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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Siddybear, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. Kagea

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    Hey ok sadly I'm not good with coding error Messages etc. so I can't help you with that but I thought about it a Little bit and have three "ideas" what you can try.
    The first thing i would try is taking out your savefile (just copy it somewehere else) so that your game is like "new". Start it up and look if it is still crashing if not try to do a new character and look if everything works "normal" or as it should (perhaps just playing 2-3 day with a new character). If it still crashed or doesn't work correct you know that it's not (or notonly) your savefile which is coruptted but the whole game.
    The Second idea would depend on the first result but could be tried anyway I thought about corrupted files and maybe a file is corrupted or missing that you aren't aware of. So two "choices" install the game new (with saving your savefile first) as you said you only replaced fish.xnb and you have no other mods so reinstalling should make no difference for your own savefile (like missing components or something like that) or a not so drastic thing "repair" you game with steam:
    You can right-click a Steam game and go to the properties. Look for Verify Integrity of Game Cache under Local Files. It should scan your install and make sure everything is there, and if not it will get what it needs from Steam.
    (I copied this instruction from a steam HelpForum because I am german and have a german language based steam so I can't give you the right names for direction) Steam will look if something is missing and replace it if necessary. I don't know if it recognize corrupted files (so perhaps new install would be better).
    And the third thing I really don't know if it would help but you can try.
    rusty2226 has mad a Programm to edit save files (I don't know if you can find it here in this Forum i downloaded it at Nexus mods) you can change your inventory you farm map etc. perhaps changing just one Little thing (like giving yourself 1 Gold more than you had) will help because the Programm gives out a new savefile.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed
    • Jaed

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      @Kagea thanks!!
      I actually have done your first suggestion and rolled two new chars; as far as I can tell, everything functions normally. I didn't know about the Steam function - will try that asap. And of course I'm leery now of any other mods but if the 2nd suggestion doesn't work, I will take a look at the program for editing the savefile. Thanks again. :)

      Update: I did the steam validation function and everything checked out. But the game still crashes to desktop when I try to load that char. It is also creating duplicate char save files every time I try to load it and duplicate copies of the original file saved off on another drive. My recycle bin now has 8 deleted char save files and 8 deleted "copy" folders!
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      • Kagea

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        Hey while looking though mods and reading the comments I stumbled about a comment from someone whose savefile was broken/corrupted. Another person recommended a thread which explains how to fix a savefile (it is said that not all savefiles can be fixed). I thought perhaps this thread can help you too. I only skimmed through the thread but it seems very well done and well explained. Maybe this could help :)
        • Jaed

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            I was wondering that also. Great mod! I kept my wife from pulling her hair out, so that's a win in my book. Is there away to use this mod and still get the very random chest's that pop up while fishing?
            • EmeraldAlchemy

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              Oh my gosh! Thank you I can't even fish at the ice fishing event all i get is trash and this makes it ten times easier! YES!!:D:up:
              • Mushi26

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                Not going to grab the bundles but thank you o~lord for the easier fishing.
                • foreveriscoming

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                  Oh my I love both, bundles was used after I completed all but the three star plants, and it saved me! Thank you!!
                  • 0boko

                    0boko Subatomic Cosmonaut

                    Thank you for the fishing mod! I have terrible arthritis and this make it much easier for me without having it flare up.
                    • Mayka

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                      Does it work with version 1.1 ?
                      • starbodies

                        starbodies Space Spelunker

                        Super Easy Fishing stopped working for me after the 1.1 update. :(
                        • StargazerSammie

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                          The mod does not work with 1.1 because new fish were added in the update. So the mod is going to need an update itself before it'll work again.

                          I hope it gets updated. I'm downright terrible at the fishing, it ruined the entire experience for me prior to finding this.
                          • pirant

                            pirant Space Hobo

                            Have you tried re-adding it again to the content folder?

                            That fixed it for me. =)

                            • Mayka

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                            • starbodies

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