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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Lexyvil, Feb 2, 2019.

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    This is the kind of game I've been waiting for in a long time, especially after not seeing an Advance Wars game since Days of Ruins (which was well over 10 years ago). I've posted this thread originally on Steam, but I've updated it after playing a few hours more and have decided to post it here on the main suggestions section. The game is almost perfect, but there are a few tweaks I think could help it make it there. I decided to be a little critical, at least to better address what could make the experience be the best one.

    Note that I've only been playing the PC version with the Mouse and Keyboard, and so far and my playtime is currently at 5 hours:

    • It would be useful to hear a sound effect each time a reinforcement unit appears on the map.

    • When looking at terrain info or unit info, you cannot exit the window unless you absolutely click "Close". I would have loved if right clicking on the mouse could easily do the same, knowing how easy it is to accidentally prompt the terrain info often when new to the game.

    • The letter "f" in the font looks very close to the letter "p" that it's quite hard to ignore at times and provokes me to read slower.

    • In the unit info, where it shows what the unit is "Effective" or "Vulnerable" against, I kind of wish hovering the cursor onto the unit icons could reveal the unit names, knowing it's hard to distinguish from small pixely icons. Maybe names for the movement types too from the terrain windows.

    • Transport units do not directly indicate that they are carrying a passenger, that is unless you point the cursor on them and then look at the bottom right of the screen. It would be useful to have an icon display on the unit itself to tell right away if it is currently transporting.

    • It is not clear to new players that the "Exit" button on the battle menu allows the player to postpone the game session. I thought for a while I could only save on the campaign map for how it does say "Save & Quit", but there is only "Exit" and "Resign" during battles.

    • Having a means to join two harmed units together. It's rather odd how two swordsman with both low health can't combine into an army of the sum of their health, as long as it's still below ten.

    • Tree tiles can sometimes hide certain units too much due to the tree's random placements. I had a dog once completely hidden, blending with the trees on a forest tile, and I was wondering for a while why my turn wouldn't end after moving all my units before I realized the problem.

    These are my minor nitpicks from what I've experienced so far in my 5 hours of playtime. Know that they do not break the gameplay at all on my end, but they are aspects that I feel the game needs.
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      These are all good suggestions that I agree with. Thanks for posting.
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        I agree with your suggestions.

        I was actually going to make a thread about merging/combining units, but decided to use the search function and found this thread.

        Combining units be a great addition to Wargroove. Sometimes I don't want to use units with low health because I'd basically send them to die (unless I have to, of course). Combining units would allow everyone to make full use of their units.

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