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Server Discussion (super modded) looking for someone to join me in a modpack i made

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by mitzSBnovakid, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. mitzSBnovakid

    mitzSBnovakid Title Not Found

    no, not frackin' universe, just a lot of mods, not just a few. i'm addicted to mods to make games perfect. if you have a certain playstyle or just go along with whatever, i'd like to hear.
    to be noted, i ain't gonna be doing PVP (or i'll try to turn it off, anyways) it'd be best to warp over to me because i'm not sure if spawn planets stay the same per world, and if so, then you're gonna need to beam to me... because i accidentally installed a overpowered mod and had to move off the planet, choose a different lush planet, and start a new base because the mod is irreversable.
    sorry for a long post. I'd love to have someone join me!~
    edit - almost forgot the steam collection - here (also download the collection inside it, that's for me and my brother who doesn't feel like playing starbound now)

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