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    Some WarGroove suggestions:

    1) AW never got adopted as a tournament game at conventions because it takes too long to play most maps. Can you make more small maps with variety for tournament & online play? And also a faster tournament mode with enforced "fast movement" & "no animation" and a dynamic turn timer would be great (could be based on the number of units you currently control).

    2) AW: DoR was it's most interesting in human vs human play when both players felt like they were learning and the map wasn't in a stalemate or one-sided "macroing up for a big push" configuration. The meta for DoR eventually devolved into P1 making a wall of Mechs with rocket artillery behind them that slowly crawled across the map once P1's economy was slightly better than P2's economy.

    I'd like to see more options to bust formations like this. Cavalry would need to be fast enough to hit an enemy line at the sides. And the losses would need to counterbalance the positional gains when executing a flank. Cavalry would feel better with the ability to withdraw a single tile after attacking a ranged unit.

    Another possibility (and this may be a little radical to established AW ideas): make the highest damage tier of ranged siege units have a directional set-up for tiles they can hit. One extra menu when they finish their movement that sets the firing direction possible on the next turn? This would allow cavalry to break a siege line at the flanks. Archers would still have omnidirectional firing, but the largest siege engines could take extra time to line up their shots. Re-aim would have to be an option alongside attack/wait. Implementing this on a grid is probably going to unbalance east-west & north-south maps compared to diagonal maps. There isn't a fair way to implement directional set-up. It would make more sense on a hex grid. But just an idea.

    3) More features for the weird people that play the game against themselves. Sometimes you just want to practice playing your style against yourself. Maybe a Go inspired move list, that can be navigated quickly. I'd like to be able to quickly jump to any point in the battle and carry on from there. Edit the armies in the middle of a battle. Sandbox mode basically. The ability to switch control over to A.I. during a battle in sandbox would be good for map makers.

    4) A.I. : Get the DeepMind team to make an A.I. opponent that learns from matches it views. Or at least leave some modding hooks to allow for A.I. development in the future. People might enjoy doing bot wars tournaments.

    5) I did a stream where WWII played out in AW2 with A.I. controlled armies. A lot of people showed up to watch. It would be extremely helpful to automate the restart of a match once it has ended. Kind of a niche feature.. but if you could make a bypass for end-of-match screens that restarts the same match with identical settings for A.I. and everything else. Also useful for playtesting and map making. More people streaming bot matches continuously on Twitch? Good and bad, but mostly good.

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