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RELEASED Supper's Weapons Mod (Discontinued) 1.9

Re-adds some removed beta stuff

  1. Vicviper

    Vicviper Void-Bound Voyager

    Just downloaded you're mod and I have one gripe, The plasma muzzleblast, its red...its red... but my bullets... IT'S BLUE! THE BULLETS ARE BLUUUEE!
    Also what projectile conflict is there with XS Mechs? I have that and ZZmechs and seeing as the XS Mechs is the only reason I bought Starbound it would be a bummer if they didn't work together.
  2. SonicundMario

    SonicundMario Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Yeah thanks.I already noticed it afterwards when I looked into the files.I can wait though.

    Also someone released a resource of the old techs.Wanna implement them in your mod?
  3. Rukrio

    Rukrio Pangalactic Porcupine

    if either of us get the technical know how to turn blinks into those glitchy dashes, yeah. and sure, we could implement the blink dash with go through mechanics if the code is still the same, but my bud hasn't done the Ion laser gun simply because he's bent on getting the animation right.

    TLDR either we do it faithfully or there's little point.
  4. Psygnosis

    Psygnosis Ketchup Robot

    Some old techs are introduced with Frackin' Universe when you complete the Science Outpost quests !

    But some of those are missing ( cameramanboost, bubbleboost, butterflyboost and a couple more )
  5. SentientSupper

    SentientSupper Cosmic Narwhal

    Credits will be given

    I don't really think any of the projectiles conflict with xs mechs, I had a look at its files and it doesn't change any of the vanilla ones.
  6. johivas

    johivas Yeah, You!

    Mmm, I don't know, maybe xs mech has been updated, but I did install both mods (and nothing else to be sure), then ran the server utility and I got 3 error messages. After deleting the files the errors were gone. I always start a server, join and play solo on the same computer and connect a portable to it with the game running, good to test mods, stability, and lag. If somebody visit they can jump in or create their own character. I have more than 50 mods installed, no errors, no lag, no crashes (yet).
  7. Psygnosis

    Psygnosis Ketchup Robot

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  8. johivas

    johivas Yeah, You!

    Sorry, I made a mistake, 2 errors are within your own mod, just start it alone in server. The exact files are poisonplasmarocket.projectile poisonplasmarocketstatus.projectile. The other one is corrosiveparticle.projectile, you'll get it with FU. Sorry for the confusion.
  9. SonicundMario

    SonicundMario Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Good to see the mod on the workshop. Thanks for uploading it and keeping it up to date :) Will be useful for my friends.

    It's nice to see all this stuff back guys.It's like playing Starbound for the first time all over again!
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  10. SonicundMario

    SonicundMario Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I think I'll just post the request from someone on the workshop version here.

    "You're missing stuff.
    REALLY good, OP, explosive, even self-destructive stuff.


    Most of these were really awesome back before 1.0."

    I think there is a mod for them but I'm not sure.
  11. Frigular

    Frigular Void-Bound Voyager

    Just downloaded the Mod from the steam workshop and while i love what it does, there is one thing keeping me away from using it: All my gathered weapons get replaced and end up having (sometimes for my playstyle) useless bullet types. D:
    I would love to be able to get the old re-added stuff without loosing the stuff i gathered until now.
    [I am sorry for my bad english. I am pretty bad at learning other languages :( ]
  12. SentientSupper

    SentientSupper Cosmic Narwhal

    It appears that a lot of people on the workshop are asking questions, so I'm going to answer them here.

    Q: Will it break anything on disable?
    A: Anything added/edited by this mod will probably turn into perfectly generic items. Planets with dungeons that were added by this mod will send you back onto the ship.

    Q: Question, Would these weapon projectiles also affect the weapons from the God Dame weapon mods?
    A: No it will not, god dame adds its own weapon types and they aren't affected in any way.

    Q: I would instantly subscribe to this mod if it wouldnt affect my current guns. Is there a chance that you make a version what add in the old guns without affecting the new ones?
    A: Yes, but that will have to wait until the weekends, I usually don't have time to work on my mods on weekdays. (school, duh)

    Q: This should work fine with Universe Generation Overhaul mod?
    A: I have no idea because I don't use the mod, it probably won't though as this mod only changes the dungeon pools. Still, make a backup to be secure.

    Q: I want to use this mod, but but doing so would replace the weapons i gathered until now. Just why does it replace weapons instead of just adding the old ones to the game? D:
    A: That's because this mod started off as a private mod that I didn't intend for others to use and I didn't really mind having to find a new gun all over again. I will make them separate ones though due to popular request.

    Also, I'm gonna work on another mod icon for the steam version :>
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2016
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  13. SentientSupper

    SentientSupper Cosmic Narwhal

    To be honest, I can't really re-add all of these weapons like how they used to be. I didn't play a lot of Starbound back then so I didn't get to use all these weapons (didn't know an admin command existed back then). Because of that, I don't really know how most of them worked. Progress on staves have been stalled for some time because of this :<
  14. SentientSupper

    SentientSupper Cosmic Narwhal

    That will be fixed in the next patch! I just left something in by accident.
  15. Psygnosis

    Psygnosis Ketchup Robot

    I'll add the FAQs to the description :rofl:
  16. SentientSupper

    SentientSupper Cosmic Narwhal

    Answering some stuff on the steam workshop (steam won't let me comment because I haven't spent any money on steam yet)
    If you want me to directly reply to your comment, please post it here instead of steam.

    The vanilla weapons are overwritten, but this will be changed in the next update.
    The mod isn't split into two because it's easier for me to keep things updated and some of the npcs in the dungeons use and drop weapons added by this mod.
    It may or may not be compatible with Manf. Touch depending on how you look at "compatible". It will most likely not crash after the next update, but the features will not be added to weapons added by this mod.
    For now, here's a gif of what I'm working on
  17. AlbertoRota

    AlbertoRota Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Well... that's certainly fixable and within my own capabilities.

    "Manufacturer's touch" toys with random weapon generation, so, if this mod add it's own random weapons, is quite simple to make a patch that makes "Manufacturer's touch" traits available to this new weapon types.

    You (Author) can PM me if you need any help or have any doubt :nuruwink:
  18. Psygnosis

    Psygnosis Ketchup Robot

    Will post your replies =)

    About the vanilla weapons overwritten, yeah I know, but still able to find them in the chests ( and I have no problem with this, for me it's fine ! )

    Some more goodies comin' up I see :D

    EDIT :

    Shadow Noob (Marcel)56 minutes ago
    Thanks for bringing the mod to steam workshop and please deliver an very big "thank you" to the mod author for working on adding the old weopons instead of just replacing the vanilla ones[​IMG]
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2016
  19. Wartavian

    Wartavian Pangalactic Porcupine

    Heya, Supper.
    I was wondering if there was a way to make it so that, instead of modifying the vanilla weaponry, make them different weapon types altogether to make it compatible with manuf. touch.
  20. Wartavian

    Wartavian Pangalactic Porcupine

    Wait what, they did NOT replace them?

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