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    I had recently few ideas.

    How about Supernovas?
    Let me explain what I mean here:

    Supernova could be a cool thing especially to make the space alive. We all know what supernova is.

    This could be in the game, and it will add so much better experience. Imagine you're on the planet. Then suddenly whole sky goes INSANELY white and bright for some time. That is an indication that some planetary system exploded. Of course you're not affected if you're on the other planetary system. You can take off of the planet you're on, but there should be some area on map where you can't go, or else you end up in black hole. If you end up in Black Hole, you get teleported FAR away from your location. Player would know that this white light on sky while being on planet, indicates that some planetary system exploded and is gone. On mini map you see a white circle around some system that exploded, and this area should be incacessible for 20 minutes real time. Then after that, planetary system that exploded is gone, and all surrounding systems should be accessible, or not. Often white dwarfs will explode.

    This is how supernova could be marked on ship's map:


    This process could take place every 1, 2 or 3 hours in real time. Only one planetary system at time could explode. Also, system you're on currently could explode, only when Star is a White Dwarf. Indications could be that whole planet starts shaking a bit and gets colder. Also Main character could say "Seems like life is ending here, it's time to get out of here".

    Planetary systems nearby supernovas could be accessible after this, but there could be danger of Black Hole. When for example all players get sucked in black hole on server, they come back somewhere else in planetary system, far away from their last location. If some players were on other planet, they could try to reach the other group and search for them.

    This is how White Dwarf system could look

    These planetary systems and stars should be extremly rare, and have a warning in name that Supernova is imminent, and it's very unsafe to be there.
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    Yeah I love the sound of this. It would be awesome.

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