Poptop Tamer

      im up for playing add me
      FC: 5416-8649-0201
      • Peensley

        Peensley Intergalactic Tourist

        I am down, I'll post my friend code too.
        I have an Xbox and a discord too. I don't use ingame chat if that's what is expected.
        • Wolfedy

          Wolfedy Space Hobo

          I am downER, Hopefully this is still available, here's my friend code! FC- SW-389346936497
          I have discord, but I also don't use ingame chat as it takes a while, if it were on PC, I'd understand
          about the ingame chat, but this is switch so yeah.
          • Wolfedy

            Wolfedy Space Hobo

            I would like to know if you would like to play together sometime, I see we have friended each other and would like to know
            a way of contacting you, like discord.
            • Peensley

              Peensley Intergalactic Tourist

              Do you have any other console with voice chat?

              My Discord

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              • Wolfedy

                Wolfedy Space Hobo

                I don't use voice chat really. But I have Stardew Valley on PC too, if you wanted to know that..
                • Fixiehartman

                  Fixiehartman Space Hobo

                  Waiting For my retail version , then WE can play
                  • PryncessO

                    PryncessO Space Hobo

                    Anyone wants to play? Add me up 6362-8839-5882
                    • Nyarobi

                      Nyarobi Space Hobo

                      Looking forward to play with someone.
                      Add my Co-Op: E8U5J27JOQW
                      • iisoru_chan

                        iisoru_chan Space Hobo

                        Ill play with u migth aswell giv eu my switch fc SW-4785-4935-4584

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