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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MrsGuu, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. MrsGuu

    MrsGuu Subatomic Cosmonaut

    My Suggestions : (i play without mods)

    - minigames for the halloweenfstival.
    (You can only walk around for a golden pumpkin...thats not really much..)

    - more kids like Vincent and Jas
    (Seriously only 2 Kids in a town???)

    - npcclothing switches for every month... (go out with a summerclothing like Haley by a snowyday...!??)

    - more crops for the years
    (In real life there are about 100 scrops...)

    - More pets :D
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    • Kurachi84

      Kurachi84 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      i like this list, and even if the crops are as cheap as parsnips, giving only a little bit of profit, i'd love to have more different ones
      maybe some cookings with them, too, even if it's weak stuff, small +1 buff for 2-5 minutes
      maybe some winter crops, to make winter not almost completely useless (aside from taking a break from crops)
      i'd love some more common trees, too, ones that you'd need to plant to have them on your farm, like maple, oak and pine trees, with an own syrup, perhaps?

      and some more kids would make it a little more lively, like some family member of Pam and Penny, after their upgrade
      Pierre and Caroline have only one kid, so maybe another child for them (Abigail saying "That kid is very loud, but it's a cute brother/sister!") or adopted, Abigail saying the same, lets not even make her say "stepbrother or sister"
      he/she can walk to the mountain sometimes, with Linus having new dialogue like "what an innocent child" with a big smile on his face :)

      i do remember a post(tweet?) of ConcernedApe saying there will be new villagers, hmm
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      • Scritchowl

        Scritchowl Big Damn Hero

        As far as minigames games go lets play homage to concernedapes design choices like a becklars style simon says with a skeleton

        For another bobbing for apples. Have you do a psuedo fishing event where you do a bob and get a random item and get either a piece of fruit, trash or a suprised junimo(get a junimo bathtub teapot)

        Or a haunted hayride that plays like the johnny racing min game from chrono trigget. Pam is driving the a haywagon as you are being chased by headless cowman (mayor in costume)
        • WilliamZ

          WilliamZ Phantasmal Quasar

          CA don't visit this forum anymore since he stopped to work with Chucklefish, so we take those suggestions as mods.
          NPC clothing already exists with seasonal outfits, a mod so well done that looks vanilla, I think that the only thing that console players really miss in terms of mod is this one, it should be official:

          There are a lot of variations using this mod as a base, like using anime portraits for example, if you don't play on PC I really sorry =(
          • Kurachi84

            Kurachi84 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

            not sure, as he changed the Penny+George event, which already had a mod
            i think he keeps his eyes open here

            he's not using it as updater anymore(i think?), but sure he does look at things
            he's following Chucklefish on twitter, so he's not completely out of touch with them :)
            • Scritchowl

              Scritchowl Big Damn Hero

              Any developer worth their salt will check boards. This is a kinda feedback they want and need. He probably checks the ign, gamespot/faqs, and chuckle periodically if he is interested in a quality of life updates thpugh to be fair he probably looks at post based on likes or views and ignores the rest.

              Now the odds of him putting any given suggestion in the game are remarkably low as people when given the ability to express an opinion it tends to be wrong or self centered. Like people wanting a hermaphrodite non binary that looks like davd bowies glamour rock from the eighties which is fine but honestly it would probably only make 1% of the player base happy. Tick off 15% enough to boycott his products. And the rest will probable post rofl on the bard and then ignore it was ever in the game.

              So yeah people please quit posting downers like he quits looking at these forums until he has officially announced he has ended stardews development. I mean just think old blizzard kept updating warcraft 2, starcraft and the original diablo just because peopleposted balancing issues on forums that were not blizzard owned. Yes I know that ca is a much smaller developer but love of your product can keep y up u invested for well over a decade
              • WilliamZ

                WilliamZ Phantasmal Quasar

                He have a update announced, but he didn't gave us a date and asked to not ask him about because he want to do things on his pace.

                @Scritchowl I'm just replicating what I was been told, I don't know why the need of the wall of text since I wasn't rude.
                • Kurachi84

                  Kurachi84 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  No, i mean he's not using this site as updater(the "r" is no typo) anymore, so doesn't go here with updates
                  • Scritchowl

                    Scritchowl Big Damn Hero

                    @WilliamZ while your intention may not be to be rude to some it does come off standoffish and a little bit insulting as people can take it as demeaning if told they are wasting there time even posting.

                    Closest I can do is an analogy of. Why are you wasting time with a fan letter you should post on twitter atleast he might read it if it gets an retweet.

                    So please just a little reminder of kid gloves. Especially since some fans have children on these sites amd we dont take kindly to them being made feel bad because someone talks callously. I mean just because sluzzle dude doesn't exist its not your job to remind everyone sluzzle tag is a fake holiday. Most people know these post will have nothing done and in which case if you recommend a particular mod thats great but again telling someone your wasting your time here goto this site as CA hates this site because business. Thats just the wrong was to approach
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                      Pangaea Forum Moderator

                      Let's keep it civil, guys. Thanks.

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