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Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Bersalius, Aug 8, 2017.

  1. Bersalius

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    I've played Starbound like 3 times, doing almost everything, and the game is amazing. I love the furniture diversity (even that you need a printer to make most of them), the biomes, the mistery; everything. But there is always something missing... Like a motivation to get stronger... I know, the main quest is great, and I'm not against any aspect of it. I just don't feel part of it while doing my normal things in game. I don't fear anything while exploring, and this breaks the suspense. The only place i feel real FEAR is at the moons. Man, It is really hard to avoid those things when you are starting to get stronger... kkkk

    So, I have some suggestions to the Dev Team:

    -Why there isn't a universal threath? Like an evil empire that ocupate some sistems and you have to get rid off. Just imagine how cool it would be to gather some friends and take down an entire base to ashes, like exploding the main core or something. Or even a space station that keep sending forces to take you down if you visit their solar sistem.
    -I would apreciate a message saying "A hostile ship entered your sistem/planet atmosphere", "An unknow ship landed/crashed", "Drones/Hunters are harvesting your planet", something like that would be cool. Even more now with the Mechs. So, the higger the planet level (or players stats, or even the main mission progress) the more hard would be the invasions. But also, don't forget to make something like an orbital defence, so this planet/system cannot be invaded (to your main base if you want peace).
    -"A merchant ship arrived", so you find that huge ship somewhere on the surface of your planet selling unique items (or even Mechs). Maybe they buy for a better price. The more Colonists at the planet could mean more frequent visits of the merchants...
    -Good empires, where you can trade/do stuff/quests. Just improve the villages by connecting them inside the same solar system.
    -It would be cool to see real monsters appearing during night in high level planets (like a boss from Terraria). Or just harder ones in normal planets.
    -Maybe planets where the whether is extreme in parts of the day. Like a planet too close to sun, so you can't survive outside (surface) during day, or a planet too far from the sun, so you can't survive outside (surface) during night.

    Anyway, even when playing with my friends, I feel lonely in this gigantic universe. After completing the main quest, we don't have much to do. I will never forget how amazing it was the first time I entered the first mission with my friends... Maybe we can find a way to extend that fresh feeling... So, what do you think?
  2. Guest0241525

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    One big problem with any invasion systems is that it would be disruptive for anyone who just wants to enjoy the game as a sandbox and/or explore.
  3. Bersalius

    Bersalius Phantasmal Quasar

    Yes, I know. I play Terraria, and sometimes, the invasions are anoying... But the problem is that you simply can't avoid them. In Starbound, there are many ways to avoid it. From leaving the planet and waiting to come back, to use something like the Orbital defence that I said. Maybe give some pixels to the invaders? Or even hire mercenaries to defend. Everything is possible. But most important, the frequenci of those invasions should be relative to the level of the player/planet. Other thing to have in mind, is that you will only be invaded at the planet you are. I don't want to cross the galaxy to defend my outpost, it would be anoying...
  4. rpek32

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    not sure what you mean by saying "explore"
    rng stuff is pretty same
  5. Bersalius

    Bersalius Phantasmal Quasar

    Yeah, I love the rng in Starbound, but after exploring one planet/biome tipe, you find out that they don't offer more than that... We need more experience. And by that I mean roleplay outside the Outpost and the Main Quest.

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