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Suggestions for the Android Version

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Cystasy, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Cystasy

    Cystasy Void-Bound Voyager

    i just buyed SV for Android and have a few suggestions for it..

    1) The Toolbox on the left side should have bigger icons or should have a option to scale the size of them. The icons are really small and you can barelly see & read them (tooltips for the tools & items).

    2) Performance enhancements! I play SV on a Samsung Galaxy S6 and it really lags a lot. i can't really play it like this, so i think there should be a performance update to fix this issue. Most Games i play on my device works fine, even 3d games with a lot of things & effects.. so i think it should be possible to enhance the performance of SV so it will run smooth.

    3) Loading savestates from Google Drive / similiar. If SV could save & load the savestates on a cloud, you could play it on PC and then easy play it on Android / iOS without the need of transfering the savegames alyway back and forth. People who know a little about computers can do the transfer easy, but people who don't know so much will have trouble to find & transfer their savegames. so there should be a better option in the future for this feature. it's really cool that you can load PC savegames at all - i really like that. but a easier option for a cross-plattform play should be come in the future - imho.

    greetings :)!
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    • ViewtifulGui

      ViewtifulGui Big Damn Hero

      If I remember right, you can use your pc save games on android, but I don't know how.
      • Cystasy

        Cystasy Void-Bound Voyager

        you can, but to do this you need to transfer your savegame file from one device to the other.
        If you play often on your computer and & smartphone, you need to transfer this file alway back and forth from device to device.

        Lets say i play a while on my computer and then when i go into my bed i want to play with my smartphone a while.
        I then need to transfer my savegame file from my computer (%appdata%/Stardew Valley/saves) to my Smartphone.
        And if i then want to play again on my computer, i need to transfer the savegame again back to my Computer from my smartphone. it's always a big back and forth transfer of the folder which is not really a great solution.

        because that, like i said.. would it be cool to have a cloud savegame feature where you can save your savegame file on like google drive.
        With that, you could just load your savegame from the cloud & save it on the cloud and would not need to always transfer the savegame manually (like i do it currently).

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