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    I like animal farming but in many point, it's not as good as crop farming. Balance change in last update are welcome, but i think there are others changes that would be as welcome.

    More convenience :
    Animals are sometime a chore because you can't automate as much things as the farmer profession. Of course, some interaction is still needed, but some improvements could be great.

    Shipping box : You could pay Robin for adding a shipping box in one of your barn or coop. You could have multiple of them if you want. This shipping box work as the one that is on your farm and you could put anything you want to sell in it.
    A shipping box will make it easier to sell animals products without too much walk.

    Junimo minihut :
    A small mini hut that you could put somewhere in your coop. Junimo will harvest every animal product on the ground and put them in the hut, you could take them later. It will help a little for the harvest part.

    Spouse help :
    If you have a spouse and only max barn, instead of feeding animals, the spouse will hug them and clean them, making them happier. You could still yourself interact with them, it's a small free bonus.

    Showing milkable cow and goat.
    At the moment, especially when you have multiple goat and cow, it's hard to tell which one have milk and which haven't. Maybe a symbol like ready to harvest tapper. If possible this symbol could show only if active tool is the pail.

    Animal products :

    Duck feathers and rabbit foots are too unreliable and rare. It's too random at the moment, and the price of these items aren't really high, so the only reason that someone could search to have a rabbit foot or a duck feather is for bundle. After that, it's not really something really great.
    They deserve to be more common or have a stable way to obtain them.

    Maybe in addition to the drop, you could have a chance to gain a foot or feather each time you hug your animal.

    Pigs should have an inside drop, even a rare one. They are useless in winter, which is pretty sad, and they are useless in raining day, which is worst, because they could help you to have rain day (with the rain totem). So if you use truffle to have rain, you will have less truffles.
    Maybe you could obtain quality fertilizer time to time.

    Milking animals should not be deprived of milk if they gave big milk the day before. One big milk isn't worth the loss of the next milk, compared to two classic milk.

    Special Barn animal.
    It would be very welcome to have news kind of barn animals. Especially, a special barn animal that you will obtain with an event would be great. At the moment, you could obtain void chicken (witch event, or acquiring the egg) and dinosaure (finding the egg) for the coop. But all the barn animal you can have are classic animals that marnie is selling.

    For example, a yak, that will give you milk, and time to time, wool (or better, fur). You could discover it in an event implies mountain and invite it on your farm if you have enough space (if not, you could return later to invite it).

    Pregnancy of farm animals.
    In my current game, i got two animals pregnant in two years. I'm pretty lucky, because in my others games, it happened either zero or one time. And it's only mean that i have spare 5500, because it was a cow and a goat. At least, you could obtain more coop animals in a reliable way.

    Pregnancy should happen more often. Or you could do something to increase the chance that it happen.

    Also, rabbit should be able to reproduce.

    Various :
    It would be great to have a dying machine for wool, that will help selling it for a better price, because base price is not that high.
    Maybe you could have some silkworm in the farm (crafting a silkworm house, like a beehouse ?), giving you silk that you could also loom and dye.
    A way to craft your own grass starter could be useful.

    Separate crop farmer profession and animal farmer profession.

    Since crops are often a lot better and have more things to automate the process (sprinkler, junimo, rain (and rain totem), it's rare that people choose the rancher profession. Even for an animal farmer, better price on artisan goods is often better.
    With separate profession, people will be able to choose between different animal profession without having the feeling they are sacrificing something better (and more versatile).

    What the professions could become :

    Crop farmer profession :
    Lvl 5 Tiller
    Crops worth 10% more.
    Unlocks Veggie Artisan & Agriculturist Professions at Level 10
    Lvl 10 Veggie artisan :
    Pickle and juice worth 50% more.
    Lvl 10 Agriculturist
    All crops grow 10% faster.

    Lvl 5 Orchard's keeper
    Chance to double harvest of fruit tree.
    Unlocks Wine Grower & Fruit Tree Expert Professions at Level 10
    Lvl 10 Wine Grower
    Wine and jam worth 50% more
    Lvl 10 Fruit Tree Expert
    All fruit trees acquires silver and gold star faster
    You can obtain two sapling of that tree when you cut a mature fruit tree in spring

    Animal farmer profession :
    Lvl 5 Rancher
    Animal Products worth 10% more.
    Unlocks Animal Artisan & Lucky Rancher Professions at Level 10
    Lvl 10 Animal goods Artisan
    Mayonnaise, Honey, Cheese and Oil worth 50% more
    Lvl 10 Lucky Rancher
    Animals give more often big eggs, large milk, rabbit feet or duck feather.
    Pigs find truffle more often.

    Lvl 5 Animal Friend
    Animal born in farm start with one and half an heart if mother have at least 3 heart.
    Unlocks Coopmaster & Shepherd Professions at Level 10
    Lvl 10 Coopmaster
    Befriend Coop animals quicker.
    Incubation time cut in half.
    Rabbit have a better chance to reproduce
    Lvl 10 Sheperd
    Befriend barn animals quicker.
    Sheep produce wool faster.

    Your barn animal have a better chance to become pregnant

    Some machine could become animal profession machine. For the experience gain, selling animals product should give animal profession experience, taking care of animals (including cat/dog) too.
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